Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Las Chicas Del Tango

This will help you get over any hump day blues you may be having. Take three beautiful Finnish young ladies and have them playing and singing (in Spanish and Finnish) Latin American Tango's.

Truly gorgeous.

Las Cicas Del Tango hail from Finland, not Argentina!

Las Chicas del Tango are influenced by a wide range of styles, from traditional dance music, modern tango concert. Compositions and lyrics are written in part by former Argentine teachers, in part by the trio members. Therefore, the thrill of rapture is expressed both in Finnish and Spanish, the traditional language of tango.

They have released this beautiful album:
'Tango de norte a sur' is a gorgeously arranged and beautifully played album with the sweet voice of vocalist Kukka-Maria Ahonen, the interesting and innovative accordion of Johanna Juhola and Milla Viljamaa's piano; featuring Horacio Ferrer live on three tracks.
Un Sol A beautiful music video for Las Chicas Del Tango's single 'Un Sol' from the recently released album 'Tango de norte a sur.'

Milonga lenta y sinfonica para Jean Sibelius Las Chicas Del Tango perform Milonga lenta y sinfonica para Jean Sibelius from the album Tango de norte a sur, featuring Horacio Ferrer!

Viejo Amor Viejo Amor (lyrics by Sibone Oroza; composition by Johanna Juhola; arrangement by Johanna and Milla)
Kukka-Maaria Ahonen, vocals
Johanna Juhola, accordion
Milla Viljamaa, piano
The video was recorded at Lavaklubi / Finnish National Theatre on the 5th of March 2012 by Heini Mäntylä & Daniel Sykes.

Para Unto Mononen, Tango de Norte a Sur Las Chicas del Tango Featuring Horacio Ferrer 8.7.2011 at Seinäjokiareena.
The song 'Para Unto Mononen, Tango de Norte a Sur' composed by Milla Viljamaa and lyrics made by Horacio Ferrer. 
Las Chicas del Tango:
Kukka-Maaria Ahonen - vocals
Johanna Juhola - accordion
Milla Viljamaa - piano

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