Friday, April 6, 2012

Lonely Drifter Karen

Having read this review in a couple of places, not sure who to acknowledge for it.
Lonely Drifter Karen are back with a resolutely pop album, a new song cycle which shatters many preconceived notions of their music. The colours have morphed: gone is the largely acoustic, piano-led instrumentation. This time, analog electronics, Asiatic arpeggios, sliding bass-synths, sinuous guitar riffs and funky grooves abound, while Tanja Frinta’s voice is wilder, more vibrant, and seems to have acquired unsuspected new dimensions.With these new shades and brushes, the band have painted an alternate version of their own, unmistakable world: dreamy, poetic, and slightly surreal, overflowing with those lush arrangements and irresistibly seductive melodies which have become the band’s trademark.The core duet of the group — Austrian singer/guitarist Tanja Frinta and Spanish keyboardist/arranger Marc Melià Sobrevias — are now firmly relocated in Brussels, Belgium. Following the amicable departure of their long-time drummer, they have enlisted the help of young French guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Clément Marion, and of several percussionists (both of the human and the robotic kind) to launch into sound explorations and create these songs which take the listener on an enticing journey through sound and space.
Either way it intrigued me enough to check out the album, and I'm glad I did. This is one very cool album, Poles.

Check out some of the tracks. Then seek out the album.

First up Lonely Drifter Karen perform live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam. This is 'Henry Distance' from the brand new album 'Poles'.

Henry Distance Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, March 18th 2012

One more from the same night.
Eyes Of A Wolf

Not sure if this is the official video, but I would guess so.
Three Colors Red Original footage "A Bao A Qu" by Fuminori Hoshino (Hyslom)
Edited by Tanja Frinta

OK, you deserve it, one more from what appears to have been a great gig at the Paradiso.
True Desire

Then I saw this quote/review and knew why I liked them.
"Gorgeously captivating…full of quirky melodies and surrealistic folksy storytelling lyrics loaded with evocative fairytale imagery…A tasty aural confection that's as light as the Alpine air and as deliciously rich as a Viennese Sachertorte, which brings to mind the likes of Dory Previn, The Tiger Lillies, and Felt Mountain-era Goldfrapp" (Nude, UK)

5 Bears

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