Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Melody Pool

Hailing from the Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia, Melody Pool’s music is equal parts country and folk and she has one of those voices you just want to listen to for hours.

Melody Pool is a folk/country songstress writing with a maturity well beyond her tender 20 years. 

Melody is now embarking on a career of performance, picking up support slots and acoustic gigs, where she can showcase her talent.

She has also just recorded an upcoming debut album, 'The Hurting Scene', recently released.

Her previous CD, entitled "Awake You're All Around Me" is an assortment of 6 original songs, weaved into a beautifully crafted EP.

Be prepared to be blown away by her voice. Bloody Amazing!!

Here she is on the ever profesional and exciting Balcony TV series.

Herding Scene

Produced & Presented by: Justine Moyle
Assistant Producer: Liam Flanagan
Camera: Jose Andrade
Recorded and Mixed by Sam Salerno Production
Assistant: Rachel Sibley

Here she is on the Telstra Road to Discovery winning the 2012 Songwriter award.

Dunno who Henry is, but he's a lucky guy.

Melody at home? With a great original song.

Somebody you've never met before

Melody Pool performing one of her songs, 'Substitute', with Harry Hookey and Jack Hookey at The Lambton Park Hotel.


And finally today we meet Melody in Nashville with her EPK for her new album.

Behind "The Hurting Scene"

A Matt Blair Production
In conjunction with: Haywood Group Productions and Weston Boys Entertainment

We might have mentioned the EP before, so I'm sure you would like to hear it.

Awake, You're All Around Me

5 Bears

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