Friday, February 10, 2012


Another single named artist today, at this rate we are going to run out of "single" names by 2015. Laurena is the best thing to come out of Canada since Leslie Feist.
Laurena is a totally cute, totally talented young lady with a great sense of humor.
And the more of her songs I hear the more in awe of such a young talent I am.

Her self penned hilarious bio goes like this:
Rather than master a particular instrument, Laurena prefers to play a bit of each. This is due to her incredible laziness, her lack of motivation and to her imagined dyslexia which somehow affects her music reading ability.
Because of this lack of musical ability, Laurena tries her hand at songwriting.
To distract the common youtuber from her musical disabilities and and her strange lyrics, Laurena makes videos to accompany her music.
In the comments of the videos, it is often said that she is beautiful, but she tricks her audience into thinking so by using flattering camera angles.
Laurena uploads videos to youtube to feel self-validated. Also, she likes music.
I can't believe I just wrote that in the third person.


This is her beautiful new digital single available at all fine digital re-sellers everywhere.


I just love her sense of humor, here's her comment regarding this video:
"Bad lip-syncing, bad french horn-syncing, bad accordion- syncing ; it's all there. Just listen to the song. Also, it took me 3 hours to make the back-ground, so, well, yeah. Enjoy the orcas."

A wandering Canadian - Un Canadien Errant

This is one amazingly achingly beautiful song.
Fireflies of Montreal

Plenty more videos on her You Tube arena

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