Friday, February 15, 2013


Another in our on-going casual series of what are they doing now.

Last year we first met Xsara, and I was blown away by her voice.

At that time there were no videos, none that I could find. The quest not being helped by that ubiquitous car with the same name.

But now I've found one and it is too good not to be shared.  Enjoy the marvelous voice at the heart of Xsara.

In addition we have something to look forward to, Xsara's new album 'Are There Dragons In Your Heart' is set for release 22nd May 2013.

In the mean time, to keep you going check out the terrific live video of a tune from their earlier EP.

The Scriptwriter
Official music video for the live version of The Scriptwriter taken from the E.P 'Are You Living
In A Paradox?

Still want more, well how about a live version of their earlier EP.

Are You Living In A Paradox? Live


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