Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anneke Van Giersbergen

It's been a while, but welcome back here to Anneke Van Giersbergen. Anneke has a new album Everything Is Changing which is worth more than a cursory listen. Check it out you won't be sorry. Here's a track from it to peak your interest.

Take Me Home © 2012 Anneke van Giersbergen - "Take Me Home" [Official Music Video] Taken from the new album "Everything Is Changing" (PIAS Recordings, January 20, 2012).

Here's a live version of the title track from a performance in Braga, Portugal.
Everything Is Changing ft. Daniel Cardoso - Aud. Sá de Miranda 29 January, 2011

And one more track, this from the live CD release party.
Slow Me Down Anneke van Giersbergen (Agua de Annique) playing "Slow Me Down" (from the album: Everything is Changing) during the Album Release Concert live @ Melkweg, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) on January 21, 2012.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Although they dropped some of the folkier elements of 2009′s Reservoir, now London-based outfit Fanfarlo have moved into a more synth-oriented, ’80s new wave direction with Rooms Filled with Light their new album.
They will be touring the USA starting in March, and they will be in San Francisco, at Slim’s on April 17.
This song will Replicate into your ear, this is my current permanent earworm.
It's stuck in there but good.

Replicate Director: Alex Southam Another from the new album.

Shiny Things Directed By: Tim Nackashi

And one last one from the same album. De.con.struc.tion Director: Alex Southam
Definitely some cool videos as well as great music.

Just in case you had forgotten how good Reservoir was, remember this second single from that album. The Walls Are Coming Down

Regina Spektor

Yayy! Regina Spektor has a new single out, this has to be a precursor to a new album. Ohh happy day. And what a single this is, an amazing piece of music that will drag you along for the ride. So get ready, and hang on to your hats. Oh by the way, goose bumps.

 All The Rowboats

And here's a live version so you can see where the amazing percussion comes

Just in case you want to sing along.

And the captain's worried faces
Stay contorted and staring at the waves
They'll keep hanging, in their gold frames

For forever, forever and a day
All the rowboats, in the oil paintings
They keep trying to row away, row away

Hear them whispering, French and German
Dutch, Italian and Latin
When no one's looking, I touch a sculpture
Marble, gold, and soft as satin
But the most special are the most lonely
God, I pity the violins
In glass coffins, they keep coughin'
They've forgotten, forgotten how to sing, how to sing

First there's lights out, then there's lock up
Masterpieces serving maximum sentences
It's their own fault for being timeless
There's a price to pay, and a consequence
All the galleries and museums
"Here's your ticket, welcome to the tombs"
They're just public mausoleums--
The living dead fill every room
But the most special are the most lonely
God, I pity the violins
In glass coffins, they keep coughin'
They've forgotten, forgotten how to sing

They will hang there, in their gold frames
For forever, forever and a day
All the rowboats in the oil paintings
They keep trying to row away, row away

First there's lights out, then there's lock up
Masterpieces serving maximum sentences
It's their own fault for being timeless
There's a price to pay, and a consequence
All the galleries and museums
They will stay there forever and a day

All the rowboats in the oil paintings
They keep trying to row away, row away
All the rowboats in the oil paintings
They keep trying to row away, row away

Kate Martin

The beautiful and talented Kate Martin has released her latest single. We featured the first single around September last year, now Kate Martin's second single from the new album is released. Personally I'm just really ready for the new album, roll on March 23.

Candle Burnin', Wax Drippin' Second single from Kate Martin's sophomore album, Hand Me My Bow And Arrow, to be released March 23, 2012 through Shock Records.
Director & Producer - Robert Crispe
Assistant Director - Jess Nickson
Prop Assistant - Rachel Britton
5D - Elizabeth James
5D - Benjamin Hung
7D - Aaron Ashley
Edited by - Robert Crispe

This is a beautiful live version of her first single Apples played On the Roof. Feb 8, 2012 In the latest episode of our On the Roof series, Townsville pop chanteuse Kate Martin stops by to play the gorgeous Apples, the first single from her upcoming sophomore lp, Hand Me My Bow And Arrow.

I don't have a location or song title but this is just a beautiful duet with Bree Tranter at the end of last year.
 According to Kate, Hand Me My Bow And Arrow, was a difficult second album to make, but not for the usual reasons of writer’s block or procrastination. Instead, the Townsville songstress was beset by a series of battles throughout the writing and recording process, beginning with family breakdown, and followed up by lost jobs, discarded boyfriends, unpaid rent and being evacuated from her house to escape a cyclone. “The album came together surprisingly easily”, Kate explains, “I wasn’t exactly short of material to write about." Candle Burnin’ Wax Drippin' is about the relationship that are you know will fail from the start, but you stay in it regardless.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lauren Fulbright

The solitude of the open road, loves lost and the harsh beauty of the Texas sun – these are just a few themes listeners will find in the songs of Lauren Fulbright. Whether writing from the dimly lit interior of a British pub or driving the dusty back roads of the American Southwest, Lauren has long used music as a means to capture and understand the world around her. 

It's nice to know that Lauren has traveled the world a bit, so many folk just stick to their own backyards. Not that that necessarily makes for better songwriting skills, but it can't hurt. Bottom line though Lauren has a wonderful voice, that deserves more exposure. Sadly no videos could I find, but give a listen to a couple of her songs.  Personally I can't wait to hear her album.

Wild Horses

Where Wild Flowers Lay

Yori Swart

So today we have featured singers from Norway and New Zealand, so to round it of we go to Holland.
Yori Swart is a Dutch singer/songwriter. She sings Pop music with a Folk/Alternative edge. Since the age of 10 she has performed with her guitar. Her inspiration comes from guitar virtuosos Ani DiFranco, singer/songwriter Fink, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple and Walis Bird. Yori’s performances are well known energetic gigs with a lots of intensity, a combination of fierce ad-libs, beautiful guitar playing and a nice warm voice.
Her self titled album was recently released, and it is full of musical goodies.
Check out some of them starting with the first single.

I Say Nothing

I Say Nothing is the first single from Yori's debut album "Yori Swart", which was released February 17th, 2012.
Music & Lyrics: Yori Swart
Director & Camera: Andreas Stillman
(c) YSplaat Recordings 2012

Give you all

Radio 2: Singer-songwriter Yori Swart speelde 'Give you all' in NCRV Music Matters, presentatie Sander Guis

Weeping Willows

Speciaal voor 3FM Serious Talent speelt Yori een speciale sessie op een balkon die haar dierbaar is.

Lydia Cole

Lydia Cole hails from Auckland, New Zealand. There have been a few really good singer / songwriters emerging from Kiwi land recently. Lydia has such a warm and beautiful voice. Check out her first single from the new album. I think given the right exposure "Blind Boy" could break big around the world.

Blind Boy

This is the first single from Lydia Cole's debut full-length album Me & Moon.
Track produced by Nic Manders.
Art & Direction by Ralph Matthews

Also on the album is this song, although this is a live version.
That Was You

95bFM presents In Session, recorded at Roundhead Studios... a weekly series properly showcasing the best & brightest of New Zealand music today. Airs every week on 95bFM: Saturdays from 11am-12pm and repeated Fridays from 2-3pm.

One more from the same session, also on her debut album.

Check out the rest of the album here, I'm sure you'll end up ordering it.

Released 27 January 2012
Produced by Nic Manders
Recorded & Mixed by Neil Baldock at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, New Zealand
Assistant Engineers: Benjamin Knapp, Nathan Tiddy
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound

Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval (ex-Rockettothesky) is a Norwegian artist and writer. With her background in writing and performance her music is poetic, sensual, challenging, dark and beautiful as well as melodic and spacious.
I'm currently enthralled with her new album with Håvard Volden called Nude on Sand. It is very different to any of her music that is featured on this page. But so far I have not been able to find any of it in an embedding situation. So you have to trust me and go find it and take a listen for yourself.

Now for those of you who don't know Jenny Hval, here's some of her other recent work.
This has to be one of the wildest places I could imagine to see a concert.
I Got No Strings

Jenny Hval and her band (Håvard Volden, Kyrre Laastad) perform the new song I Got No Strings, Live @ Træna festival, July 2011 rockettothesky

Another view from that same concert.

Part of Jenny's performance at Kirkhellaren, the cave next door. Stick's Video

How Gentle

"How Gentle" is taken from the Jenny Hval (ex-Rockettothesky) album Viscera (released last year on Rune Grammofon).
Video by Håvard Volden and Jenny Hval. Filmed in Berlin and Victoria, August and December 2010.

Jenny Hval (født 11. juli 1980 i Oslo) er en norsk vokalist, komponist, tekstforfatter og skribent.

Hun har gitt ut to musikkalbum under navnet Rockettothesky. Hennes tredje album, Viscera (2011) ble utgitt under hennes eget navn.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jenny Gillespie

A dash of Joni Mitchell, a dollop of Stevie Nicks, a little helping of Joan Armatrading and a whole heaping of talent and you have Jenny Gillespie. Her smoky voice will send shivers down your spine, and bring on the goose bumps.
Jenny Gillespie’s new EP Belita is an intoxicating blend of folk, indie pop and post-rock, produced by Jenny and multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily. Belita features turns by Sam Amidon on vocals and violin and Marc Ribot on electric guitar. A nuanced and modern approach to the folk genre—globally influenced, but intimately rendered, with precise yet imaginative instrumentation.

I am just digging this EP, it sounds superb. But then so does pretty much everything Jenny sings.

Sunshine Blood

"Sunshine Blood" from Belita EP
Live at Joyride Studio, Chicago
Jenny Gillespie + Shahzad Ismaily
Directed by Todd Tue

From that same session, I'm guessing.

Not on the EP, but here's a stripped back cover of a Bon Iver song, performed with the only instrumentation being the dulcimer. A true thing of beauty.

Check out the rest of the EP right here.

And finally today, I could not resist this beautiful video with the awesome remix.
The Pierre Pascual Remixes

"Golden Central" (Remixes) + "Hearts for Eyes" (Remixes) by Jenny Gillespie.
Out on June 15 2011 (Madame Visage Records)
Arranged & Produced by Pierre Pascual.
Images by Milk Product.

All Will Be Quiet

Helsinki-based postrock band All Will Be Quiet will release their debut album on Wednesday 2nd of May. This is preceded by a single release Wide Eyes and Space
Flights, which introduces the band and its way of stretching the borders of this genre. The single and debut album are released by Lionheart Records.

After working for eighteen months on the upcoming album, the band is finally
ready to release it. They waited until they were totally satisfied with the outcome. This can be heard in Wide Eyes and Space Flights, which is truly is a polished piece. Distinctive rhythm patterns, Alex Kauffmann's ethereal voice and the violin and the cello playing in the background make this song particularly interesting and powerful. And we all know how much I love the violin and cello.

The apocalyptic theme and atmosphere in Wide Eyes and Space Flights is a great
foretaste of the upcoming album On the First Day. With their debut album
All Will Be Quiet tells a story of a new beginning, change and opportunities
the humankind will face after everything is lost.

This is almost prog rock. Why do we need tags? But sometimes I hear a little Barclay James Harvest here. All in all I am really digging this band, and can hardly wait for the album to be released in May.

So meantime, in between time check out the aforementioned single.
Wide Eyes And Space Flights

released 24 February 2012
Aleksi Kaufmann - vocals, guitar, cello
Tatu Halonen - bass
Iiro Säynäjärvi - piano, keyboards
Joel Tobias Sädekoski - drums & percussion
Kane Kaspar Heinonen - guitar, sampler
violin: Sofia Kosonen
backing vocals: Tanja Korkka

recorded, mixed and produced by Kane Kaspar Heinonen
mastered by Matias Ahonen / Audiamond

Then I found this really cool live piece
Writing History

All Will Be Quiet live at Torvi, Lahti June 22,2011
produced by Riikka Huuskonen & Kane Heinonen
camera: Riikka Huuskonen, Simo Järvelä, Eeva Ronkainen, Otso Vartiainen
edit: Kane Heinonen, Riikka Huuskonen
music: recorded, mixed and produced by Kane Heinonen
mastered by Matias Ahonen / Audiamond

Also check out their earlier self titled EP

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Today we welcome Soko a beautiful young lady who once wanted to quit the music scene, see review below, and just stick to her acting. Boy am I glad she changed her mind. Despite her misgivings I think she has an unusual and beautiful voice.
If you listen to these first three songs, all from Soko's new album, there is a vulnerability about her that is just wonderful to behold.
I am thinking that her album I Thought I Was an Alien will be a permanent resident on my Winamp playlist for some time to come.

I Thought I Was An Alien

Directed by : Soko
With : Alien / Surfer : Maxime Sokolinski
Alien Lovers : Sam Spiegel and Soko
Filmed by: Soko,
Additional Filming : Maxime Sokolinski, Spike Jonze
Edited by : Marie Charlotte Moreau
Alien created by : Alterian ( million thanks to Tony Gardner )
Shot in Echo Park, CA, in august 2011 on my iPhone.

This song could possibly break your heart, achingly beautiful it is.
I've Been Alone Too Long

I've Been Alone Too Long, live //Filmed by: Matthew Gray Gubler, in Nevada in July 2011.

First Love Never Die

Directed by: Soko & Matthew Gray Gubler
Co-Edited by: Matthew Gray Gubler & Soko & Matt Murphy & Laura Gonzalez
First Lovers: Emilia Sterkel & Trip Star Moon.
Shot in Nevada in August 2011.
Big Thank you to everyone at the Ranch ( humans & animals ! ) for letting us have such a wonderful time with you.. Thanks to Derek, Persephonie, Andre and the kiddos for being so great !

Listen to her earlier hit from 2007, when Soko achieved a hit single in Denmark with her song "I'll Kill Her" after the radio program The Black Boy Scouts began to promote it. The song reached number one on the chart of the Danish version of the iTunes Store and was the number one song in rotation on radio.
I'll Kill Her

Stéphanie (Soko) Sokolinski is a César-nominated French actress who had a minor hit in 2007 before announcing that she was “dead” as a musician.
Now “reborn”, any reservations you might have about her debut album are scuppered at the start as she whispers: “You will discover me through my songs…/ Hear all the cracks and the lack of talent/ And I hope that you don’t hate me by then.” Think Daniel Johnston with experience in place of innocence. Touching and strangely beautiful.
Soko started recording in her bedroom, just a girl with an acoustic guitar and GarageBand. But her debut album, recorded with Elliott Smith collaborator Fritz Michaud, looks beyond such puppy-eyed whining. The likes of ‘For Marion’ and ‘I Just Want To Make New With You’ have a knack for making sadness sound sweet, and sweetness sad; and while there are clichés here that love songs struggle to escape from, ‘I Thought I Was An Alien’ dumps twee cold and hard, running into pop’s warm embrace. [Exystence]

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alcoholic Faith Mission

Alcoholic Faith Mission hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. A wonderful place to go on an Alcoholic mission, back in the day a brewery tour of Carlsberg and / or Tuborg was highly recommended. Just don't try to do both on the same day.
Anyhow back to the music.

Alcoholic Faith Mission are:
Sune Sølund
Thorben Seierø Jensen
Kristine Permild
Gustav Rasmussen
Anders Hjort
Morten Hyldahl
And they make amazing indie low-fi music.
And did I mention they are touring the States in April and May including a gig at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on May 14th.

My Eyes to See

Alcoholic Faith Mission - My Eyes to See, live in Copenhagen, Ofelia Beach

You are going to have to watch this one at least twice, the video is so good it kind of takes you up with it and you miss the music. Amazing.

Produced by Paul Ohmert
Directed by Bryn Chainey
Cast | Lea & Line Kolditz
Camera | Anselm Belser & Cate Smierciak
Design | Caroline Ohmert & Marta Mastronardi
Costume | Mareike Bay & Monique Scheibel
Set Management | Rike van Bremen
Prod. Assistant | Arlett Dittmann

They are just so prolific with their amazing videos.
Into Pieces

Cast: Lars Kristian Madsen and Asta Østergaard Thomsen
Camera: Michael Falgren and Carsten Villadsen
Editing: Sune Neye
Stage design, styling and makeup: Allan Bestle
Assistant: Baijie Curdt-Christiansen

And one final one for today.
Running with Insanity

Directed by Kristian Foldager
Cinematographer Mathias Døcker
Production team:
Mikkel Skov Petersen
Magdi El-Thouky
Olivia Rus
Produced by SunScreen Production

In February 2006 the two high school friends Thorben and Sune formed Alcoholic Faith Mission.
Walking through Brooklyn they accidentally stumbled upon the Apostolic Faith Mission. Since they at the time were discussing alcoholism they joked about trading Apostolic out for Alcoholic; alcoholics have faith in booze like the devout have in religion. A band with a name was conceived.

Six months after the conception of AFM they released their debut Misery Loves Company.

All recordings were made with a simple laptop in Thorben’s bedroom along with just a few set of rules: Only record at night. The only light source could be that of candles. Consumption of alcohol was integral. And lastly, once something was recorded it could not be changed.

Brooklyn never quite loosened its grip however, and in spring of 2008 the guys went back to where it all started to record their second album 421 Wythe Avenue – the address where they stayed.

This time the setting was an old rebuilt factory loft next to the Williamsburg Bridge overlooking the East River. And now there was only one rule: everything used to record had to be found in the confines of their dwellings. This is how two dictionaries came to be a kick drum and wailing and screaming came to remedy the lack of synthesizers.

421 Wythe Avenue was released in April 2009 and like its predecessor it received critical acclaim. AFM turned into a collective enrolling Kristine, Gustav, Morten and Anders.