Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kate Nash

Kate Nash is an English singer, songwriter and musician. She had a UK number-2 hit "Foundations" in 2007, followed by the platinum-selling UK number-1 album Made of Bricks. She was named Best Female Artist at the 2008 BRIT Awards.

So what's she been doing lately?

She is about to release a new album - Girl Talk.

NME hosted a Kate Nash gig at the Sebright Arms as part of their NME Awards Season 2013.

Kate Nash has morphed from London pop to indie rock, backed by a band of riot grrls.

So check out these two tunes from the Sebright Arms - Live in London - February 13 2013

Are You There Sweetheart?

I'm a Feminist, You're Still a Whore

This is a video Kate made around the middle of last year of a song that was written and recorded in less than 24 hours.

Under-Estimate the Girl

If we jump in the wayback machine we can catch up with Kate who performs a song from her album 'My Best Friend is You' at Rak Studios, London.

Later On

Death Proof is the title track from the recent Kate Nash EP, the song was inspired by the Quentin Tarantino film of the same title.

Death Proof


We mentioned it at the beginning, and I just found this great video of her performance on Jools Holland show.


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