Thursday, February 7, 2013


So every now and then I go back and re-visit an artist I have posted in the past to see what they are doing.

Well this young lady, still not yet 20, is getting more and more impressive.

This is the amazing TI▲NI who I featured last month.

I don't think I mentioned it at the time but she had said that she was going to be posting a new video to You Tube every week, either a cover or an original. And boy is she keeping up on her promise. Make sure you keep up with her by subscribing to her You Tube channel.

And this one uploaded today is just blowing me away.

The video is truly amazing and the music is so, so out there.

Remember as I said before she is not yet 20. And she can come up with music this great!!

Philip Glass and Roman Polanski move over.

TI▲NI is going to have an amazing future in the world of music and video.

Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Old Soul - Original (Artistic Experiment/Music Video) by TI▲NI "You can accomplish a lot in a day of procrastination, heehee!" TI▲NI

And just to show she is not hanging around doing nothing, check out this amazing Alicia Keys cover, uploaded yesterday.

Brand New Me

If you never checked out her album, Eye of the Beholder, when I mentioned it before it's time to check it out.

10 Bears

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