Friday, May 3, 2013

Kirsty Akers

Twenty something singer-songwriter Kirsty Akers has been making an impact in her native Australia for quiet a few years.
Hailed as a remarkable talent by fellow artists, musicians, media and stalwarts of the music industry Kirsty, a descendant of the Wanaruah people, is fearless and brutally honest with a penchant for taking her songs to places others fear to tread.
Kirsty hails from Kurri Kurri, NSW, Australia. Which is fairly close to Newcastle, where Norm comes from. I'm stuck in a timewarp with the "Newcastle Song".

Her 2011 album, Naked, is available for a limited time as a free download @ Noisetrade.

This would be a good chance to get to know Kirsty. Trust me, it's an amazing album.

Check out some of the sounds of the immensely talented and beautiful Kirsty Akers.

This is one of my favorite tracks from the album, amazing guitar work as well as the usual steller vocals we have come to expect from Kirsty.

Dirty Farmer's Daughter

The third video released from Kirsty's third album 'Naked'.

As always a good song deserves to have a great live version.
So check out this acoustic version @Capitol Theatre, Tamworth Country Music Festival, NSW, Australia - January 2011

Dirty Farmer's Daughter

Amazing to think she was sweet seventeen when she wrote this. Incredible.

It Gets To Me

Singer-songwriter Kirsty Akers serves up the second offering from her 3rd album 'Naked'. 'It Gets To Me', a staple of her live shows that has won her plenty of fans amongst international publishers, acclaimed managers and song-pluggers, was written by Kirsty as a 17 year old and has been crying out for a single release for a number of years.

Another awesome Kirsty song, again with some amazing guitar @ at Music City Roots live from the Tamworth Town Hall on 1.24.2013

Satan's Game

Knocked Up was the first single from Kirsty's album, Better Days - released in January 2009. The track looks at the humorous side to unplanned teen pregnancy. Is there really a humorous side? Just kidding.

Knocked Up

I've been a big fan of Jace Everett especially his "Bad Things" which has to be the ultimate TV series theme tune. So check out this live recording @ Sydney's FBI Radio 16 August 2011.
Stuart Coupe's wonderful 'Tune Up' show featured Jace & Kirsty doing a cover of Neil Young's classic 'Heart Of Gold' as part of their Neil Young Special. I understand Kirsty toured with Jace a few years back, that would have to have been a cool concert to attend.

Heart Of Gold

5 Bears

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