Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sally Shapiro

Sally Shapiro is the nom de guerre of a Swedish vocalist, and also the name of the Italo disco/synthpop duo that she makes up with musician Johan Agebjörn.

Know for her shyness, Shapiro does not reveal her real name, will not even let Agebjorn into the studio when she sings, and has never performed her songs live.

But what an amazing and beautiful voice she has.

Check out some of the tracks from the new album, Somewhere Else.

Somewhere Else

2013 Paper Bag Records
Sally Shapiro - What Can I Do
Written by R. Gunnarsson/J. Agebjörn/J. Cristóbal
Produced by Johan Agebjörn
Guitar by Jaime Cristóbal
Taken from the album Somewhere Else
Music video by Jarett Sitter

Not the same Starman as David Bowie sang about.

Starman feat. Electric Youth (Radio Edit)

2013 Paper Bag Records
Sally Shapiro feat. Electric Youth - Starman
Written by M. Pak/J. Agebjörn/A. Garrick
Directed by Edwin Brienen
Produced by Johan Agebjörn, co-produced by Mario Pak
Additional vocals by Bronwyn Griffin
Taken from the album Somewhere Else
Music video directed by Edwin Brienen

This next one is basically audio only, but an enjoyable re-mix.

I Dream With An Angel Tonight (Lovelock Remix)
Lovelock Remix of this great new track by Sally Shapiro!
Premiered on this URB guestmix from the team.

Here's one of my favorites from an earlier album, I like this re-mix.

Jackie Jackie (Marsheaux Remix)

5 Bears

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