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Widowspeak is an atmospheric rock n roll band consisting of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas.

They hail from Tacoma and Chicago, but are currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Their music travels through the spectrum of dream pop, rock n roll and shoegaze with just a hint of David Lynch influence. I love it!! Can't get enough.

In the current version of Rolling Stone they give a very cool review which starts out like this ......
The second Widowspeak record opens with the sounds of someone walking alone through a dark and rainy forest – maybe they’re just communing with nature, but you get the feeling that they might be safer inside with some tea and the doors locked. The band’s neurotically smoldering dream pop plays it cute and creepy – mashing up the doom-whispering Ambien-elegance of Mazzy Star, Fleetwood Mac at their witchiest, Cat Power at her clawiest, murder-tinged country ballads and steamy psychedelic vertigo.
So let's get on with the music. First up is a recent release.

Widowspeak and go-go dancers invoke 1960s musical variety shows, but don't be fooled this is real heartland rock.


Every thing is beautiful here, the sunset, the background, Molly Hamilton, her voice, the music.

In The Pines

A beautiful Sideshow Alley TV shoot.
On a gorgeous night in New York City we made our way up to the rooftop where we were to meet Widowspeak and began getting set up. The light was perfect, the cameras in place, the mics were ready to attach, but there was no band. As we watched the orange glow from the summer's sun began to intensify behind the buildings we began looking around and heard murmers from within the elevator shaft. Widowspeak were trapped.
After finding a way out and getting all set up they kicked into a beautiful and intimite rendition of 'In The Pines' from their namesake album 'Widowspeak'. The sunset glistened and it was almost hard to watch the band as the backdrop perfectly silhouetted them on the roof. 'In The Pines' fluttered across the roof with the beat of the drum, the intricate guitars and Molly's soft vocals. One song, one take.
While we were packing up the gear we turned to see the band giving another one take performance specifically for one of our shooters. Patrick was being serenaded by the band with no cameras rolling before everyone dispersed on a genuinely magical night.

Check out the legitimately hazy and subtly psychedelic summer sounds with guitars bathed in reverb lying just below the smooth, sultry vocals of frontwoman Molly Hamilton. Totally amazing.

Gun Shy

Audio: Mike Kutchman - (KUTCH1 Studios)
Video: Frank Longhitano and Kevin Haus - (haus + longhitano)

I'm sure if Chris Isaak ever wanted someone to cover his great hit he would be asking for Widowspeak.
Truly amazing, once you get past the yappy audience at Duke Coffeehouse in Durham, NC on 10/31/12.

Wicked Game

I found this brilliant idea, the awesome sound of Widowspeak and the beauty that is Marianne Faithfull in her classic motorcycle movie - "The Girl On a Motorcycle" (1968) by Jack Cardiff.


Thanks to the uploader (creator?) of this video Chaîne de TheTearist

Finally today a very recent video from Americanvogue, uploaded just eight days ago.
A very gentle beautiful song, probably aimed at the Valentines crowd.

Thick As Thieves

5 Bears

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