Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grant Lyle

Grant Lyle is a new artist, to me at least. In reality he's already produced seven albums.

Grant Lyle is a bluesman from Toronto, Canada.

And maybe that's what threw me, I didn't think they sung the blues in Canada.
All that national health and stuff.

All kidding aside, Grant Lyle is an amazing talent.

He is a guitar player extrordinaire. Both electric and acoustic.

A talented song writer, and an amazing blues singer.

Cross Eric Clapton's voice with many of the delta blues shouters and you get Grant Lyle.

Don't believe me? Then check this out.

His soulful voice and smokin' guitar performance shine through strongly in this original track.
There is something in this song that reminds me of Eric Clapton, and that has to be good.

You're Killing Me The official music video for "You're Killing Me" by Grant Lyle.
The first release from Grant Lyle's 2012 CD "So There".

Any bluesman worth his salt has to do the Whipping Post, and this proves Grant is worth his salt, and then some.

Whipping Post Grant Lyle - Performs "Whipping Post" Live with Lou Moore, Al Cross, and John Dymond in Aurora, Ontario

Check out this interview and performance on Liquid Lunch.
You have to suffer through some typical inane questions, but then the performance is certainly worth the wait.
His mastery of the acoustic guitar is up there with his electric mastery.
First up is an acoustic version of You're Killing Me, which is worth the price of admission on it's own. And later the acoustic / pedal steel guitar playing is nothing short of amazing.


Finally today, here is your chance to listen to Grant's new album before you rush out and get a copy for your collection.

So There

"It is with the utmost pleasure that I share these new songs with you. My wish is that you feel the passion and joy that was present during their creation." Grant Lyle

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