Saturday, April 21, 2012

Copacabana Club

Copacabana Club remind me a bit of the sadly defunct Brazilian Girls from New York.
Although Copacabana Club has one more woman in the band than The Brazilian Girls, plus they come from Brasil.
Copacabana Club are two guys and two girls from Curitiba, Southern Brazil. Starting in 2007, they blend indie rock with a twist of Brazilian music to craft catchy songs that attract a fast growing audience and turn each gig into a dancefloor.
The band is currently promoting their first full-length album, "Tropical Splash".
The group is:
Caca V: vocals / synths
Claudia Bukowski: drums
André França: guitar / vocals
Carlos Cafareli Jr: bass

One thing for sure, this is not your Barry Manilow Copacabana Club!!!

So kick back and enjoy the jams.
Just Do It

Very cool video, or should I say steamy?

Produced by Banzai Studio 2011®

This one is hot of the presses.
Sounds Like Confusion

Uploaded literaly hours ago by Dan Palmer, for which we offer thanks. But sadly no information where this gig took place.

Here's another track from the same gig,
King of the Night 

And finally for today a view of their recent tour as only they can show you.
Sex Sex Sex - Tour video

                                                                      5 Bears
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