Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alicia Merz

Alicia Merz is the solo experimental music project Birds of Passage.
She is also half of Brother Sun, Sister Moon.
Alicia hails from New Zealand, and she has the most ethereal beautiful voice you could wish to hear.
Both of her "low-fi experimantal" projects are truly unbelievable.
You just have to hear them for yourself.
Here's some samples from a couple of her albums.

Whisper A Word Birds Of Passage from the album "Without the World"


My Own Mind 'My Own Mind', from the debut album 'Without the World'. the video features the lead singer, Alicia Merz.
Fan video by subvercinema

Waltz While We Sleep artist: Birds of Passage (Alicia Merz)
title: Waltz While We Sleep
album: Winter Lady
label: Denovali Records


This is Alicia's current group/project - Brother Sun, Sister Moon - which is Alicia Merz and Gareth Munday from Roof Light).
Ghosts of Barry Mill From the new album by Brother Sun, Sister Moon - Birds Of Passage.

This next one is also from Brother Sun, Sister Moon.
South Downs By Morning

                                                         4 Bears
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