Sunday, August 4, 2013


Postiljonen is a dream pop trio hailing from Scandinavia.
They are the next big thing in the dreampop world.

The band emerged quietly back in September 2011 and is composed of Norwegian vocalist Mia Bøe alongside Swedish multi-instrumentalists Daniel Sjörs and Joel Nyström Holm.

Their new album, Skyer, was released late last month.
You can stream it from here, just to give you the tease so you'll be ordering your own copy.

After releasing a handful of online only singles in their native Scandinavia (including the heartbreaking interpretation of Whitney Houston’s classic ‘How Will I Know’, renamed to ‘All That We Had Is Lost’) Postiljonen have managed to create a highly characteristic sound, where ethereal and alluring vocals are interwoven in a mystical, ambient, dreamy and lovable expression.

They have been compared to the likes of M83, Air France, Sigur Ros, jj and Cocteau Twins.

Let's get to the music, this group has to be heard. They are simply amazing.

First up check out this awesome video for an awesome song.
There is something hypnotic about this tune, it gets under your skin and you can't stop playing it.
This is the latest single from Postiljonen.


Director: Ty Olson
DP: Robby Hart
Producer: Harley Sugarman
Production Manager: Elise Nygaard Olson
Cast: Ryan Holmes, Tatiana Dieteman

Another great video to support this amazing piece of dreampop.
Just a truly beautiful and magical piece of music.


Director: Ty Olson
Producer: Harley Sugarman
Cinematographer: Robby Hart
Assistant Director: Aaron Damashek
Assistant Camera: Kiersten Lane
Cast: Charlotte Lansbury, Nick Hoversten, Alex Michels

Some more amazing dreampop, this piece soars.
Listen to this with a good headset and you'll be asking, like me, how many in this group?

We Raise Our Hearts

Yet another brilliant tune, is there no end to their talent?


So now we can see that there is indeed only three of them.
Check out this live performance @ the Roskilde Festival 2013, just last month.

Here's another festival appearance, this being late last year @ Insanitus Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania.

5 Bears

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