Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kiersten Holine

A day late, but don't worry you can still get it. Kiersten Holine released her new album on the 17th April 2012. Mark down that day, you can look back on it in years to come when Kiersten is tearing up the entertainment world with her super nova flare.
Kiersten Holine is from a suburb outside of the Twin Cities but is now getting her feet wet in the Chicago music scene. Having played guitar for 10 years and being mentioned in Rolling Stone, Holine's musical passion continues to take her on new adventures. With influences ranging from Feist to Django Reinhart to Jon Brion, Kiersten persistently takes in all that is around her to refine her sound and craft. Please do listen and let your ears decide for themselves.
This young lady has a beutiful timber to her voice, that and mad props for her guitar playing and you have a talent to conquer the world.   Plus she can write songs.  What more can one ask.
Sit back and prepare to be amazed.

Queen of Hearts Blues

A beautiful version of the Bonnie Raitt classic.
I Can't Make You Love Me

And right here she does Bob Dylan proud.
It Ain't Me Babe 

Here she is a couple of years ago doing a cover of the ultimate Bon Iver song.
Skinny Love

OK, so i hear you saying enough of the covers let's get back to the new album.
Your wish is my command.
Here it is in it's entirety.

A special thanks to everyone who was on this album: Chad Wahlbrink for adding instrumentation throughout and mixing/mastering his heart out, Jeff Pianki for his contribution to Realigned and Nomad, Caleb Groh, Michael Pierce, and Zach Frimmel for his bass work on The Shape Our Frames Made (and his consistent motivation).
I also have to whole-heartedly thank Melissa Tang, Melissa Price, Luke Floyd, and Sylvester (and all of the other patrons) for making my album possible in the first place.
Lastly, a huge thank you goes out to my parents who have doubled as my production team and my brother, Anders Holine, who has graciously filmed some of my music and designed both of the Ignoble and Candescent album covers.
I am ever grateful to all of you.
released 17 April 2012
Mixed/Mastered by: Chad Wahlbrink
Instrumentation and/or vocals by: Jeff Pianki, Caleb Groh, Michael Pierce, Chad Wahlbrink, and Zach Frimmel
Album cover designed by: Anders Holine
Album Photo by: Kiersten Holine

                                                                       5 Bears
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