Saturday, February 16, 2013

Françoiz Breut

Today we get to hear the latest offering of a demoiselle, please welcome Françoiz Breut.
Françoiz Breut born in Cherbourg is the nom de guerre of Françoise Breut, a French illustrator and chanteuse of moody and melancholic pop. Breut got involved with music when her then-fiancé, French pop star Dominique A, asked her to contribute vocals on three songs of his 1993 album, Si Je Connais Harry. She has also collaborated with Yann Tiersen, Louise Attaque, and Calexico. She currently lives in Brussels, Belgium. [Wikipedia]
Françoiz Breut has a wonderful voice and these videos showcase just how talented she is. LaBlogotheque yet again gives me an excuse to feature a terrific artist.

First up check out yet another great Take Away Show from LaBlogotheque, it's amazing how well they capture the artists, or maybe they just pick tremendous artists. Probably all of the above.

Just released yesterday. Enjoy.

Images by Hugo Jouxtel Sounds & mix by François Clos
Edit by Flora Alfonsi
Executive production by Dali
produced by Chryde & Matthieu

Here's another, from the same night. A gentle and beautiful song.

BXL Bleuette

We can jump into the wayback machine and check her out with a performance with Calexico and Mariachi Luz de Luna. What a wonderful combination of musical styles.

Si Tu Disais (World Drifts In)

Back to the more recent past, this from late last year, filmed at Le Tournesol a restaurant close to the Maison de la Radio in Paris.


Finally today, a classic beautiful chanson.
Paired with a video made up from clips from classic sixties Italian cinema.

Je ne veux pas quitter
Song by Françoiz Breut included in the album "Vingt à trente mille jours" (2000).
Video taken from the Italian film "Before the revolution" (1964) directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and starring Adriana Asti.

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