Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kate Ryan

Wow, has it really been almost three years since we featured the dance sounds of Kate Ryan

Well time to remedy that, especially since there is a new album out - Electroshock.

I won't suggest you to kick back here, because these sounds will get you on our feet.

So just enjoy the vibes and cut a rug.

Robots Music video by Kate Ryan performing "Robots".
 (C)2012 ARS Entertainment Belgium
(A Division Of Universal Music Belgium).

Broken (ft Narco) Music Video by Kate Ryan & Narco performing Broken
(c) Universal Music. International Release January 2012. 

Here's a couple of live performances from the new album both @ Café Local Antwerpen 

Run Away


In both cases the live band was: Kate Ryan (Katrien Verbeeck), Hervé Martens, Vanessa Loncke, Michael Schack and Babl Babelina 
All rights by Universal music

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Alu may well be the most enigmatic performer in popular music. Stylistically similar to Canada's Sarah Slean, Alu is like Tori Amos without filters. Alu constructs gorgeous gothic cabaret/rock creations that are woven together by the beautiful silver and golden threads of her voice. 
Alu is one of a kind, combining Sarah Slean's penchant for dark, European influenced gothic themes and genius with the out of this world musical leanings of a Tori Amos.

And blessed with the voice of an angel, albeit a dark angel.

Keep an eye open for Alu's new album Madhouse Masquerade.

Awesomely creepy cool video.
Casket Salesman Alu - Casket Salesman - Animated Music Video
Copyright 2011 Alu Music

A wonderful live performance. 

Circus Cosmos Alu "Lobotomy Sessions" CD Release Party.
"Circus Cosmos" Live Performance.
Copyright Alu Music 2008.
"Circus Cosmos" (Music and Lyrics by Alu) © 2008 ALU Music 

Not too much of a video, nice shot of Mars of course. But the song is sublime.

Martian Rendezvous

Some nice sitar sounds here, another beautifully crafted song. 
Real touch of the exotic middle east.

Recluse All images courtesy of Alu Music
"Recluse" (Music and Lyrics by Alu) © 2008 ALU Music

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Friday, June 29, 2012


The all-female electro-pop outfit, Lunic, are on the verge of releasing their highly anticipated sophomore album, Future Sex Drama, due out September 2012.

The seductive video will not only capture your ears, but your eyes as well. The piece is colorful yet dark simultaneously, with haunting vocals. The intriguing video gives you a glimpse of Lunic’s musical beauty and the electro-glam that follows.

Smooth beats and infectious harmonies are surrounded by an echoing violin, which will quickly grab your attention. The eye-catching video puts a new twist on the song, making you fall in love with the band (if you aren’t already!)

Hot talented women, violins, stripper poles, what have we missed? Nothing, enjoy.

Update 12.24.2013 - I recently heard from Kaitee aka Lunic and she tells me "I have been a solo artist for almost 2 years now." - So to recognize that fact I have changed the photo's to reflect that. In the process of doing that I discovered a couple of the video's had disappeared so they have been replaced by a couple of more recent videos.  
Hopefully Kaitee will be producing some new music in the near future.

Far Away Official music video for the song, "Far Away" by Lunic.
New album coming Sept. 1, 2012 "
All-girl New Yorkers Lunic make distinctive and sultry psychedelic indie with hints of downbeat British electronica acts The xx and Portishead, mournful dashes of violin and melodic lead guitar flourishes."
Music video directed by Syuji Honda - Pure Soul Productions

Self-Destruct Official music video for the song, "Self-Destruct" by Lunic.
New album coming Sept. 1, 2012
Video Directed by Bowie Alexander
Produced by Alex Cody
Cinematography by Dan Dunn

Moving On Official music video for the new song, "Moving On" by Lunic.
New album coming Sept. 1, 2012
Music video directed by Ben Lankester

Check out this official video for a cool song.

Lunic is: 
Kaitee Page: vocals, guitar, keys, violin, bass, beats

Here's a recent cover of the Lana Del Ray song by Kaitee.

Summertime Sadness

OK so after the after hours jam we have to have a live piece
Self-Destruct Lunic w/ Mindless Self Indulgence & Morningwood @ Northern Lights

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Heather Christian & the Arbornauts

So you're cruising the internet and read an overview like this, what are you gonna do?
Heather Christian & the Arbornauts is the music-brainchild of Heather Christian, the daughter of a blues musician and a go-go dancer from backwoods Mississippi and 5 of the most virtuosic boy prodigies she could find.
Primarily known for her eccentric voice (“Christian howls like a werewolf with a voice made of molasses” – Variety Magazine), Miss Christian is part blues musician, part pixie, part old lady and pulls from the traditional gospel canon in tandem with circus music, noise rock and good old fashioned feeling good.
Miss Christian and this multi-tasking brood of musical dandies (Sasha Brown, Matt Bogdanow, Chris Giarmo, Josh Myers and Jonathan Anderson) comprises their song set of dream hymns and odes to imaginary landscapes that reside somewhere between a vast theoretical sea and the deep American south.
You're gonna investigate right?
Glad I did, check out the amazing vocal talents of Heather Christian.
She has one unique voice.

Heather Christian & the Arbornauts hail from Brooklyn, New York, and they are:
Heather Christian - vocals, piano, songs
Sasha Brown - guitar, vocals
Matt Bogdanow - drums, vocals
Chris Giarmo - vocals, accordion
Josh Myers - bass, vocals
Jonathan Anderson - keyboards, vocals

The more I listen to this young ladies voice the more enjoyable it is. WoW!!!

Cute video, not sure I know what it means though.

Tiller Run

Heather Christian needs a piano, see below the video. 
Love the Kickstarter concept.

7 Toy Pianos Heather Christian & the Arbornauts Party promo for 7 Toy Pianos.
Video shot / edited/ directed by Kaz Philips Safer
Get tickets here

HC & the A's need 1. a piano, and 2. YOU Again, you can get your tickets here.

This time we get a live cover song, and it is amazing.

Teardrop HC & the A's cover Massive Attack's "Teardrop" at their Joe's Pub NYC CD release.
Video by Krista Fogle.

So now of course you want to check out the album, right?

released 20 December 2011 
All music and lyrics by Heather Christian 
Arranged by Heather Christian and The Arbornauts 
Produced by Brian Bender 
Engineered and mixed by Brian Bender at The Motherbrain

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Here's a new look at the great band with the lead singer with an amazing voice. Alynda Lee Segarra who leads Hurray For The Riff Raff is the voice in question.  They were here before in 2010

Just one more listen and you'll be hooked.

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, Hurray for the Riff Raff is a mellow, indie/folk/country/alternative band lead by singer/song-writer Alynda Lee Segarra’s lulling voice.
Their debut album, “Look Out Mama” retains a sense of melancholic yearning, but mostly feels more upbeat, with a more wild honky-tonk sound coming in at key songs. I could hear a strong influence of Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris. But that is not a criticism.
This young lady has an amazing voice.

And I really liked the yodelling on this first track, nobody yodels anymore and I miss it.

Look Out Mama Hurray for the Riff Raff performing "Look Out Mama" on the banks of the Mississippi River in the Holy Cross neighborhood of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans on the Day of the Dead.
Filmed by Folk to Folk

So now how about a live version of another track from Look Out Mama. 

Rambling Girl Brixton Windmill, 19 May 2011

Lake of Fire "Hurray for the Riff Raff" from New Orleans performing "Lake of Fire" at Sneaky Beans Coffee Shop in Jackson, MS - March 22, 2012

I can't find any performance video of this one, but I like it so much I had to include it. 

Ode To John And Yoko "Ode To John And Yoko" by Hurray for the Riff Raff
Track #5 from the Album Look Out Mama (2012)
Written by Alynda lee Segarra

Obviously Alynda lee Segarra has a thing for John Lennon, but in a nice way. 

Jealous Guy Alynda lee Segarra on Guitar and Vocals

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Ninah Mars

Ninah Mars is from Caracas, Venezuela. I'm pretty sure that she is the first musician I have featured from Venezuela. 
But welcome Ninah.
Having heard her new album - Alboom! - she is a welcome addition to these pages.
This could well be her breakout album.

Check out track seven from the album with the cute official video.

Niño Tonto Ninah Mars - Niño Tonto (Video Oficial)

And heres an album preview

So now we gotta have some live stuff right?
So check out a live version of track one with the Stickfaces.

Easy Girl

And how about an acoustic version of track nine, from a few years back. 

en acústico - Little Bitch Nina Mars en acústico interpretando "Little Bitch" una canción dedicada a su perrita. Colegio Francia de Caracas e, 20 de junio de 2009

This track is not on the album, but gives a representation of how exiting a performer is Ninah.

How Much? Ninah Mars & The Stickfaces - How Much?
Toque de Ninah Mars and the Stickfaces en el local KapitalCcs el domingo 17 de Julio de 2011 con uno de sus nuevos temas "Easy Girl".

OK, so now do you want to hear the album? I'm sure you do.

ALBOOM! Credits:

Music & Lyrics: Ninah Mars. 
Additional Music: Pilucho Stickface & Santos Palazzi. 
Lead Vocals: Ninah Mars. 
Background Vocals: Ninah Mars, Judy Buendía, Emmanuel 'Evan' Fajardo, Fab, Jose 'Joey' Gonzalez, Pilucho, Toby Harmans, Carlos Eduardo Nahy, Santos Palazzi. 
Background Children Vocals on "You and Me": Camila Fuentealba, Lorena Vivas, Daniela Palazzi, Rodrigo Garcés, Alberto Palazzi, Luis Palazzi, Salvatore Livrieri, Sebastián Livrieri, Angel Nahy. 
Guitars: Ninah Mars & Pilucho Stickface. 
Additional Guitars: Santos Palazzi. 
Bass: Jose 'Joey' Gonzalez. 
Drums: Toby Harmmas. 
Keys & Programming: Santos Palazzi 
Additional Programming: Carlos "Tato" García. 
Directed, Arranged & Produced By Santos Palazzi. 
Additional Arrangements: Pilucho Stickface. 
Recording, Edition & Mixing: Carlos "Tato" García. 
Assistant Recording: Carlos Eduardo Nahy. 
Recorded at BuenaVista Studios in Caracas, Venezuela. 
Mixed at El Bunker, in Caracas, Venezuela. 
Mastered by Michael Fuller at FullerSound in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. USA. 
Booking & Management: Massimo Pastorelli. 
Executive Producer: Ninah Mars.

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Karise Eden

Karise Eden the Winner of The Voice in Australia.
And even if I didn't see them all, since I'm not in Australia, I would find it hard to believe anyone could beat her.
Karise Eden is from New South Wales, Australia.

Karise is a singer songwriter guitarist from central coast north of Sydney. She has been singing from an early age and has been playing guitar since thirteen. Karise started singing blues and rock then traditional songs when she started playing guitar. Karise’s influences are wide and varied from traditional music through Old Time, Blues, Soul, Bluegrass and Rock. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse, Doc Watson, Joan Baez, Deep Purple, Etta James, Robert Cray, Bon Jovi, Joss Stone.

Folks, you could be witnessing the next big world wide singers first steps.
This young lady has a phenomenal voice.

My thanks to Belle for bringing this amazing talent to my notice. 

This was her reveal song, where she has to get them to turn around. I'm guessing they fought over who would get her. And because it's a mans world, the winner was Seal.

It's A Man's World

This is the battle round where she absolutely kills this song. Amy would have been proud. No contest.  Just listen when she comes in.

Back to Black

Everybody and their uncle has done this song. 
But maybe we have a champion.


Another song that has been covered multiple times since the original Lorraine Ellison version in 1966, and some notables like the Bette Midler version in the movie The Rose. 
Once again we may have a new champion.

Stay With Me Baby

A terrific duet with her mentor Seal. 

Many Rivers to Cross

Here's what she does with an original song. 

I Was Your Girl

And this is the winners song

Here's the news next day, I assume, going over the results.
Kind of like Good Morning Australia?

This is before the Voice, a beautiful cover. 

Someone Like You (Adele cover)

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