Thursday, July 19, 2012


Half Egyptian, quarter Swedish XSARA (pronounced Ex-sar-ruh) spent her childhood in the US Mississippi where she was influenced by the Blues. Now many years on based in London her 7 piece band performs her cocktail of Blues, Jazz Cabaret inspired Pop mixed with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and attitude with a dash of madness and mayhem.
Her new EP 'Are You Living In A Paradox? is now available to buy.

I searched high and low for video of Xsara to no avail. The search was made much more difficult because Citroen has a car called Xsara and there's loads of car enthusiasts in Europe.

So we have to make do with information, like her band is made up as follows:

Xsara Helmi - Vocals & Piano (Songwriter)
Greg Miller - Harmonica
Mateo Garcia - Guitar
Ed Kontargyris - Drummer
Anna Rawlings - Trumpet
Timothy Morgan - Trombone
Simon C Paton - Bass

There's also a real cool interview here.  

And make sure to tie a reminder to your finger to get her full length album coming out in November, and it's another question - Are There Dragons In Your Heart?

But I'm really jazzed about her voice, so we'll have to make do with her EP for now, you can listen to it here and then carry on to buy your very own copy. 

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