Saturday, February 16, 2013

Doll Patrol

Meet a dark pop (rock really) band called Doll Patrol. And be prepared to rock.

Singer/songwriter Joanna Theresa Heart is the vocal force behind Los Angeles-based band Doll Patrol.

Doll Patrol were formed in 2007. Categorized in the Rock genre (earning descriptions such as “Dark Pop” and “Heavy Melodic”), Doll Patrol’s unique sound gained an impressive following that continues to grow.

The band came together when lead vocalist Joanna Heart (a Philly native with a love for the West Coast), and guitarist Gilbert Garcia joined forces. With the addition of Blue Dickson (a feisty southern belle) on bass and Alfredo Vega on drums, the musical tour de force that is Doll Patrol was complete.

I said be prepared to rock, but first up this is an acoustic live performance that really highlights the beautiful voice of Joanna Theresa Heart. On BETA TV.

Going Home (Live Acoustic Music Video)

BETA TV - is a nationally syndicated weekly music centric TV series filmed and produced in the heart of Hollywood, showcasing at least 3 acoustic artist videos from newly signed and Indie bands in episode format.

Check out this really cool video from a few years back. Makes one think, not just your usual vapid music video. I'm digging it.

We Can't Be

Another live performance, this time for the American Cancer Society Benefit


Finally today, here they are Live and kickin' butt at The Park in Burbank

What's Worth It?

5 Bears

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