Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Meet Nadina, a young lady with a beautifully warm voice. She will make you feel so comfortable.

Her music is a tremendous example of east meets west. And you know I love my middle eastern vibes. 

When asked about her style, she comments, "It's an amalgamation of North American and Middle Eastern sounds. I wanted to merge classical Arabic strings/instruments and modern Western beats. I tried to bridge all of these styles so the music doesn't lean far one way or the other." 

Nadina was born in Beirut, Lebanon. At the age of 6, she was the youngest of a traditional Lebanese choir headed by Maestro Salim Sahab, which formed the foundation for her singing career.

On November 22, 1986 in Balogne, Italy, Nadina was in the Antoniano Dei Frati Minori, performing at the 29th Zecchino D'oro Festival held by UNICEF. She would be the first child in history to participate from the Arab nations. She performed the song "Vola, Palombella" (Fly Bird of Peace) accompanied by a choir consisting of 35 children directed by Maestro Mariele Ventre.

That day would become a lasting impression for 25 million viewers from various countries and solidify Nadina as a child star. Her performance won her the 'La Targa G'Doro' (Giornalino - Gold Medal).

In 1989, due to the Civil War, Nadina fled Lebanon with her family to Canada. She still lives there, in Vancouver.

And with the recent release of her new album Nadina is happily back in the music world. I for one am very happy to listen to her music.

Give a listen here, and see if you are not also turned on to her.

This is her current single, from the new album - In the now.

Shou Baddou Yseer

This is another beautiful song from the album.

When Heart Forgives

This is the totally awesome track Nadina recorded with Delerium.

Monarch Delerium's "Monarch" (feat. Nadina), from the new full length album "Music Box Opera"

Jumping in the wayback machine we can catch one of Nadina's biggest hits, being s child prodigy sometimes comes back to you.

Vola Palombella

You can also see the original video when Nadina sung that song back in 1988 right here.

And finally today if like me you cannot get enough of her music check out Nadina's EP - Shou Baddou Yseer


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