Friday, March 30, 2012

Mariachi El Bronx

It's been almost two years since Mariachi El Bronx graced these pages.
I was reminded of them by my nephew. Thanks Chris.
It's also been over a year since their last album, so they are about due.
Maybe this will remind them to get in the studio.
You can check their tour dates here.

Gotta love the suits.
Cell Mates

48 Roses Mariachi El Bronx performed 48 Roses live at Austin City Limits, September 18th, 2011

Revolution Girls on David Letterman

And finally today, we take you to the land down under for a great concert to celebrate Australia Day in Sydney.
The incongruity of it being wasted on no one.
A Punk Mariachi Band from the Bronx New York entertaining Australians on their National Holiday!! Awesome!!
Part One

Part Two Mariachi El Bronx - live - Big Day Out - 26 January 2012 - Sydney

Part One
1. 48 Roses
2. Litigation
3. The Great Provider
4. Holy
5. Slave Labor
6. Cell Mates
7. Norteno Lights
8. Silver Or Lead
9. Mariachi El Bronx (start)
Part Two 
1. Mariachi El Bronx (end)
2. Revolution Girl
3. Clown Powder

                                                        5 Bears
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