Friday, May 11, 2012

Laura Sheeran

Laura Sheeran hails from Galway in Ireland. And this review of her new album gives you some perspective..
"Sounding like the lovechild of David Lynch and Björk, Laura Sheeran is taking her exceedingly weird musical experiments to new levels. In this follow-up to last year's often uneasy-on-the-ear Lust of Pig and the Fresh Blood, Sheeran dabbles in haunting yet alluring experimental melodies. Rather than portray her as a wailing banshee, What the World Knows unveils a delicate siren with a knack for the edgy, complex, and unique. The standout Forever Love shows Sheeran is a talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Hurricane, with its harp intro and medieval tones, is just as accomplished while REDLIGHT evokes Sonic Youth and early PJ Harvey." - Sunday Times, Culture magazine

Don't believe it? Then check out this amazing track.
Forever Love

Here's another track from the same album.

Until Danger's Gone - the rehearsal no video here really, just audio rehearsing Until Danger's Gone with RESOUND
Kate Ellis - Cello
Adrian Harte - Violin
Francesco Turisi - Accordion
Linda Buckley, Laura Sheeran - Voice
John Lambert - Spanish Guitar

You can check out the new album here.

Now for some live stuff, and amazing it is.
To Carry My Bones Live at the Pavillion, Cork - July 20th 2011 footage courtesy of Darragh McGrath

An earlier album that is also worth a listen

Finally today, one more live performance.
A Wake Live at The Grand Social, Dublin

                                                                      5 Bears
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