Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chords of Truth

Now for something completely different.
Something mellow and groovy for a Sunday morning.

Meet Chords of Truth. He started off with a folk debut in 2011, and soon found that the electronic music community appreciated his mind-expanding lyrics.
That inspired him to connect with 14 producers to bring this vision to life; the ambitious Chords of Truth remix project.

Chords of Truth is the brainchild of Jason Garriotte, a folk singer/songwriter who has embraced the electronic music world as well as the art of collaboration with an unrelenting spirit. The project is intended as a trip of deep self inquiry, with mind-expanding lyrics to support the journey.

He hails from Clemson, SC and calls his music style Folktronica.

Pretty damn amazing, I'm really digging it.

Check it out for yourself, best listened to with headphones or a real good stereo seperation in your speakers.

Tune Your Mind (Brandowitsch Electropopfolk Remix)
You can find out more about the amazing double album right here.

"...this is the type of music that makes your brain vibrate" - Indie Shuffle
That quote is truly fitting, check out this brain vibrator.

The Power To Be Alive (LORDBRET Progressive Remix)

I really love this one.

As mentioned above Jason Garriotte is a folk singer, so what does one of his songs sound like without the electronics?
Check out this live at Moe Joe Coffee, acoustic version of the first song we featured.

Tune Your Mind

Finally today another folktronic piece to groove to.

When I Was Wasted (Momentum Folkhouse Remix)

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