Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rose Cousins

Rose Cousins hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Although she was actually born and raised in Prince Edward Island.
She is an awesome songwriter blessed with a beautiful voice, another amazingly talented Canadian.
Since releasing her first EPs, Only So Long (2002) and Miles To Go (2003), Rose has spent time carving a place for herself in the songwriting community in her adopted home base, of Halifax, NS, nationally and in the US. With her distinctive stage performance, audiences can find themselves in tears one moment and fits of laughter the next.
Her style is beautifully captured in her latest release We Have Made A Spark. It was produced by Zachariah Hickman and engineered by Matt Malikowski, Sean Cahalin and Roni Pillischer. The album was released on her own label, Old Farm Pony Records, the same label that houses her last two albums The Send Off and Miles to go.

The Shell

Rose Cousins performing "The Shell" from her new album We Have Made A Spark
Filmed and edited by Mitch Fillion of Southern Souls

Be prepared for goose bumps.
Go First

Rose Cousins official music video for "Go First" from her new album
Featuring Stewart Legere, Stephanie McDonald
Director Scott Simpson, Playmaker Films
Director of Photography Kevin Frasier
"Go First" written, composed and performed by Rose Cousins (SOCAN)

CBC Music debuts the short film If I Should Fall Behind. Created by Rose Cousins, the film tells a story of the unique Boston music community that welcomed the Halifax songwriter.
"I'm lucky to have become part of a community of professional musicians based in Boston who play and record music together on a very regular basis," said Cousins. "A true musical family. My influences brought me to Boston and with great fortune, I fell in with the right gang. Making a film to go along with my new record We Have Made A Spark felt like an opportunity to share a glimpse into this community, to show the places and faces that have been significant to my musical journey."

And finally today the EPK for the new album
We Have Made A Spark

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