Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lynn Drury

So today how about some great roots rockin' from a southern young lady.

Lynn Drury hails from the Mississippi delta, but currently resides in New Orleans.

With a background like that one can't help but exude the rockin' blues.

And Lynn won't disappoint ya, she describes her music as "Mississippi Grit ~ New Orleans Groove". You got that right!
Lynn Drury’s compositions are as rich and full of visual imagery as life itself. Often autobiographical, each song is carefully crafted around its initial inspiration, ranging from love and loss to beauty and butterflies. Her sound combines the twang and grit of her native Mississippi and the funky grooves of her adopted home of New Orleans.
Lynn Drury has performed live on radio and television, and receives frequent local and national radio airplay. Offbeat Magazine dubbed “Spun” the Best New Release of 2003 and presented Drury with an award for Best Emerging Singer/Songwriter in 2004. She was also nominated for Best Roots-Rock Album (“All You need”) at the Big Easy Awards in 2006. .......... more here
Check out Lynn Drury's music, and you will see why she will be my Artist of the Month for Roctober.

Love this line - "Messed up is better than pretty" - cool.

City Life Singer-songwriter Lynn Drury in a music video for her song "City Life", produced, directed & edited by Anthony Favre for Quiet Empire Productions.

Check out this rockin' track from the home of the blues, New Orleans of course.

Come to My House Live at d.b.a. New Orleans, February 26, 2012; Lynn's rocking rendition of her song "Come to my House" with Alex McMurray burning the strings, Bill Malchow on keys, Chris Pylant on drums and Casandra Faulconer on bass.

Same gig, Lynn slows it down a little, but it still rocks.

Never Wanna Be like You  Fun Fact d.b.a. is the club where she christened her 2011 CD Release "Sugar On The Floor".

Still at the d.b.a.

Come to My House

Let's jump into the wayback machine and head on back to 2010, still in New Orleans though.

Chemical Road Lynn Drury playing "Chemical Road" from her CD "Sugar on the Floor" live at the Blue Nile in New Orleans Nov. 13, 2010 with Alex McMurray, Carlo Nuccio, Bill Malchow, Peter Harris, Margie Perez - filmed and edited by Andy J Forest.

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Róisín O

Today some wonderful Irish sounds courtesy Róisín O'Reilly and her band Róisín O.

They have their debut album, The Secret Life of Blue, being released this week.

Check it out, I'm sure you will like it.
Róisín and her band have been crafting their album for the last year and the involvement of acclaimed Irish producer David Odlum (The Frames, Gemma Hayes, Josh Ritter) promises a debut not to be missed. The busy 23 year old can boast support slots with Mary Black, Imelda May, The Coronas, Brad Paisley and Robert Cray on many of Ireland's biggest stages, and was invited to perform live on the Pat Kenny Show on RTE 1 and Ireland AM on TV3 among others.
She has recorded with Paul Brady and Mary Black and her song ‘Drifting’ was chosen for the latest ‘Woman’s Heart Now’ compilation, alongside Lisa Hannigan, Wallis Bird, Cathy Davey and many more; still her powerful vocals were not overshadowed in the company of these excellent, established female singers.
Check out these songs from the alum.

How Long Video Directed and Edited by Alan Joseph Tully
Special thanks to Aaron Heffernan & the Collapsing Horse Theatre Company, Whelan's and all our puppet-party friends.

Here We Go Video Directed and Edited by; Alan Tully, Conor Maloney and Phillip Cullen

This is from a live gig at Castlepalooza 2012 in Tullamore, where the whiskey comes from.

The Tea Song live for Totally Irish on 98FM!

And finally today an amazing cover of the Florence and the Machine classic.

Dog Days Are Over

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Wallflowers

Wow! three weeks after the master the son also rises.

Did Chrismukkah arrive early this year?

The music gifts keep on giving.

How long have we waited for a Wallflowers new release?

Seven long years, but finally it arrives, and lo it is good.

Check out these tracks from Glad All Over.

Reboot the Mission ft. Mick Jones Music video by The Wallflowers feat. Mick Jones performing Reboot The Mission.
(C) 2012 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Here's a a trio of live versions of tracks from the new album.

The Devil's Waltz Jack and Greg set the beat for "The Devil's Waltz", a new song from their new album "Glad All Over". It was the second song of the evening at StreetBeat in San Diego on 9-8-2012.
Jakob Dylan is joined by Rami Jaffee (keyboards), Stuart Mathis (guitars), Greg Richling (bass), and former Chili Pepper/Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons.

Misfits and Lovers The Wallflowers perform their sixth new song of the evening, "Misfits and Lovers", at StreetBeat in San Diego on 9-8-2012. The song from their new album "Glad All Over" was the 9th of the night.
The same line up as above.

Hospital for Sinners Same line up and location as the previous two tracks. This is the first track on the new album.

01. Hospital For Sinners
02. Misfits And Lovers (Feat. Mick Jones)
03. First One In The Car
04. Reboot The Mission (Feat. Mick Jones)
05. It’s A Dream
06. Love Is A Country
07. Have Mercy On Him Now
08. The Devil’s Waltz
09. Won’t Be Long (Till We’re Not Wrong Anymore)
10. Constellation Blues
11. One Set of Wings

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Sheryn Binks

Sheryn Binks is 23 she was born & bred in Perth, Australia.

She has a mild fear of public performance. And pretty much loves any kind of baby animal.

She is an independent artist who released her debut album in June this year.

Sheryn Binks makes wonderful music. Believe me.

You can buy her album from her web site and she will donate 50% of the proceeds to one of three charities, your choice. Thereby proving that not only is Sheryn a beautiful singer she is also a beautiful person.

For a limited time you can get a sampler of her music from Noisetrade.

And you just have to listen to these tracks from her album to agree with me she has a beautiful voice.

With the right breaks I can see Sheryn going a long way, assuming she gets over the public appearance mild fears thing.        

Check her out and see what you think.


Connect Five Thank you to these beautiful people who feature in the recording of Connect Five:
Dave Hack: Percussion and marching band drums
Ross Hack: Bass, BV
Chris Mayne: Electric Guitar, BV
Kelly Mayne: BV!
Emily Murray: French Horn!!!
Sophie Curtis: Cello
James Newhouse: Recording, mandolin, BV extraordinaire!
Videos recorded by: Ross' trusty iPhone!
[Sheryn Binks]

Freight Trains & Hurricanes This song was performed at 'Into the Green', an acoustic show in the pines, supporting the amazing Bedouin Sea.

And finally today we feature a fan made video for another of Sheryns beautiful songs.

Mr Galaxy Thanks to ImDaveHack

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Frk Fryd

Frk Fryd translates as either Ms. Rejoice or Ms. Joy.

But neither really makes sense to the power of this rocking band. 

Frk Fryd hail from Stavanger in Norway. They have played together for 6 years, and despite their young age, they are a highly experienced live band with countless concerts both at home and abroad.

Frk Fryd are:

Caroline Saxegaard Ekeli - Vokal
Embla Heskestad Jagdum - Bass/kor
Elise Andersen - Gitar/kor
Julie Enger Børresen - Trommer

This past year the band has worked in the studio to produce their second EP "Lead" that was released in April 2012.

Frk Fryd are playing dirty, hard, catchy rock and kicking some butt.

Check 'em out, you don't have to get the words to get the drift.

This first one is the title track from their new full length album.


Let's check out some of their live music from a recent trip to the USA.

Svart Sol Live performance filmed at Braund Sound Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in June 2012.
Recorded and Mixed / Erik Braund @ Braund Sound Studio

Assistant Engineer / Veronica Wyman
Mastered / Julian Silva @ On Air Mastering

Camera / Chase Mallen, Erik Braund, Oresti Tsonopoulos
Editor / Chase Mallen

........and from that same performance

Slem Pike

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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Meet WAZU who are Matt and Rizz – an Australian/American industrial-pop/darkwave duo based in New York City.

Matt and Rizz met as freshmen at The University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia.

At the end of the year party for their class, the two decided to form a metal band, Open the Gates. Matt would play drums and Rizz would sing lead.

Soon thereafter, Matt realized Rizz was the missing ingredient for his band. The rest as they say is history.

One for fans of Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, NIN, Bauhaus, The xx.

Never has heartbreak sounded so enticing and danceable.

Modern electro-pop duo WAZU will release their debut, album, Robobo this Halloween.

These New York City-based Australian transplants appear to have swallowed some of the same sexy electronic pills as The xx, but have regurgitated them in a much more elaborate and foreboding fashion.

Check out some of their tunes here, and look out for the drop of Robobo.

Murder 1 Music Video for WAZU's Murder 1
First premiered on Contact Music UK
Directed by WAZU
Videographer: Benjamin Sidoti

Download the MP3 here:

Now lets check them out live at 'Magic Mondays' @ Tammany Hall, New York City

Walk all night Vitrine Magazine Launch Party
Shot by: Benjamin Sidoti

Happy Endings WAZU EP - Anti-Language Recordings
Produced by: Kevin McMahon + WAZU @ Marcata Studios, NY
Photograph: Benjamin Sidoti

If you are still hungry for more, check out their earlier EP

  released 10 January 2012
Written by WAZU.
Produced by Kevin McMahon & WAZU 2011.
Mixed and mastered by Kevin McMahon at Marcata Studios, New York

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Hanne Kolstø

Hanne Kolstø is an amazing and inventive singer from Norway.

Yet another in our list of Scandinavian songbirds.

As seen before in an earlier post. But she is back to mention her latest album FlashBlack, which is a do not miss.
Hanne Kolstø is one of Norway's most exciting singers and songwriters. With a unique voice and intuitive sense of melodies she lures you into her world of intelligent lyrics and flourishing creativity. Always willing to experiment, she mixes all possible genres – one moment she wispers softly in your ear, the next she howls with despair.
Hanne is a hyper-active artist and songwriter, with six albums in the last four years. Her projects range from the epic 90's flirting of Love:Fi to the mystical trip-hop-ensemble Thelma & Clyde.
As a solo artist, Hanne Kolstø's performances are anything but conventional. Her sound is composed of a mixture cold Casio synths, homemade beats, acoustic guitar and layer upon layer of voice. Her music is rooted in the 90's, with references to PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode and Björk.

OK, so now time for the music first up a track from her new album - FlashBlack.

With the amazing cover art by Erik Pirolt who seems to be following on in the "extreme" art style of the Norwegian masters.

La-la-la-la Lovesong Musicvideo for "La-la-la-la Lovesong" by Norwegian artist Hanne Kolstø.
New album "FlashBlack" out September 2012.
Actors: Alma Kirsti Skolmen Kaafjeld and Hanne Kolstø
Video by Vibeke Heide (Sentimeterfilm)

This next song is not on the album, but this is from a recent performance in New York earlier this year.

Don't Wanna Be Happy In The Moment I Want It To Last   Live performance filmed at Braund Sound Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in May 2012.
Recorded and Mixed / Erik Braund @ Braund Sound Studio
Assistant Engineers / Damian Wiseman, Derek Araujo

Next up a school project video that is very well done, but I'm thinking this is a translation factor, and is in fact a college or university project.

What The Wind Can't Carry Music video for artist Hanne Kolstø that we made for a school project.
Music: Hanne Kolstø
Written and directed by: Ida Gøytil
Co-director, lights and camera: Sander Cornelius Moy
Lights and camera assistant: Kim Kvaase
Costume and set design: Marie Herseth
Editing: Ida Gøytil & Sander Cornelius Moy
Special thanks to: Filmverkstedet, Samsen

Next up a single from an earlier album.
The City First single from the album "Riot Break" released 16th of September 2011.
Shot in the streets of Kristiansand June 2011.
Directed by Fred Arne Wergeland.

And now some more from the recent performance in New York.

Riot Break Live performance filmed at Braund Sound Studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in May 2012.
Recorded and Mixed / Erik Braund @ Braund Sound Studio
Assistant Engineers / Damian Wiseman, Derek Araujo
Mastered / Julian Silva @ On Air Mastering
Camera / Chase Mallen, Erik Braund
Editor / Chase Mallen

Another from the same session @ Braund Sound Studio

Pretty Veil

I thought I was done, and then I found this and could not resist it. Amazing.

Hanne Kolstø vs RonnyPi videostunt After a gig in Horten ("A doll´s house projectroom") autumn 2011, me and the clubartist Ronny Pi decided to do a stunt musicvideo in front of his videoart that he made for my concert. We filmed until the camera was out of batteries. The song is the first one from my debut album as a solo artist "Riot Break", that was released in Norway 16th of september 2011. Enjoy! Hnekaa sin kanal

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Thelma and Clyde

Thelma and Clyde were a Norwegian electronica / electropop duo consisting of Hanne Kolstø and Trygve Tambs-Lyche.

I say "were" because I saw what was billed as their last tweet, and there have been no more since.

I was a bit sad because I had only just discovered them.

But I'm still happy about the music because Hanne Kolstø is still producing music, more about that soon.

So let's at least listen to some of the best electropop I've heard in a while.

First up an intriguing live performance from Guy Fawkes night in 2010, not that they celebrate that in Norway.

Elusive girl Release "White Line" 5th of November 2010.
Sørlandets Kunstmuseum.
On stage: Hanne Kolstø, Trygve Tambs-Lyche, Morten Martens, Andreas Stensland Løwe.

Next up their official video for the single from their debut album "White Line".

Lockstitch Directed by Per Sveinung Larsen.

And we'll close with what maybe was their final filmed appearances.
Two tunes from their appearance with the Kristiansand Symfonic Orchestra @ Agder Theatre on Saturday 25th of March 2011.

In between

And my absolute favorite from this amazing duo.


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