Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cat Martino

Cat Martino is a young lady who fits right in with the kind of music we like here.

Good Music!

Blessed with a beautiful voice and instrumental skills Cat is destined to make a mark on the music world.
Rumor has it her birth father was a guitar player from Texas; She was mouthing melodies before words. Truth is Cat Martino is a voice emerging that draws you in by its natural strength and intimacy. Cat calls her original style “Some kind of Soul”. It’s a little bit indie-folk-rock-experimental, born from influences diverse as Laura Nyro, The Beatles, and Bjork… Cat played her guitar, piano, and looped her voice and instruments to create layers that dream a sound all her own.
So to kick of this voyage through some of the wonderful sounds of Cat Martino enjoy this wonderful Take Away Show, yet another classic from LaBlogotheque.

Filmed by Derrick Belcham
Produced for La Blogothèque

Here is Cat performing @ Pianos last year.

We Belong

Check out this really cool mixing on the fly at Klubi, Tampere in Finland, with The Cure Cover.


At that gig Cat also did an amazing duet with Marissa Nadler.

The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You

One more from that same gig in Finland.

And finally today here she is with Sufjan Stevens and Chris Powell for the Shaking Through series.

I Promise

ONE SONG IN TWO DAYS - Letting go of the past, Cat Martino immerses herself in the moment with "I Promise." With help from Sufjan Stevens and Man Man's Chris Powell, the song takes on a dark electronic feel unlike any of Martino's past work.
Shaking Through is a documentary series about the Birth of a Song. Each year we give 10 awesome independent musicians a challenge: Record one song in two days. First take to final mix. No extensions. No safety net.

Well not quite finally, check out this tune Cat just released with her friend Sven.


5 Bears

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