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CALLmeKAT is the internationally acclaimed moniker of Danish singer, keyboardista and composer Katrine Ottosen. Her new album Where The River Turns Black will be out in Europe in March 2012.
She will be in the States during May and June, check out her tour dates to see if she is coming to a town near you.
“Where The River Turns Black” is the first international album by Copenhagen resident and musician Katrine Ottosen aka CALLmeKAT. CALLmeKAT perform adorably intense and mesmerizing songs, an enchanting melancholic, almost translucent drift into this sonic world best described as alternative pop, music that gives spoken word of the ever expanding Danish music scene. [Women out Front]
So if you have never heard her before, prepare to be impressed.
First up the video of the single from the new album.

Tiger Head Music and lyrics by: CALLmeKAT
Filmed on 16 mm by: Paola Suhonen (IVANAhelsinki)

Check out this album teaser video for the new album.
Where The River Turns Black Songs presented in this teaser video: Where The River Turns Black, Somewhere, Dead Of Winter, You Don't Know, Black Ink.
Musicians: Katrine Ottosen, Joe Magistro, Sara Lee, Helgi Jonsson, Erika Spring, Carsten Skov, Jon Ottosen.
Mixed by: Joe Magistro
Mastered by: Chris Athens

Last year CALLmeKAT performed an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. As CALLmeKAT, Katrine Ottosen produces airy, synth-infused pop that pairs melancholy sentiment with sparse melodies.
Watch the singer perform a hauntingly beautiful Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR Music offices.
Set List:
"Going Home"
"Glass Walls"

Last one today, a live concert performance from last year.
Flower In The Night CALLmeKAT with 8-piece band playing 'Flower In The Night' at Musikhuset's big stage during this year's SPOT Festival, a showcase festival in Århus, Denmark.
Musicians: Katrine Ottosen, Erika Spring (Au Revoir Simone), Daniel Fridell, Carsten Skov, Per Løkkegård, Sara Lee (Gang Of Four, B52's, etc), Joe Magistro (Prophet Omega), Jon Ottosen.
 Music & Lyrics: CALLmeKAT/Katrine Ottosen
All rights reserved: KODA/Pixiebooth Records
Video, courtesy of: Lars Bjørn Hansen.

OK, one more last thing, check out her previous album.

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