Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dumbo Gets Mad

Here's another album where the cover art drags you in, and then you find out you just found a gem.

The art reminds me of something from the late sixties, very nostalgic.
'Dumbo Gets Mad' is a psych-rock duo project from Italy. The project started out when the duo moved to Los Angeles in 2010. The band's debut, Elephants at the Door, has received several positive reviews and reached over 100K digital downloads.
Dumbo Gets Mad's new album, Quantum Leap, has been released, check it out.

It has everything you want to hear from the strange to the sublime, very different.

I think you will enjoy it.

This is an un-official video for one of my favorite tracks.

Radical Leap

Video: monochromatia

This one is for my brother and his recent ghost(ly) experience.

Indian Food

The original went away in the usual way, replaced by this cool live version 8.14.2013
The was filmed live@Sudestudio last month.

So now you want more? Well here's the album, enjoy.


5 Bears

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