Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Springfields

How many of you remember the groups that Dusty Springfield was in before she went solo?

The answer would be two, the first being The Lana Sisters and the second being The Springfields.

The trio were formed in 1960, when Mary "Dusty" O'Brien, who had been a member of all-girl singing trio The Lana Sisters, joined her brother Dion O'Brien and Tim Feild, who had been working as a duo, "The Kensington Squares". Dion became Tom Springfield, and Mary became Dusty Springfield.

The rest, so they say, is history.

Check out some of their gems.

First up this rare footage from 1962.

Island of Dreams

Not sure what year this one is from.

One Note Samba

How about this song from 1961, around this time it became The Lion Sleeps Tonight courtesy of The Tokens.  But I think The Springfields (and Karl Denver's) version of Wimoweh were released earlier.


This has to be from a movie circa 1963. Love the Goons reference at the end.


Sadly there would seem to be no performance video's of their classic hit.

Silver Threads And Golden Needles

We'll end today on this gem from 1961?
Was Alan "Fluff" Freeman ever really that young?

Little Boat

I'm making no fashion comments, I was a teenager in this time period.

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