Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kristin Diable

First up I have to thank Belle Blue from Belle's Little Corner for introducing me to this amazing young lady.
Kristin Diable is not just another talented artist from New Orleans, she is THE talented artist from New Orleans.
That's my opinion at least. Wow, this girl can sing. And she's no rube when it comes to songwriting either, plus she can sing the snot out of other peoples songs as well. You just have to listen once and you will be hooked.
There are others who agree with me, such as............
"There’s a young woman out of south Louisiana who has got some serious chops, a peroxide, leggy crooner with a soul like Lucinda Williams, the confidence of Grace Slick and the voice of a decades-ago Bonnie Raitt..... It was Kristin Diable. Devil in a white dress. Biggest thing out of Baton Rouge since rush hour." - 2010 JAZZFEST review from Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Chris Rose.
So, enough verbiage, let's get to the music.
Quittin' Kind Behind the scenes with Kristin Diable and The City in the making of their new record

I'm pretty sure this was shot in Jackson Square (aka Place d'Armes) in New Orleans one of the best places in the world to listen to music played by young, and old, musicians.  If you ever get half a chance, go to New Orleans.  The most musical place on earth,

I've Been Searching Kristin Diable ventured outside the comforts of the studio and the stage to take the Liveset Team to a truly unique spot... the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The above two are from the new album, which you can check out right now.


And then I found this truly amazing take on a Nina Simone classic, wow!
Be My Husband Last year's official music video for "Be My Husband" from Kristin Diable's previous EP record.
Filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana.
A Jolly Phoenix Production.
Director/ Cinematographer/ Editor: Nathan Tape
Producer/ Art Director: Ashley Ebanks
1st Assistant Director: Jared Hopkins
Costume Designer: Jillian Kriener
Hair Stylist/ Make up Artist: Jessica Hyde Meydrich
Catering: By Monster Basil Catering Co./ Lauren Nicotera
Production Assistants: Ted Voorhies and Mac Alsfeld
Set dresser: Scott Zuchowski
Art Assistant: Lauren Nicotera
Additional thanks to: Mike Kennedy
"Be My Husband" was written by Andrew Stroud, Nina Simone's husband and manager at the time (1964-1965).

And finally today, just in case anybody has any doubt as to how talented Kristin is, here she joins with Andrew Duhon in a beautiful cover of a Bob Dylan classic.
I Shall Be Released New Orleans Singer/Songwriters, Andrew Duhon and Kristin Diable perform "I Shall Be Released" on the WWL New Olreans Morning News

                                                        5 Bears
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