Sunday, April 8, 2012


Caracol was born in Quebec to a Swiss mother and a Uruguayan father, she grew up in a family of music lovers and studied the violin as a child. In her teenage years, she pursued another passion: snowboarding. For 6 years, she crisscrossed America and Europe to participate in the circuits of "half-pipe" and "big air" competitions. A series of lucky events finally brought her to songwriting and back to Montreal, where her music career has been blooming since 2005.
And that makes my ears happy, Caracol is a new voice to me but one I will be keeping track of.
Caracol’s new album Shiver is one that you will easily add to your favorites.
With 11 songs about love and heartbreak, Caracol’s impassioned vocals are warm and strong in her new release. This is her third album and first English release, Shiver is full of emotion. 
So do yourself a favor and seek it out.

Strange Film Live at Studio 12

Blanc Mercredi Vidéoclip officiel

Another track from Shiver.
All The Girls "All the Girls" acoustic LIVE @ The National in Montreal, 2012. Filmed and edited by Melanie Ladouceur.


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