Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sugar and the Hi-Lows

Sugar and The Hi Lows consists of Amy Stroup and Trent Dabbs and a pull of Nashville's finest musicians. They definitely bring a touch of the 50's and 60's but with new material. These black and white videos certainly add to the atmosphere.
Sugar and The Hi Lows know that popular music isn’t a mirror, that melodies and lyrics aren’t tethered to the cultural landscapes of their day. Breathing a new sound into music with an old soul, this rootsy, vintage duo reminds us why we dance, especially in the midst of hard times.
Sugar and the Hi-Lows could be the next big thing to capture the nation’s imagination. They have a lot going for them. Guitarist/singer Trent Dabbs looks like Kiefer Sutherland, and singer Amy Stroup blends the best features of Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow. Simply put, they look like pop stars and they have the singing and songwriting talent to back up their image. They’ve already had tunes placed on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood, and on their debut they dig deep into the sounds they grew up on to craft eight strong entries that reference the classic sounds of Southern AM radio in the ’50s and ’60s.

Did I mention that this is an amazing album? Track it down and check it out.

Think I Said Too Much

See It For Yourself Sugar and The Hi Lows official music video for the single 'See It For Yourself'. 

It's great to see folk really enjoying themselves and having fun with the music. Baby-Making Music In a word .•*¨*•♫♪ Awesome .•*¨*•♫♪

Get the skinny on them direct from Sugar in their EPK.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dani Wilde

When you think of Blues and Soul havens you tend to think of Memphis or New Orleans. But today's blues singer hails from Brighton England. And Dani Wilde kicks butt.
When asked what made Dani decide to become a blues singer she replied “Well, when I was 14, I went to Bishopstock Blues Festival in the UK and that was where I saw the likes of contemporary blues singers Sue Foley, Shemekia Copeland and Susan Tedeschi perform. Before then I had only heard the old Chicago players like John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters but to see young female artists playing the blues like that really blew me away and so I made it my mission to follow in Susan Tedeschi’s footsteps. Her performance was inspirational and had a life changing effect on me in regards to my music career.”

This is a promo "video" for her new album, Juice Me Up, that has hardly left my Winamp playlist since I got it. This will give you a sampling of her amazing voice.

But to truly appreciate her voice and her guitar playing you have to experience her live.
Abandoned Child Girls with Guitars Live @ The Boulevard Wichita, Ks
Samantha Fish on guitar
Cassie Taylor on bass
Dani Wilde on guitar & vocals
Ian on drums
June 22,2011 (A Bad Bean Production)

Little By Little Performing at the Famous Monday Blues Club, Oxford, UK
Band Members:
Dani Wilde - Lead Vocal and Guitar
Will Harmonica Wilde - Vocal and Harp
Ben Poole - Lead Guitar
Jonny Chase -- Bass
Mark Earle - Drums
Recorded by Oxharp with the kind permission of the Band

I'd Rather Go Blind Live Video recorded Apr. 12th 2009 at "Alte Piesel", Dirlos/Fulda as the 22 year old wonderful singer/guitarist Dani Wilde from Brighton/UK was on her Germany-tour 2009. Recorded in FullHD with Canon 5DMKii and EF 24-105mm F/4 L IS, sound recorded separately. [77558]

And finally today the Muddy Waters classic with a twist.
Mannish Boy Recorded at the Keighley Blues Club on 27th February, 2009.
Dani Wilde - lead vocals and guitar
Will 'Harmonica' Wilde - harmonica and vocals
Ben Poole - Guitar and vocals
John Chase - bass
Little Alan Taylor - drums.

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Mariachi El Bronx

It's been almost two years since Mariachi El Bronx graced these pages.
I was reminded of them by my nephew. Thanks Chris.
It's also been over a year since their last album, so they are about due.
Maybe this will remind them to get in the studio.
You can check their tour dates here.

Gotta love the suits.
Cell Mates

48 Roses Mariachi El Bronx performed 48 Roses live at Austin City Limits, September 18th, 2011

Revolution Girls on David Letterman

And finally today, we take you to the land down under for a great concert to celebrate Australia Day in Sydney.
The incongruity of it being wasted on no one.
A Punk Mariachi Band from the Bronx New York entertaining Australians on their National Holiday!! Awesome!!
Part One

Part Two Mariachi El Bronx - live - Big Day Out - 26 January 2012 - Sydney

Part One
1. 48 Roses
2. Litigation
3. The Great Provider
4. Holy
5. Slave Labor
6. Cell Mates
7. Norteno Lights
8. Silver Or Lead
9. Mariachi El Bronx (start)
Part Two 
1. Mariachi El Bronx (end)
2. Revolution Girl
3. Clown Powder

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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sticking with the New Zealand theme today let's meet Ladyhawke, aka Pip Brown, she is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter hailing from Wellington.
Not to be confused with the 1985 movie Ladyhawke.
Her first album 'LadyHawke', was released by Australian based electronic label, Modular Recordings in 2008.
The talented young songstress went on to win a number of awards for this debut album and achieved global fame with hit tracks 'Paris is Burning' and 'My Delirium'.
She is now about to release the follow up LP 'Anxiety', to be released May 28th.
Check out some of the tracks from the aforementioned album, Anxiety.

Black White & Blue

Next up a live version of one of the tracks from Soho, London.
Anxiety Live at the 100 Club, Oxford Street, London - November 2011

Sunday Drive AllSaints Basement Sessions

And finally today in case anyone missed it, her classic from back in 2008.
My Delirium Music video by Ladyhawke performing My Delirium. (C) 2008
Universal Island Records Ltd.
A Universal Music Company.

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Alicia Merz

Alicia Merz is the solo experimental music project Birds of Passage.
She is also half of Brother Sun, Sister Moon.
Alicia hails from New Zealand, and she has the most ethereal beautiful voice you could wish to hear.
Both of her "low-fi experimantal" projects are truly unbelievable.
You just have to hear them for yourself.
Here's some samples from a couple of her albums.

Whisper A Word Birds Of Passage from the album "Without the World"


My Own Mind 'My Own Mind', from the debut album 'Without the World'. the video features the lead singer, Alicia Merz.
Fan video by subvercinema

Waltz While We Sleep artist: Birds of Passage (Alicia Merz)
title: Waltz While We Sleep
album: Winter Lady
label: Denovali Records


This is Alicia's current group/project - Brother Sun, Sister Moon - which is Alicia Merz and Gareth Munday from Roof Light).
Ghosts of Barry Mill From the new album by Brother Sun, Sister Moon - Birds Of Passage.

This next one is also from Brother Sun, Sister Moon.
South Downs By Morning

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Marina And The Diamonds

Who needs an excuse to have a Marina And The Diamonds post?
Certainly not me, this young ladies amazingly unique voice is more than welcome here anytime.  As are her striking good looks.
But she does have a new single from her upcoming album, Electra Heart.
Rumor has it the album will be released in the USA in July.
Just in time for the birthday.
Can't wait.
Primadonna A tremendous song, the album will be a belter I'm sure.

And here is a live acoustic version performed on Joiz TV Switzerland 16 March, 2012 This is maybe even better than the album version, but it would be good to have both.

This is a demo version of a new song also on the album. If this is only the demo, wow!!!
Starring Role

Another demo version from the album.
Power and Control

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Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is an L.A. based artist originally from Covington, Kentucky. In late 2008, with little money in her pocket she packed up her bags and moved out to Los Angeles by herself not knowing a soul when she arrived. After a few open mics around the valley and some very rough home-recorded demos, Jesse caught the attention of producer Jim Roach.
Here she is at SXSW showcase last year.

Based on the videos I've seen and her amazing new album "War Dancer" I have to say I think there is a truly bright future for this young lady. What say you?
You I Want

Some terrific footage of a very nice performance.
Unplugged & Unrehearsed In-Studio Acoustic Performance

Like many young singers today she is also adept at performing covers. This is an achingly beautiful cover of a Death Cab for Cutie favorite.
Follow You Into The Dark

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Rebecka Törnqvist & Sara Isaksson

Or to put it another way Sara Isaksson and Rebecka Törnqvist. They are two Swedish singers who released a CD of Steely Dan covers; ‘Fire In The Hole - Sing Steely Dan’.
Rebecka Törnqvist and Sara Isaksson both released their debut solo albums in the early/mid-90’s and have worked together as part of the group Gloria.
Sara has two albums to her name as well as collaborations with Swedish pianist Anders Widmark, while Rebecka has released seven albums.
About the album ‘Fire In The Hole - Sing Steely Dan’ the record company information quotes the two ladies saying: “We’ve recorded 12 songs by the American duo, mainly using just piano and vocals. As a contrast to the originals we wanted it as simple as possible to focus on the songs fantastic stories and melodies.”
I just recently stumbled upon the record, various websites have it as being released in 2006 and some show it as 2012. 
Maybe the 2012 is a re-release? Maybe it has just been released in the USA? Either way I'm glad I found the album.
These young ladies have beautiful harmonies.

I'd like to kick this of with a song that is not on the album, but maybe they could make a new album covering Paul Simon. This is one beautiful rendition.
Mother And Child Reunion Live Humorgalan

Here are a couple of the beautiful renditions of Steely Dan classics, they add a whole new view of the Steely Dan songwriting.

Rose Darling

You have to like the humor of this album cover.

And finally today, although there is no video per se this is such an amazing version of Gaucho I had to include it.

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Monday, March 26, 2012


Fanny is (maybe) a group consisting of Fanny Hamlin,  Johan Cederberg and Victor Holmberg and they hail from Stockholm. Or else they are backing Fanny on her solo debut and they still hail from Stockholm.
It’s almost surreal thinking how Fanny “Faye” Hamlin once shared the stage with Destiny’s Child during their European tour as a teenager during her stint with girl-pop group Play. Check out this recent interview. 
Whether it be solo or group, this first single is really cool.  I am really digging this song.

Come To Me DOP: Andreas von Kern
Styling: Rosa Gabriela Kalmerlind
Make Up Artist: Alexandra Olsson/Agent Bauer
Lights:Jesper Olsson
Cordinator: Olof Ekman
Edit: Andreas von Kern
Grading/CC: Jakob Berglund/Furnace Fighter Media
Prod. Company: Rooster Films
Commisioner: John Gardner/Hybris.

Water against the rocks Fra Nyhetsmorgon

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