Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stevie-Jo Dooley

Today be prepared to be amazed by this young talent.

Stevie-Jo Dooley is a talented Double bass, bass guitar, vocalist and accordion playing phenom from Bath in England.

Did I mention she is only 17?

Oh, and she also writes songs.

Stevie-Jo is years ahead of her actual age in the realms of her talent.

So let's get to the music, I know you are going to be as blown away as I am.

This is a Stevie-Jo Dooley original, and it is awesome. I really like the Laurie Anderson touch on this one.

Safe With Me
All parts on soundtrack recorded and performed by Stevie-Jo Dooley.

This is an unbelievable Duke Ellington cover, on double bass and vocals.
Gotta love it that someone so young can appreciate the masters, and give them their due but in a new way.


Just to show it's not all serious music and stuff, here Stevie-Jo displays her sense of humour, have to spell it the English way since it is an English sense of humour after all.

Girl plays double bass wearing only underwear
a cover of the wonderfully perverse pulp song 'underwear'
All parts are arranged and played by Stevie-Jo Dooley

This is her most recent original song to hit YouTube.


The performing band members are:
Stevie-Jo Dooley - Double bass, Bass guitar, Vocals.
Ellie Frank - Keyboards, Vocals.
Beth Stenning - Vocals, Synth, Whatever else

A very different cover of the Norah Jones classic. I love the double bass sound she achieves.

Don't know why

And finally today the down under all time classic folk song, with assist by Bianca Watts on the harp.

Walzing Matilda Plenty more video on Stevie-Jo's YouTube page.

          And she has a lot more music here on SoundCloud.

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Playing The Bones

Apropos of nothing else, I ran across this amazing video which could be a master class on the art of playing the spoons.

Spoons can be played as a makeshift percussion instrument, or more specifically, an idiophone related to the castanets. "Playing the spoons" originated in Ireland as "playing the bones," in which the convex sides of a pair of sheep rib bones were rattled in the same way. 

Well this guy, sadly no location or name supplied, certainly sounds like he came from (or still lives in) Ireland.

It's all in the accent. But you have to see and hear him to appreciate what an amazing instrument the spoons can be.


Playing the spoons to Insomnia by Faithless

I wish i could put a name or place to this guy. Maybe help in getting him a larger audience, who could throw a few more bucks/pounds into his kitty.

Video made by Pinny Grylls a London-based documentary filmmaker, so maybe he was in or around London.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This young lady, Carolyne Neuman, with the ethereal voice is now performing as Novi.

And still sounding as good as ever, albeit a bit more upbeat.

Novi, not to be confused with Novi in Michigan with the shopping mall.
And especially not with Novi Sad the second largest city in Serbia, with the amazing hotel in an old castle.
I think Novi means new in some language, or at least that's what I was told when I visited Novi Sad, when it was still in Jugoslavia.

Enough of that, check out the wonderful sounds of Novi.

Blackbirds Directed by L. Gustavo Cooper
Executive Producer - Jon Shepard
Produced by Heather Burky & Alexandria Lewis
Associate Producer - Brian Jerin
1st AD - Jon Shepard
Director of Photography - Sean Shea
1st Camera - Joe Karably
Bicycles provided ZenCog Bicycle Company at Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Something from last year. And despite it's name it's not really the same old song.

Same Old Song

Let's go a bit further back in the wayback machine, when Novi was just Carolyne Neuman and producing stunning low fi pop.
This one was featured on another TV show I have never seen, One Tree Hill.

All the Way

Check out more from Novi's new EP right here.


Press Release:
NOVI , born Carolyne Neuman, is a new artist on the fast-track to stardom. Listeners everywhere agree - the electro-pop galaxy has a bright new star. Her distinct sound is smooth and full of catchy hooks that anyone would envy, and playful, tantalizing lyrics (“I had barflies sipping on my motherf#*king drink”) that will leave NOVI “peddling back” through your mind all day long.
Her debut EP, Now I’m Here, was released to the world in Fall 2011, following the track and video premiere for her first single, “Blackbirds.” The hit song, made waves after premiering on Arjan Writes, and it piqued the interest of music fans everywhere. The video premiered soonafter to rave reviews on Pop Matters and was also featured on the AOL Music homepage. Novi’s originality is eclectic enough to hit the chords of any music lover in the galaxy. The suave, electro-pop sounds that emanate from the speakers are a compulsive rise and fall of beats that capture listeners, hook, line, and sinker. NOVI is universally appealing.
With her follow up EP Now I’m There, set for release in 2013, the best is certainly yet to come…
The first single from her upcoming EP, is a mildly Motown influenced pop electro fusion song. “The Ad” is about one girl’s obsession with a boy who she has never met and seen only in magazines or "ads.” With an urban twist in the bridge - the song is sure to satisfy a broad listener palate - and keep the dance floor bouncing at the same time. The single is now available for free download and/or stream before the official release on December 1, 2012.

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Heart Attack Alley

Heart Attack Alley is a 3 piece from Auckland New Zealand, born of a love of blues, an obsession with death, and an addiction to playing live. Deceptively simple, emotionally and sonically raw, and sporting tough, original songwriting, the combination of Dr. Karl Steven’s unstoppable “voodoo harmonica”, Kristal G’s pulsating rhythm guitar, and Caoimhe Macfehin’s unrestrained, immediate vocals – like the “demon child of Polly Harvey and Screamin Jay Hawkins” – has won the band a reputation for performing “the original devil’s music; seductive and psychotic”
(Cheese On Toast Review; Trixie LaRue Music Review).
Today we get to meet a throwback to the late fifties, early sixties from the land down under.
These gals (and a guy) would fit right in back in those heady days when the Stones, Yardbirds, Animals, etc was re-introducing the blues to the converted in the UK.

Heart Attack Alley are not retro by any means, just an up to date good time, ass kickin' band that will adorn your ears like an old blues friend.
They describe their music as "Hypno-Psychotic Blues Trash from Auckland City".
This is some true to the genre awesome blend of rock and blues. I'm gonna enjoy the shit out of this band. 

What you have to do, after you have checked out their music here on these videos is to hunt down their new album "Living In Hell" and then you will be living high of the hog with some awesome music to take you there.

So kick back and let Karl Steven on Harmonica and Stomp, Kristal G on Guitar and Caoimhe Macfehin's vocals take you there.

Don't Waste my Time

Director: Liliane Ott
D.o.P.: Dino Zizzari
Producer: Alexander Joho
Camera Assistants: Grazia Swea Sardone, André Guadagno
Label: Voodoo Rhythm Records
Copyright Voodoo Rhythm Publishing 2012
From the album: Living in Hell
Distribution World Wide: Cargo Records

Here's a live one at the Gunsingers' Ball, Wine Cellar. An ancient classic from Screamin' Jay.

I Put A Spell On You Film by Morgan Look and Stephanie Blake.

Here's another amazing "blues with a feeling" moment from the Gunsingers' Ball

Aint It Funny By Semitone Films (Morgan Look and Stephanie Blake)
Heart Attack Alley, Live at The Gunslingers' Ball, Wine Cellar 2011

Check out this is amazing instrumental, does anyone remember instrumentals?
This is from a bootleg CD, that I just have to get my hands on.
Like all good instrumentals no name is provided.

A great In Session live recording, wow!
My Beating Heart
95bFM presents In Session, recorded at Roundhead Studios... a weekly series showcasing the best & brightest of New Zealand music today. Episodes air Fridays on 95bFM at 2pm.

Finally today three songs from a gig at the Mojomatic in Montpellier earlier this year. Pure blues!!

BTW: you can download a couple of great free tracks at their Bandcamp page.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Brooklyn-based experimental psych-pop band Railbird release their newest Lucky EP today, a tour de force that includes two new previously unreleased songs, as well as "Jump Ship," a track that made waves this summer after a residency at Pete's Candy Store.

The video for the song, which features guest vocals from Anti recording artist Sean Rowe and Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel, premiered on Brooklyn Vegan in late August.

Railbird is a cast of stunningly talented multi-instrumentalists fronted by Sarah K. Pedinotti. SKP's vocal delivery has earned her apt comparisons to musical luminaries Bjork and Kate Bush, and the band’s unique blend of experimental psych-pop has found a home with fans of Braids, The Dirty Projectors, and Massive Attack.

After self-releasing their debut album No One in March 2011, Railbird was invited to perform at SXSW, CMJ, and the 4th Annual Roots Picnic alongside Ariel Pink, Little Dragon, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, and more. Railbird recently performed at POP Montreal and CMJ and are gearing up for an east coast tour.

Check out the amazing Jump Ship here. Awesome!!!

Jump Ship (feat. Sarah Barthel of Phantogram and Sean Rowe)

Now this is something I will have to explore more, the concept is awesome.

Secret Sound Shop is all about taking people out of their comfort zones, and with Railbird that is exactly what they did. The experimental indie band have a strain of surrealism running through their sound and they knew straight away that this would make for an interesting video.

Sarah Pedinotti is the beautiful mastermind behind the team of multi- instrumentalists and suggested an open area with great acoustics in a large garage that leads onto a courtyard. They were extremely excited when they saw the melodica and even more excited when they found out that they had called someone in especially for the important task of being chief-blower of said instrument.

Secret Sound Shop - Side A

So you know we have to have the other side.

Secret Sound Shop - Side B  

Finally today, the EP we mentioned above. You are gonna love this.

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Evolove are a rock band from Los Angeles.

The band is made up of:
Lucy Levinsohn (vocals) - @LucyLevinsohn
Billy Berman (bass) - @BillyBerman
Dave C (Guitar) - @DaveEvolove
Colby Jensen (Guitar) - @EvoloveGuitar
Andrew Carroll (Drums) - @XdroobieX

And they kick butt, with the up front amazing voice of Lucy Levinsohn.

Recording "Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1" Behind the scenes look of the making of Evolove's first acoustic record titled Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1

2012 Evolove performs a song "2012" on The Vinnie Langdon Show! (HDTV)

Let Me In Gorillacoustic performance by Evolove, live and unplugged from a balcony overlooking the Capitol Records building.

Wake Up Call Hot Topic is pleased to present the exclusive world premiere of Evolove's new music video "Wake Up Call"

Finally today let's end on a powerful live performance from the Whisky a Go Go a couple of years back.

Nothing but me

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Siri Stranger

It's time for another beautiful voice from Scandinavia.

Siri Stranger hails from Drøbak in Norway. 

R&B is just another genre in music that the Scandinavians have conquered.

Case in point, the amazing sounds of Siri Stranger.

Such a beautiful timbre to her voice.

This is Siri's most recent video, something beautiful for the eyes and ears.

Sterkere Tilbake Music video by Siri Stranger performing Sterkere Tilbake.
(C) 2012 P.S. Records
Produced by Per Vigmostad
Mixed by Matthew Weiss for
Mastered by Chris Athens
Assistant Engineer Zachary Kerstetter
Video by D A I M O N productions
Photo by Ola Waagen

This is another beautiful R&B song from a few years back with the ever wonderful Wyclef Jean.

Losing My Mind

Further proof that R&B is worldwide, and in the right hands sounds good in any language.

Fortsatt Faller Regnet

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nicole Sabouné

Meet the new Swedish new wave / art rock star, Nicole Sabouné.

Yet another great voice from the chilly north that is Scandinavia.

She competed in the Swedish version of The Voice, during last year’s first season.
From what I am seeing here in the States and worldwide (via YouTube) The Voice seems to be the premier "talent" contest of the current era.
Certainly the current USA version is stuffed with talent. No time wasters, just fine singers.

Nicole Sabouné has just released her first new single, and our old friend Matts Udd created this brilliant video for it.
Très cool.

This is somewhat dark, but delicious.

I believe this is going to keep growing and growing on me. I'm loving it.

Unseen Footage From A Forthcoming Funeral

Director. Mats Udd
Producer: Jacob Eklund
D.O.P. Erik Nordlund
Styled by: Josefin Strid
Editor & Grade. Simon Karlsson
1 camera assistant. Josephine Owe
D.I.T. Gabriel de Bourg
Gaffer Daniel Svanberg
Best boy. Mats Svanborg
Set Designer. Anton Wennerberg
Set Assistent, Diana Lonescu, Louise de Bourg
M.U.A. Franciska Svensson

Check out a couple of songs from her "The Voice" appearances. She was obviously not afraid to tackle the big songs, with great results.

Running Up That Hill

Shake It Out

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