Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Scarlett Rabe

Today you get to meet Scarlett Rabe from Santa Monica, California.

I love how Scarlett describes herself in her mini-bio, she sums herself up perfectly.
A complete history in a nutshell.
At age 3, Scarlett began intense training as a classical pianist.
By 4, she was university level piano student.
By 7, she was performing 17 minute solos with the symphony orchestra. And, she's one of those freaks with perfect pitch.
But... today, Scarlett is more about rock than Rachmaninoff.
And she truly is about rock, you are about to hear some some amazing music to blow your mind.
Did I mention she is cute, nay she is beautiful.

This first piano intro is gonna fool ya, but what follows will enthrall you.

Never Know Scarlett Rabe performed live at the Katzin Concert Hall.
In this clip, she performs "Never Know" from her Love Scars album.

Here's Scarlett live in the recording studio, laying down another gem. The epitome of class.

I'm With You

Now I see the classical pianist side, she starts of noodling on the piano and ends up as pure joy.
Here is Scarlett enjoying a moment alone at Capitol records, life don't get any better than this.

At Capitol Records in Hollywood, Scarlett Rabe mixed and mastered her album Love Scars. Late one night, she enjoyed a private moment in Studio B.

Earlier we had the live version of Never Know, but I can't resist this official video, so much fun. And Sexy!!!

Never Know

This one is audio only, I know, no Scarlett to drool over, but check out the mastery of this track. Totally awesome.


Finally today I'll let Scarlett introduce herself to you.

And you know we'll all be listening for a long long time.

5 Bears

Thanks Bill

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