Friday, February 15, 2013


Cruising around the web a I saw a review of Mesparrow which went like this "Mesparrow has an uncanny ability to send shivers up your spine with her hallowed use of piano and loop station – She’s like Jacques Brel but sexy and feminine."

I was hooked at sexy Jacques Brel.

And do you know what? The shivers are for real.

Mesparrow is a one girl band with a loop choir, a human trumpet and a piano.

In real life her name is Marion Gaume and she hails from Tours.

We open up with probably my favorite song by her, so far. This is one amazing video and song. Destined to become a fixture on my player.

Next Bored Generation

"Next Bored Generation" est disponible sur le premier EP de Mesparrow Clip réalisé par Pascaline Blanchecotte

Check out this beautiful live performance @ Théâtre d'Orléans

The Symphony

Avant cela, profitez-en avec cette vidéo réalisée au Théâtre d'Orléans le 5 octobre 2011, elle qui assurait la première partie de Yaël Naïm .
Caméras : Céline Kraemer / Arnaud Réguigne / Ben Sylvère
Montage : Ben Sylvère

Talking of live performance's this song is so good I had to find a live performance.

Next Bored Generation
Captation live réalisée aux Trois Baudes (Paris)

And from a couple of years back, check out this awesome video/

Locked in my Thoughts
Director : Pascaline Blanchecotte
Producer : Artisans du Film

Also from around that same time a unique appearance at a hairdressers.

On s'est tapé l'incruste aux Rockos
Mesparrow en concert dans un salon de coiffure à Vendôme.

Finally today a classic, performed with a difference

My heart belongs to Daddy

Mesparrow @ La Cigale | by Isatagada Première partie de François & The Atlas Mountains 17 octobre 2012

5 Bears

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