Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year - 2013

As the sun sets on another year we look forward to a better new year, and we say "Bring it". 

Happy New Year to all of our friends and visitors.

Kristina Train

Another reason to be a fan of Palladia, it's the only channel that shows Later with Jools Holland, which in turn is the best place to see exceptional talent such as my latest rave.

Meet Kristina Train, and if you didn't catch her appearance on Later with Jools Holland, I urge you to remedy that as soon as possible.

Kristina Train was born in New York, but raised in Savannah, GA and now currently living in London, UK since 2011.

Kristina has an amazing voice, and a truly great recent album "Dark Black".

This album was released toward the end of 2012 and surely is in the running for album of the year in many a persons opinion. Especially this person.

Kristina is also a song writer extraordinaire. Not to mention a very talented violinist.

Did I mention she is cute.

Check out the beautiful title track.

Dark Black

This song is sooo good we have to check out a live version.
So what better a venue than The Royal Festival Hall.

Dark Black Singer-songwriter, Kristina Train was celebrating the release of her album, the day before, when she supported Amy Macdonald at the Royal Festival Hall in London on November 6 2012

Here is the title track from her amazing EP, released earlier this year.

Dream Of Me Music video by Kristina Train performing Dream Of Me.
(C) 2012 Mercury Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

How about a serious hop in the old wayback machine, to check out this duet with Chris Isaak on a Patsy Cline classic, written by Alan Block and Donn Hecht.

Walking After Midnight

We'll bring the wayback machine forward another year to catch this beautiful performance at Eddie's Attic, in Decatur, GA on 18 March, 2010.

Just Another Honky

Let's get back to the much more recent past, here's Kristina again at the Royal Festival Hall.

Lonely Sinner

Finally today a clip from a production by Abbey Road Studios, just released this month.
You will also notice a brief appearance by another favorite, First Aid Kit.
Includes an interview where you can gain a bit of insight into the making of the album.

Stick Together / Dark Black

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Eddi Front

Eddi Front hails from Brooklyn, New York.

Her voice will break your heart, it is that beautiful.

She has recently released a self titled EP and you can listen to the songs below, but then I know you will have to be getting a copy for yourselves.

So kick back and enjoy the mellifluous tones of Eddi Front.

Gigantic - Official Music Video The Brooklyn singer-songwriter looks sad and elegant on a windy beach.

Check out this amazing Nick Cave cover. I'm sure that Nick would give his blessing.

Into My Arms

I just love the jazzy feel of this tune. It could be on the soundtrack for "On The Road".
Very beat generation.

Superhero Style

Here's the same song, but without the horn section, stripped down with just guitar accompaniment in the back of a black taxi it still sounds utterly fantastic.

Superhero Style

Finally today another gorgeous vocal, this young lady has a truly wondrous voice.
So now you know why you cannot live without this EP.


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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dorit Chrysler

You had me at Theremin.

And then the haunting voice.

If you've been here before you know I'm hung up on the theremin, I just love the style and sounds of it.

Dorit Chrysler is the complete package.

Did I mention she is cute?

Dorit Chrysler is one of the few names that should follow any mention of the theremin.

She is founder of the New York Theremin Society; and frequently performs with mainstream artists such as Dinosaur Jr., Marilyn Manson, the Strokes, and Amon Tobin, and, quite simply, she is a master of the instrument.

Dorit originally hails from Graz, Austria. But now I think she spends most of her time in New York.
"Dorit Chrysler is the theremin’s sensual muse, its siren—hardly anyone else can generate such charming music with this mysterious violin of ether waves."
First up check out the title track from her new EP, Avalanche.

Avalanche taken from Dorit Chrysler "Avalanche" EP - out on Trentemøller´s imprint In My Room NOW! 

Here's a really cool in performance video, great tune too.

Sustain Me Dorit Chrysler dynamically plays an original composition on her customized Moog Etherwave Pro, a theremin manufactured by Moog Music from 2004-2006, for an ethereal Moog Sound Lab.
To function as a one woman band, Dorit triggers a prerecorded backtrack on her laptop, adding vocals and Etherwave Pro theremin in real time. At her feet are a MF-104Z Analog Delay and an Akai Head Rush looper to add depth to her sound. Voila!

Check out this great video made at Roskilde Festival 2012,
Dorit gives some insight into her feeling of the Theramin, and also plays some amazing music.

In her dusk-performance in Social Zone the movement of the hand around the theremin created a visual picture of lights projected from above.
The lightning show was developed with the artist group Dark Matters.
Filming and sound: Ida Grøn, Julie Bezerra Madsen ,Katrine Villadsen

Another great performance this time from Moogfest 2011.

Theremin Performance at Moogfest 2011 This performance was captured at The Moogaplex in Asheville NC, Sunday, October 30 2011, on the third and final day of Moogfest by The Tuned Inn.

Here's another darkly delightful tune from her new album, Avalanche.

Forbidden Fruit

Here is an amazing take on the classic Spanish song at Cyberfest 2011 in Saint-Petersburg.

Bésame Mucho

We don't know what this one is called, but it is still amazing.

Track 1

Thanks to Ivan Romanko for uploading these two great tracks from Cyberfest 2011 in Saint-Petersburg 

Finally today, this one will just blow you away, it did me.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Suvi Richter is a Stockholm based artist and songwriter.

Her music is dramatic electro-pop with orchestral elements.

Moving from Finland to Stockholm at the age of 16 Suvi started exploring arts with a great intensity. She engaged in several projects from dancing to theatre but finally music started taking most of her attention.

Suvi attended the "multi-artistic" school Kulturama from 2007-2010 and started writing music. In 2011 she started a collaboration with producer/songwriter Julius Duhs.

And very soon we get to enjoy the beautiful sounds she is making.

Early next year her debut album will be released.

Here is the promotional video to promote her debut album.

For me, I can't wait. If the rest of the album is half as good as "Clovers" it will be an amazing album.

Clovers Music video by Suvi performing Clovers. © BeatRoot 2012
'Clovers' is the first single from Suvi's upcoming debut album (release 2013).

Here's what I am assuming may be another track on the album.


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London Grammar

Today we have a mystery.

How does a band come up with such a perfect record when we have not heard of them before?

London Grammar are the mystery.

And "Hey Now" is the perfect record.

This is what we know about London Grammar.

They are from London, UK.

They are : Hannah, Daniel and Dot.

One (or more) of them has a beautiful voice.

They make amazing music.

And here is that perfect record.

Hey Now

You can hear it again right here.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana has always been one of my favorite classical works, since I first saw and heard it on a BBC broadcast at some time back in the sixties, I think.

But this flash mob Carmina Burana from Germany would have to have been a joy to witness.
    Published on 4 Jun 2012 SolistInnen, Chor, Orchester der Volksoper Wien boten im April Fahrgästen und Passanten eine besondere Performance. Die KünstlerInnen lösten sich aus der Menschenmenge - eine "Passantin" begann, weitere "PassantInnen" - sowie als ÖBB-MitarbeiterInnen verkleidete KünstlerInnen - setzten nach und nach ein.

Now we have whetted your appetite, here is a complete performance at UC Davis.
    Here the UC Davis Symphony Orchestra, the University Chorus and Alumni Chorus, and the Pacific Boychoir perform at the Mondavi Center at UC Davis. Series: "Mondavi Center Presents" [6/2007] [Arts and Music]

Or you could go back to the 1989 performance by the Berlin Philhamornic with Seiji Osawa Conducting.

As with all great music, there has to be re-mixes. This one is my favorite so far.

Carmina Burana (play /ˈkɑrmɨnə bʊˈrɑːnə/), Latin for "Songs from Beuern" (short for: Benediktbeuern), is the name given to a manuscript of 254[1] poems and dramatic texts mostly from the 11th or 12th century, although some are from the 13th century. The pieces are mostly bawdy, irreverent, and satirical; they were written principally in Medieval Latin; a few in Middle High German, and some with traces of Old French or Provençal. Some are macaronic, a mixture of Latin and German or French vernacular.....................more at Wikipedia.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nikki Williams

Nikki Williams is a young lady of some 22 years. She was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and moved to the USA to further her music career at the ripe old age of age 16.

She says of herself
"I am not a product. I am an artist therefore I make the music that makes me FEEL. I am MYSELF and in a world full of sugar coated SHIT; I think I'm doing pretty well."

I would have to agree with that, her first single is this totally amazing song that will blow you away.

It is an awesome song, and it helps that it was written by Sia.
But it is the vocals that you will be remembering.
The song is based upon a drinking game.

Kill, Fuck, Marry Music video by Nikki Williams performing Kill, Fuck, Marry.
(C) 2012 The Island Def Jam Music Group

This song is so good you have to listen to the acoustic version.

Kill, Fuck, Marry (Acoustic)

Here we take the wayback machine a few years for a snippet of a powerful acoustic song, from Nashville.


Here's another great song, no real video, but just listen to the vocals.
I think this may be her next single. Amazing.


One more from the wayback machine, I think the amazing Nikki was 18 years old at the time of this appearance at the Basement in Nashville.

Never Loved a Man

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Natalie Prass

Natalie Prass is a singer/songwriter currently based Nashville, TN. But originally from Virginia Beach, VA.

She’s no slouch in the pipes department — the girl can sing. Although her debut EP is titled Small & Sweet, Prass’ brand of indie folk is not to be underestimated. While her delicate alto evokes clear benchmarks of influence — see early Rilo Kiley, Feist, Karen Carpenter, etc. — Prass never seems weighed down by the artists she’s absorbed. Instead, she has developed a refreshing guitar-grounded musical vocabulary and a knack for infectious and entrancing tunes.

With her band, Chris Payne and Chandler Kellogg, she is tearing up the Nashville night life.

Natalie has a beautiful voice, which I'm sure you will agree after you have heard her.

So kick back and check her out.

Here's a very nice tune that will leave you feeling happy happy.

Never Over You Natalie Prass performs her song "Never Over You"
Kyle Ryan, drums
Evan Donohue, bass
David Axelrod audio.
video by wigby

Here's a really cool acoustic song.

You Didn't Know

Let's get all down homey on The Front Porch with Kyle Ryan and Chris Miller. And the cicadas?

Your Fool Shot by Houston Matthews and Seth Graves for Carl's Country Club.
Edited by Houston Matthews.

Note: No kittens were harmed in the making of this video. They were never carried in the suitcase. It's all about the editing, babies!
A truly beautiful song.

Lookbook Closet Case Vintage Spring Summer 2011 Lookbook featuring Natalie Prass and also starring: Allister Ann Ashley Clapp Deli Neblett Kristyn Weatherington Lauren Winter Maria Elba Zarna Surti
Directed and edited by Seth Graves
Key Hair and Makeup by Melissa Fergus
Hair by Jessica Watkins
Wardrobe Styling by Carmen Jaudon
Wardrobe Assisting by Quincy Barker
Special thanks to: Caleb Bennett Meadowbelle Market

Natalie living large and loud in Nashville.

So Silent, So Strong

And I really like this re-mix.

Cherub - All (ft. Natalie Prass) For a limited time you can download the album free here.

Check out her most recent video for a really great live performance..

Live at the Basement
Natalie Prass / Live at The Basement from Cardboard Films on Vimeo.
This song will be on Natalie's upcoming album that will be finishing up before the New Year. She will see where it goes once it’s done, but hopefully it will be out for everyone to hear very soon..

Until then you can check out more of her music on Soundcloud.