Friday, March 23, 2012

Madi Diaz

Have you heard Madi Diaz? If not why not?
She is one talented young lady.
Madi Diaz is actually a duo. One half is Diaz herself, and the other is her performing and songwriting partner Kyle Ryan, whom she met while studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Madi Diaz is just too good to miss.
Check out some of the tracks from the new album, Plastic Moon.

Down We Go Madi Diaz "Down We Go" live video, recorded at Smoakstack Studios.

Love You Now Madi Diaz in the Lightning 100 studio performing a brand new song called "Love You Now."

Gimme A Kiss Music video by Madi Diaz performing Gimme a Kiss. (C) 2012 Small Horse Records

Madi Diaz's full-length album, Plastic Moon is out now! An advance EP, Far From Things That We Know, was released in September, 2011 with glowing praise from, Marie Claire,, AOL, and many more. The music reflects a lifelong attraction to song craft as well her deep-rooted affinity for contrasting types of music. One part pop music and one part organic Americana, the album is a hooky, confident collection of songs that is as heartbreaking in places as it is catchy in others, sometimes within the span of a single song. The 25-year-old, Nashville-based musician is herself a bit of a contrast, growing up in Lancaster, PA, surrounded by Amish farms, where she was home schooled by her Peruvian mother, Nancy, a proponent of early childhood development and the visual arts, and her Danish father, Eric, a woodworker and musician. Madi began piano lessons at age five at the behest of her father, himself a keyboard player in the Frank Zappa tribute band, Project Object.

Make sure to catch them on tour if they are headed in your direction.

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