Saturday, February 16, 2013


Rockin' R&B Cockney hip hop comes to town. Bloody cool man!

Stooshe consists of three young ladies with amazing voices.
Courtney Rumbold who is the youngest member of the group and she hails from Penge in London.
Alexandra Buggs is from an area close to where I lived for a while Chart Sutton, Maidstone.
Karis Anderson was born and raised in Brixton in South London and she is the eldest member of the band.

They were formed in 2010 and signed by Warner in 2011.

And they have been making awesome music ever since.

Utterly uninterested in following the formula, this London-based three-piece have not only disregarded the girlband code of conduct, they’ve ripped it into teeny tiny shreds. Love that.

Now here's a song you may remember from a while back.
But you know I really like this version.


A pretty cool video, an offical lyrics video, not for prudes.  Awesome song.

Betty Woz Gone

Fucking Hilarious!!!

The more I hear of this group the more I love 'em.

Hoochi Mumma FEAT - Jessica Wabbit, Betty Boop & The Tex Avery's Wolf

A little bit more serious here, but this is one of my favorites.

Black Heart

Finally today some wicked wicked word play.

F**k Me Remix - [Live Performance] feat. Lioness, A.Dot & RoxXxan

We link up with Stooshe for this exclusive live performance on SBTV with some of the hottest female lyricists in the UK.

5 Bears

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