Sunday, February 10, 2013

Liza Ohlback

Today I want to introduce a tremendous blues singer/songwriter, Liza Ohlback.

Liza Ohlback, almost sounds like outback so it's fitting that this talented young lady comes from the land down under. OK, so that's a bit of a stretch, but go with it. 

Liza's hometown is Sydney, Australia.

She front's this wonderful band consisting of .........

Eric Rasmussen Guitar/Vocals
Jack Evans Guitar
Pete Rundle, Rick Mellick, Mike Fronzek Keys
Zoltan Budai Bass/Vox
Greg Ohlback Drums/Vox
Dave Weir Sax
Dee Dee Lavell, Dan Markovina, Evelyn Dupra, Chiara Browne and Lee Noonan Backing Vocals

A great quote, to file under the "wish I'd said that" category.
"Gifted with a voice that can howl, growl or soothe a furrowed brow, Liza is one hell of a singer"                         Georgina Reed 99.3 FM
Liza really can sing the blues. So much so that she WON in 3 categories of the Chain Awards - The 2013 Australian Blues Music Awards. Female Vocal of The Year, Producer of The Year with Greg Ohlback and New Talent of The Year.

These first two videos are from live appearances at The Rock Lily last year. Time to get in the groove.

Your Real Good Thing

Have a Little Mercy

Check out Liza at this fundraiser, again in Sydney.

Ain't Nobody's Business Pi Productions filmed Liza at The Basement in Sydney.
This concert was a fundraiser for community radio station 99.3 in Chatswood.
Supporting Liza are Noel Elmoway (keys) and Eric Rasmussen (guitar, vocals).

This one looks like it was from that same fundraiser.

Turn Me On

And finally today from a CD launch at Lizottes. Dee Why.

Trouble Goin' Down

5 Bears

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