Sunday, February 24, 2013

Diana Gameros

Today a local songbird, with a latin flavor

Prepare for the multi-genre smooth stylings of Diana Gameros.

Diana Gameros is a talented local singer-songwriter who has made San Francisco her home after coming from Juarez, Mexico.

Her songs and rhythms are diverse and include traditional mexican music, Latin Pop, Bossa Nova, among other beats.

Diana has become well known in the community not only because of her beautiful voice, but also because of her commitment and dedication to the wellbeing of the S.F. Bay Area community.

Check out Diana playing 'SB1070' at Amnesia in San Francisco on July 8, 2012. Patrick Wolff on tenor sax, Ara Anderson on trumpet, Thomas Edler on bass.


Same venue, same date but Patrick switched to clarinet for this one.


One more from that gig.

La Chanson de Prevert

For this one we switch to Yoshi's, San Francisco.


Babylon's Train 

Finally today we close with a Pink Floyd cover, with Patrick Wolff.

Green is the Colour

Directed, Shot, Edited by Arthur Woo
Filmed at Viracocha, San Francisco, CA

"Green Is the Colour" is a track on Pink Floyd's 1969 amazing Soundtrack from the Film More.
It was composed and written by Roger Waters and sung by David Gilmour.
A tin whistle is heard in the song, played by drummer Nick Mason's then-wife Lindy.

5 Bears

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