Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giana Nguyen

Giana Nguyen is a singer / songwriter from Orange County , California who is blessed with one beautiful voice. Did I mention she is cute?
With a genuine sense of excitement and gratitude imbued into every note of her work, Orange County, California-based singer/songwriter Giana Nguyen really means it when she thanks you for listening. More than most musicians, she knows the precious value of what she has because, for so long, she had something else. After working a good handful of years in a field far removed from the musical passion inside her, she decided to begin apprehending her lifelong dreams as a singer/songwriter and recording artist.
Much akin to artists like Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillat, and Sarah McLachlan, Giana’s piano-based pop/acoustic rock sound finds its gravity in inescapable melodies that communicate her story through authentic, personal lyrics. Her songwriting and vocal performances, both perfectly-pitched for today’s Top 40 market, communicate perspective and wisdom while sonically tipping the hat to her musical paragons.
Just one listen to this beautiful song Firefly and you will be hooked.

Firefly One afternoon in December 2010, some friends got together at Quail Hill trail in Irvine, CA, to collaborate in the name of art...and this is what came of it. Many thanks to all who contributed to this video, especially my friend, Mina.
[Giana Nguyen]
This song is about finding and holding on to hope.
Music Video Directed by: Mina T. Son
Music and Lyrics by: Giana Nguyen Foster (P) and (C) 2011 ASCAP
Produced and Mixed by: Barrett Slagle, ArtiSans Label Studios
Recorded and Engineered by: Kyle Griffin, ArtiSans Label Studios

Check out Giana live, the voice is just as great.

For Now A condensed, live version of "For Now" as performed at Common Ground on February 2, 2012
Thank you to my fantastic egg shaker!

Just one more today, this time with a larger band (than just one egg shaker).

Sweet Disposition Performed live by Giana Nguyen and friends at The Lab (Costa Mesa, CA) in support of Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
Drums: Tony T. Nguyen
Bass: Craig Garcia
Lead Guitar: Ryan Streeter 
Special guest egg shaker: Deena

You can listen to the new EP right here.

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