Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nadia Nair

photographer : Sandra Myhrberg

Here is another Scandinavian songbird, with a truly distinctive sound.

Nadia Nair is just 24 and she hails from Göteborg, although nowadays she is a resident of Stockholm.

Currently, she is in the studio 24/7 just finishing the last morsels on her forthcoming EP.

Personally I'm waiting on that with bated breath, I've heard a couple of demo tracks that may well be from that EP and they are pretty awesome especially "Walk With The Queens".

Keep an eye open for it.

Once you hear the single you'll understand where I'm coming from.

This is one unique sounding young lady. Did I mention she is cute?

Check out her new single release, and the beautiful video, this is terrific.

Bon Voyage
Directed and filmed by: Majaq Julén
Edit: Majaq Julén and Adam Salomon

Song credits: Nadia Nair and Victor Rådström

photographer : Teitur Ardal

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