Friday, April 27, 2012

Heidi Harris

After yesterdays post for Creature Breath I was intrigued to find out more about Heidi Harris who had so much influence on Creature Breath.
Well Heidi hails from Brooklyn / New England.

She categorizes her music as "new weird america, folk, chamber folk".
Whatever genre you wish to put it in, it sure as heck ain't boring.
Interesting and cool would be my assessment. I'm digging it.
Here's a little sample from the album, complete with cool video.

Steam Roller with clips from: "Hep Cat Symphony" (1949) "Steam Roller" by, Heidi Harris played on cigar box guitar...

No this is the opening track from the album

"Though the music here can be categorized as folk, Harris also echos hints of blues legends such as Son House in addition to more abstract influences. Perhaps due in part to these wide influences, one is treated to a remarkable depth and variety of sound. The artist appears to embrace a simple DIY method of recording, in a comparable manner to PJ Harvey’s 4-track demos or Will Oldham’s earliest works. The music suits this stripped down method of capturing sound and rather than being found wanting in any way, the artist is revealed as a real talent." Review by, Adam Williams for Fluid Radio...

So why don't you check out the album right now. Brooklyn, New York/New England... all songs recorded and produced by Heidi in Sukisound Studio, Brooklyn.

                                                          5 Bears
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