Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Unwoman - all treat, no tricks

If like me you wonder what Unwoman is up to nowadays, check this out.

She has this beautiful single out as a Halloween surprise for us all.

Never really understood the Unwoman name, it should really be Allwoman.

Here is a live performance of one of the songs.

Love Song For A Vampire Live at the Vagabond Ballroom in Oakland, CA earlier this year.

And here is the single in question. enjoy.


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Vonder & Bloom

Vonder & Bloom have a new album just released.

It is nothing short of amazing.

Beautiful harmonies, beautiful tunes.

The album is "I Shouldn't Say This", but they sure as hell Should Sing Like This.

Lucky for us there was a bunch of video fiends attending the release event, and we get to share it.

Good for us since we were not in Amsterdam.

Here is a sample of their amazing sounds from their new album, performed a couple of nights ago at their CD release event.

Het is zover!!! Het nieuwe album 'Shouldn't say this' is uit!
En daar hoort natuurlijk een feestje bij:-)
Dat vieren we, met in de band:
Bernard Gepken- gitaar
Tom Meijer- gitaar
Jack van de Ven- keys
Kobus Groen- bas
Jimmy van den Nieuwenhuizen- drums
Video GiG Roxz

More songs from the album "I Shouldn't Say This", here is a melange of sound bites from the CD release gig.

 Video - Kanaal van StefanTetelepta

More from the same show, there were lots of videographers around that night that's for sure.

Wilco Boon

Wilco Boon

Wilco Boon

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crazy Mary

Crazy Mary carries the flame for a time when downtown Manhattan was at its post-punk apex, gritty, smart, artful, edgy and sexy, before its soul was taken over by corporations. But true to the ideals of the era from which they emerged, the band remains fully engaged with the modern, eschewing sentimentality and nostalgia.

Their new album, Dreaming In Brilliant Color (Humsting Records 2012), carries their music forward and keeps their mélange of psychedelia, tribal music and Velvet Underground inspired no wave very much alive and well.

Who or what is Crazy Mary?

You take a young lady with an awesome set of vocal skills, add the violinist to the Andy Warhol court and finally add a bunch of top notch musicians.

And now you has Crazy Mary.
Charles Kibel - Guitar
Em Z - Vocals
Walter Steding - Fiddle
Nick Raisz - Drums
The Wizard - Bass
Parker Reilly - keyboards

And they are ready to rock your world.

Are you ready for them?

Check 'em out.

Low Down Feeling From the album Water on the Moon - A low Down feeling featuring Walter Steding

Another great mix of live performance and classic "B" movies.

Another Dollar

Crazy Mary were honored to perform with Walter Steding at the historic CBGB Festival June 5th 2012 in a star studded line up! They rocked out with some famous Steding tunes and got punk like back in the day. Check it out!

New Day Walter Steding plays with Crazy Mary in a star studded line up for the CBGB Festival 2012 @ the Bowery Electric Video by Tawania Pettus

Live at "Life the Place to Be" here's a raucous track from their Album Release party for "Dreaming in Brilliant Color".

Come On Lets Go

What is that saying "You can take the girl out of the club, but not the club out of the girl"?
Not really but it could apply.
Here's Crazy Mary laying down some great Rock n Roll at the East River Park Fall Festival last year.
I know, we had this song before, but it's so good you gotta hear it twice.
And it gets a different feel al fresco.

Low Down Feeling

Finally today here's another from that same gig

Woke Up Mixed Up

Keep an eye open for their new album, as someone once said..............
The Genesis of Dreaming In Brilliant Color began in April of 2011 when Kibel purchased a 1963 Gretch 6120 and in a fit of inspiration, composed seven of the songs featured on the album in a day and a half, and the sweet tone of that guitar, the same one that John Lennon plays on Rain, is captured in the body of the songs. The band is eager for people to hear the new directions their music has gone. As Charles Kibel declares, ?We want to get the new album to as many people as we can. We?re eager to perform it live. On Dreaming In Brilliant Color, Crazy Mary has found the right people to play the right songs at the right time, taking the band to a new level, with a spirit reminiscent of the times when art and music create something seminal.                {James Moore]

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kara Grainger

You know how I just love the blues, and I just love ladies who sing the blues.

Well we have a doozie for you today.

Kara Grainger just blew me away. Amazing!!!!

Kara comes from the land down under, as do so many songbirds in recent years. Something in the water?

Kara Grainger began her musical journey in high school singing and playing guitar and quickly joined (with her brother, Mitch) the Sydney-based blues outfit Papa Lips and toured throughout Australia. On her own, she's toured with musical greats like Eric Johnson, Amos Lee, Robben Ford and Little Feat. She currently calls LA her home base but plans to spend a lot of time in Austin soaking up the rich music scene. 

All I can say is that she is a welcome voice in the great blues panorama that exists.

Kara Grainger is my new favorite blues singer/player.
I just can't get enough.

Such a smooth vocal, but still singing the blues.
And the awesome guitar break here ranks with the best of them.
Man I love this song.

River Of Fire Studio City Sound LIVE! Recorded live at Studio City Sound on July 17, 2011
Vocals, Guitar : Kara Grainger
Bass Guitar: Mary Beth Kedzior
Drums : Stacey Lamont Sydnor
Hammond Organ, Moog: Arlan Schierbaum
Harmonica :Mitch Grainger
Directed by Steve Steve Valenzuela
Engineered and Mixed By Tom Weir
Cameras Mick Wood, Dave Gallow and Brian Bellinkoff

From the same gig, same crew, check out this amazing performance.
Great band, amazing lead.
Wow! I am absolutely blown away, this is one lady who was born to sing the blues.

Sky is Falling Live version of a track from her awesome album "Grand and Green River"

One more from that awesome performance @ Studio City Sound, wow what a night that must have been.
This one is a bit slower, some truly mellow guitar here.
Kara's voice smooth as black velvet. Ohhh this is too good!!!!!!!!!

Holding On Live version of a track from her awesome album "Grand and Green River"
All three of these videos above by Tom Weir. Hey Tom, I'm a Subscriber. Great stuff man.

Let's jump in the wayback machine and check out the first single from her totally awesome album "Grand and Green River"
If you don't have the album, hunt it down.

Bring Me Back 1st single from Kara's debut album Grand and Green River, released through Craving Records and Inertia Distribution in 2008

From around that time also is this interesting interview with Kara which may help you understand the mind of a blues singer / songwriter, and how an album gets put together.

Grand and Green River

Jump forward a couple of years and we get to another great live performance @ PDX Waterfront Blues Fest in 2010 from the Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon

On My Way

Coming right up to date, here we have Kara a couple of months ago live at the 2012 Eclectic Music Festival & Art Walk in South Pasadena California.
Check out the awesome guitar work, this young lady is just amazing.

Sea of Love

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Here's some earlier ladies who sing the blues. 
From Holland................ Mattanja Joy Bradley 
From New Jersey.......... Laura Cheadle 
From the south ............. Cee Cee James 
From Toronto. ............. Shakura Saida 
From Maine.................. Kirsten Thien 
From Finland ............... Erja Lyytinen 
From New Jersey......... Rory Block 
From Georgia .............. Beverly Guitar Watkins

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jackie Bristow

I recently stumbled across this amazingly talented young lady from down under, she's been labeled "one of NZ's top music exports".

Jackie Bristow is a real case where true talent will out, a beautiful voice with mad songwriting skills.
What a combination.
Singer /songwriter Jackie Bristow is a southern girl at heart. Born and raised in the South Island of New Zealand this kiwi has found her wings. Moving to Australia 1994, this is where Jackie established herself as a professional musician and recording artist, signing to Mushroom and Liberation music in 1999, Craving Records 2005 and Native Tongue 2007.
Beautiful songbird that she is, Jackie has flown halfway around the world with nothing more than her guitar and a dream. Jackie returned to the USA with a national release of her 3rd album "Freedom" and a prestigious US tour opening for internationally acclaimed guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel in 2011. It has been a year of great shows opening for Marc Cohn, John Waite, and Bob Schneider, Jimmy Lafave, John Oates, Bettye Lavette, Charlie Robison, B.J Thomas, Joe Ely and Marcia Ball.
New shows are currently being announced.
One listen and you are gonna be hooked.

Let's start of with a video with a great song from her second album, obviously filmed in the splendour that is New Zealand.

Crazy Love Directed by Paul Taylor from Fish n Clips NZ

I have always been fascinated with the Australian / New Zealander love hate infatuation with each other, they tell jokes like the English / Irish or the American / Polish jokes.
But they obviously get along, one of my best friends from Australia was originally a kiwi, and then he became and Australian.
So having said all that, it is not so strange that a kiwi would write a song for the Australian tourist board.

Jackie's "This Is Australia" won a nationwide songwriting contest by Tourism Australia, who then used in worldwide promotion. Pretty damn cool song too.

This is Australia Promotion Video from Australian Tourism Board

Time to check out some great live performances from Jackie.

This from her recent tour with Tommy Emmanuel.

Shot of Gold Jackie Bristow performing her song "Shot of Gold" from the "Freedom" album live at The Plaza "Live" Theatre in Orlando, Florida, USA in February 2011. She was accompanied by legendary guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, and Jackie was his special guest throughout his nationwide USA tour.

An acoustic version of a beautiful song Jackie wrote for her friends and the people in Christchuch, South Island, New Zealand with regards to the tragic earthquake there on 22 February 2011.


Let's get real current, here's Jackie in California last month.
With a great new love song she has written.

Cry with Mark Goldenberg on 14 September 2012 at WitZend in Los Angeles, California.

Here's a beautiful song, complete with the songwriters inside scoop about it's origins.


Jackie Bristow live for The Garage Sessions. featuring Diesel - Mark Lizotte, Mark Punch and Kevin Cooney. Recorded in FullHD, The Garage Sessions features established and new artists playing live in a relaxed studio setting. The Garage Sessions is produced by AVE Pty Ltd

Finally today we'll leave you with a few songs from a very intimate street appearance at Pecan Street Festival, Austin, Texas, 2011.

If you are not hooked by now, there's no hope for you.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Natalie Lungley

In our never ending quest for fresh new talent I stumbled across this talented young lady.

Natalie Lungley is English and hails from Biggin Hill, the airfield that gained fame with the Battle of Britain. 
That's about 21 miles from where I used to live in Maidstone, Kent.  Small world.          :0)

That's about all of the biography I could find.

But when you check out these videos what you can add to the mix is that she is a beautiful young lady, with an equally beautiful voice.

Natalie is accompanied by her brother on guitar in all of these songs.

Most of these songs are covers, but a girl has to start somewhere.

I'm thinking add a few more originals to the mix and Natalie could be going places.

First up a truly beautiful version of this song, it ranks up there with the Sinead O'Connor version.

Nothing Compares To You

A favorite of mine from the Verve, Natalie does it justice.

Bittersweet Symphony

This is a very nice version of the Chris Isaak classic.

Wicked Game

A cool version of the Cat Power tune, and we finally get out of the living room.
There's even a touch of Angus and Julia Stone toward the end.

The Greatest

The ubiquitous Lana Del Rey song, and a tremendous version this is.

Video Games

OK so this is what I've been looking for, an original song. Pretty good.
This is the way Natalie needs to go, get some more original tunes.

I'm Yours

Natalie has her own channel on You Tube, and subscribing to it would keep you up to date for when she makes her big break.

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shoes for Julia

Shoes for Julia are Julia Fabrin and Søren Sko and they hail from Denmark.

Søren Sko is/was one half of Sko/Torp and Julia Fabrin is/was one third of The Fireflies.

Shoes For Julia have this really cool new self titled album that you should track down.

This is the first single from the album.

Cross the Line Official Video

Here's a live appearance on TV2 in Denmark.

Bringing On The Heartache Tak til TV2 for lån af materiale 

From that same TV show here's a live version of their hit.

Cross The Line

And here's just one more live version

Cross The Line Julia Fabrin og Søren Sko danner nu duoen 'Shoes for Julia' og deres nye debutalbum er at finde på hylderne fra oktober Den 20-10-2012

OK, so here's a great video from The Fireflies.

It's Useless

And just to be fair here's on of the biggies from Sko/Torp.

On a long lonely Night

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