Friday, April 20, 2012

Gemma Ray

It's been a couple of years since Gemma Ray was last on here.
The young lady from Essex has an amazing new album just released, Island Fire, and I'm thinking this could be the one to do it. See what you think.

Rescue Me
Animated video for Rescue Me, taken from the album "Island Fire".
Directed by Lucy Dyson and Joseph Jensen.

Flood and a Fire

Gemma Ray performs on A-Sides with Jon Chattman in White Plains, NY

Another one from the A-Sides session. Shades of Duane Eddy on the guitar.
Trou De Loup

How about an amazing Sparks cover, with The Sparks.
How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?
Featuring Gemma Ray and Ron & Russell Mael.
Gemma looks to Sparks for the answer to that age-old question whilst tucked up in her wintery Berlin retreat. As she unlocks the door within, everything becomes clear: "Stick to the guitar, Gemma".
Released on limited 7" and digital on Feb 20 2012.

Ghost On The Highway

Shot and edited by Mickaël Adamadorassy for Le Cargo!
P.S. : the beautiful guitar she's using was given to her by Jon Spencer.
This footage was shot with a Canon 5D mkII

                                                                     5 Bears
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