Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians

So how's about some great piano led rock?  Up for it?
So meet Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians.

Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians are:
Stephie Coplan: piano/vocals/beatbox/synth/organ/xylophone/songs
John F. Hebert: bass/guitar/vocals
Shane Considine: drums

They hail from New York City and Hoboken, NJ - my favorite town in New Jersey.
Wander around the downtown area on a hot summers night and the living is easy.
Best views of New York city anywhere.
Some great restaurants and music venues there too.

Enough of that, let's get to the music.

I think you are going to like Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians, they are young fresh and talented.

So kick back and give them a listen.

Caroline Music video for "Caroline" off our debut EP available here:  Stephie Coplan - Piano, vocals
John F. Hebert - Bass
Shane Considine - Drums
Make-up and hair by Michael Serapiglia
Shot, edited and directed by David Dutton
Additional styling by Smith Banfield Filmed in Astoria, NY

Jerk Directed, shot & edited by David Dutton
Hair & make-up by Michael Serapiglia
The "Jerk" is Morgan Lever
The opening for the Black Keys promotion is over now.

Now for something a little on the mellow side, very cool.

Stupid Girl

Marilyn Monroe

Now a few songs from a couple of live gigs.

First a very different live cover of Lana Del Ray's hit song.

Video Games @ The Lizard Lounge February 18, 2012

Next a couple of originals?

Whatever It Takes to Make You Mine + When am I Going to @ Great Scott March 24, 2012

Still want more?
I knew you would, so check out their EP released earlier this year.

(c) 2012 Stephie Coplan
released 21 January 2012 
Piano/vocals/B3 organ/Wurlitzer/synth: Stephie Coplan 
Bass: John F. Hebert 
Drums: Shane Considine 
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Ben Gebert 
Mastered by Rich Mendelson

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Jess Furman

Jess Furman is a singer songwriter from New York who is currently hanging out in Los Angeles or New York. Depending on the day I'm guessing.

Either way this is one talented young lady, cool voice, smooth guitar player and mad songwriting skills. What else do you need. 

She has this new EP on release, Take Me back.

This is a really cute video for track six from the aforementioned EP. Six tracks on an EP, such a steal.

Leavin' Re-enactment of classic love stories throughout movies and history. "Leavin" is the first single off of the "Take Me Back EP" (Release date Dec 13th, 2011), and depicts the fantasy of a girl who's boyfriend doesn't realize she's just about to leave him. Directed by Ryan Howard. Story by Jess Furman & Ryan Howard. Featuring: Jess Furman as herself, Rose from Titanic, Lucy from I Love Lucy, Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde, Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, Eve from Adam and Eve, Bella from Twilight, Baby from Dirty Dancing, Karen Holmes from From Here to Eternity and Persephone.

Going back a few years on the wayback machine.

Might Find Using the backdrop of NYC and the recreation of an underground jazz club, "Might Find" was Jess Furman's first music video. Directed by Bengt Anderson, "Might Find" is off of the album, Standing on Your Last Line, released in 2007.

Out of My Head

Jess Furman singing at the Koffeehouse series - Sundance Film Festival

I Let a Love Make a Fool Out of Me

Stupid Mouth Jess Furman Band
Jess Furman- Vocals, Guitar
Marc Osborn- Bass
Tony Graci- Drums

Jess Furman grew up breaking guitar strings. Hearts. Pieces of chalk. Busking on the streets of NYC for baked goods to share with the homeless camping out by the NYU Science buildings. From the sidewalks and clubs of NYC to Sundance Film Festivals, SXSW and the seedy recording studios of Los Angeles - Jess Furman’s music has debuted on diverse programming such as MTV, Sesame Street, those giant TV screens in Times Square, and recently on Lifetime’s primetime show Drop Dead Diva.
Jess Furman’s new EP, Take Me Back, a mischievous nod to the things we leave behind, will debut in 2012, just in time to lift up your holiday spirits.

Where goes pride? Sanity? Love? 

Collaborating with the writers and producers who have worked with such acts as Jason Mraz, Corinne Bailey Rae and Elliott Yamin… 

Jess Furman’s new EP, Take Me Back, is a mischievous nod to the things we leave behind…reflective of the humor, nostalgia and hope with which we use to reclaim ourselves in the wake of life's turbulent ways.
released 24 April 2011 
"Unlucky" - Written by J. Furman & K. Kadish; Produced by Kevin Kadish. 
"This Home" - Written by J.Furman & M. Osborn; Produced by Marc Osborn 
"Take Me Back" Written by J. Furman & K. Kadish; Produced by Kevin Kadish 
"In The Dark" Written by J.Furman; Produced by Marc Osborn 
"Get Back Up" Written by J. Furman & D. Greenbaum; Produced by David Greenbaum 
"Leavin'" Written by J. Furman, M. Nelkin & R. Vertelney; Produced by Reed Vertelney 

All Tracks Mixed by Brian Yaskulka @ Seventh Level Productions and Mastered by Mark Chalecki @ King Size Sound Labs. 

Copyright 2012 Sound Revolver, All Rights Reserved.

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Cicada Ladies

"We are NOT girls. We are ladies."  And I ain't gonna argue against that one. Just one look and you know these are young ladies, and very talented ones at that.

The Cicada Ladies are a bluegrass band featuring Stephanie Boggs on vocals and harmonies, Jessie Moon on mandolin, guitar and harmonies, Melissa Angel on banjo, guitar, vocals and harmonies and Chelsea Chason on upright bass. 

They all hail from Tallahassee, FL, which might be why they was at the Florida Folk Festival this year.

Think fine plucking and fine harmonies, these young ladies will keep you entertained.

We must be on a Francophile kick this morning, there's some French in this great cover of a Talking Heads classic.

Psycho Killer This and all the videos from the camera of Mike Handley, all from the Florida Folk Festival 2012.

Sit back and imagine yourself there.


Who's That Knocking

Miss Collins

Finally today here's another different track from the ever faithful Bandcamp.


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Les soeurs Boulay

Today we have some beautiful harmonies from the French speaking part of Canada.

Mélanie & Stéphanie Boulay are the Sisters Boulay.  See, my schoolboy French finally became useful.

They hail from New Richmond, Gaspésie. Close to Montréal.
And they are Les soeurs Boulay.
The two Boulay sisters evolve in simplicity. And it is armed with a guitar and a ukulele that they concoct pretty two-voices songs inspired by their father’s blue Dodge, old country music and new music too. They bring a little calm in the chaos of our lives, wind in our hair, and sing of grass leaves that slowly grow, of water that slowly flows. Nothing more, nothing less.
So kick back and enjoy their wonderful harmonies.

Lola en confiture Lola en confiture au métro Acadie (avec en background la fille qui fait des culbutes).
Captation et montage par Gabriel Babin.
I just love this song.

Here they are in a recent Montréal gig.

Par le chignon du cou Pour la deuxième Perfo-Francos quotidienne dans le cadre des Francofolies 2012, a donné rendez-vous aux Soeurs Boulay sur le toit de l'édifice 2-22, coin St-Laurent et Sainte-Catherine.
Mélanie et Stéphanie Boulay nous ont interprété leur nouvelle chanson Par le chignon du cou sous le soleil plombant...

Here's another from Montréal

Ça mouille les yeux Aux demi-finales des Francouvertes le jeudi 12 avril. 20h. Lion d'Or.
Réalisation: Jee Cameron Caméra: François Ubald Brien Prise de son: Gabriel Gagnon

Check out their self titled EP right here.

released 14 February 2012 
Prise de son, mixage, direction musicale: Éric Goulet 
Mastering: Ghyslain Luc Lavigne 
Enregistré live à la Médiathèque Gaëtan Dostie (merci!!!) 
Photo: Le Pigeon 
Design graphique: Mathilde Corbeil 
Vêtements prêtés par Petite Rebelle et Belle et Rebelle (merci!!!) 
Avec l'aide financière du CALQ (merci!!!) 

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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Sunday evening, what more can one ask than some beautiful harmonies, some pure Americana.  To that end I give you Shel.
Shel is Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza, four classically trained musicians who happen to be sisters ranging in age from 18-23. From the artist colony of Fort Collins, Colorado, Shel has been called, “a power quartet of femme fatale wunderkind sisters…They don't just play the hell out of their instruments with great passion, they do so flawlessly as if they were born mutated with these instruments attached to their hands.” The Holbrook sisters grew up in a musical household and first appeared on the stage backing their singer-songwriter father. In 2005, the girls formed SHEL and have been performing, living and recording together ever since. The band attracted attention from major media, including NPR’s “eTown Live,”; had their songs used in TV commercials and toured nationwide playing fairs and festivals. A review from Folk Alliance said, “They have beautiful voices, amazing harmonies, and their self-composed songs are wonderfully weird and impossible to describe.”
Folk Alliance understated it, their harmonies are sublime.

Can't wait to hear their album.

In the meantime check out some of their great videos.

Freckles (Official Music Video) Dreamed, directed, edited, acted and filmed by Shel
Additional footage shot by Jacob Brooks of Brumley and Wells

If we jump in the wayback machine and go back a few of years we can check out this gem.

The Latest and Greatest Blueberry Rubber Band
This was 2009.

Here's a radio appearance also from 2009.

Mad King Shel stopped by the WRLT studio, in October 2009, after a special performance for the staff. Check out part of the interview with the song "Mad King."

Check out this amazing Led Zepplin cover, love it. This song alone would be worth the price of admission at one of their concerts. 
A truly amazing talented group of sisters.

The Battle of Evermore

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Wild Belle

Natalie and Elliot Bergman are Chicago-born sibling duo Wild Belle. The unsigned act has only released one single, the grabbing earworm "Keep You," but it's enough to get people's attention
The project came together after Elliot asked his sister to record some vocals for his Afrobeat band, Nomo, in a Michigan studio. "I brought a couple of my demos," Natalie recalls. "After hearing the lyrics, Elliot was like, 'Maybe we should just record some of your other songs here.'" The duo is now putting the finishing touches on their debut LP, which draws from an array of influences from electro-pop to reggae.                                            Rolling Stone
I'm a big fan of their single, Keep You, and can't wait for the album that is sure to follow.

Here's a live version of their single at the Mulberry pool party for Coachella.

Keep You We fell in love with the new American band Wild Belle the moment Natalie's silky voice hit our eardrums. So we thought, who better to play at a pool party in the desert than a band whose sound has been described as "island/soul/party music"? Enjoy!

Here's a song from another live gig in California.

When It's Over Wild Belle perform When It's Over live at Troubadour in Hollywood, California on May 2, 2012.

One more live one, this one has a definite reggae tinge to it.

It's Too Late This from the same gig as above.

You can order the vinyl or download the single from here:
Keep You


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Some cool sounds for a Sunday afternoon.

Borealice are a HipHop/RnB/Electro band who hail from Montreal.

Borealice are:
Dom - Guitar
Steph- Vox
Matty G - Bass
Corey - Drums
Brent - Synth 

I'm guessing they are in the Canadian secret service, because there's no more information to be found. 

But it's all about good vibrations.

Check 'em out, you'll be looking for more of their sound.

First up let's check out a couple of live gigs.

Bounce n Dirty wit It Borealice tear it up at Le Belmont.

This could be the same Le Belmont gig.

Miss L

Finally today check out their current self titled EP


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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo

We welcome another new to me band, although they have been around a while.

Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo have a warm mellow sound sometimes, and sometimes they have a tone to them that will send shivers down your spine.  Atmospheric is I guess what I'm looking for.
Together with her band The Red Clay Halo, she has recorded three albums, dazzled audiences at music festivals and seen her song ‘Nostalgia’ become the Bafta-winning theme tune to BBC One drama Wallander starring British actor Kenneth Branagh. February 2011 saw the release of Almanac, attracting loads of plays on BBC 6 Music, Radio 2 and Radio 4’ Loose Ends. A stream of sold-out UK tour dates followed, culminating in a rapturously received show at London’s St Giles-In-The-Fields church at which Almanac was performed in its entirety including a stunning, stark version of Pause, which features as the theme to BBC 2 drama The Shadowline.
I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for the next season of Wallander. maybe I have been fast forwarding too much, because I'm sure if I had heard Nostalgia before I would have been searching for it, it is such a beautiful song.

Nostalgia Nostalgia by Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo This track is the version of Nostalgia taken from the album "Despite The Snow". The track was subsequently re-recorded with composer Martin Phipps and used as the theme to BBC crime drama "Wallander" starring Kenneth Brannagh, and went on to win a Royal Television Society Award for best original theme and a BAFTA for best TV soundtrack.
Music by Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo.
Shot and cut by Al Mackay.


Little Deaths

Billowing Sea Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo: 'Billowing Sea' taken from the album 'Almanac'.
Filmed at Clevedon Pier, North Somerset and Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
Shot and edited by Kieran Short.

Fields of June featuring Frank Turner Directed by Kieran Short  Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo 'Fields of June' featuring Frank Turner

Ropes Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo performing on the street to people waiting in the queue for Frank Turner at the North East entrance of Wembley Arena, London, England on Friday 13th April 2012.
They later joined Frank's set for some numbers, as attendees will well remember.

Emily's awesome take on one of the most beautiful ballads ever written.

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Emily Barker visits Songs From The Shed to play an acoustic session and covers Ewan MacColl's "First time ever I saw your face"

Check out their 2008 album - Despite The Snow

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