Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alcoholic Faith Mission

Alcoholic Faith Mission hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. A wonderful place to go on an Alcoholic mission, back in the day a brewery tour of Carlsberg and / or Tuborg was highly recommended. Just don't try to do both on the same day.
Anyhow back to the music.

Alcoholic Faith Mission are:
Sune Sølund
Thorben Seierø Jensen
Kristine Permild
Gustav Rasmussen
Anders Hjort
Morten Hyldahl
And they make amazing indie low-fi music.
And did I mention they are touring the States in April and May including a gig at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco on May 14th.

My Eyes to See

Alcoholic Faith Mission - My Eyes to See, live in Copenhagen, Ofelia Beach

You are going to have to watch this one at least twice, the video is so good it kind of takes you up with it and you miss the music. Amazing.

Produced by Paul Ohmert
Directed by Bryn Chainey
Cast | Lea & Line Kolditz
Camera | Anselm Belser & Cate Smierciak
Design | Caroline Ohmert & Marta Mastronardi
Costume | Mareike Bay & Monique Scheibel
Set Management | Rike van Bremen
Prod. Assistant | Arlett Dittmann

They are just so prolific with their amazing videos.
Into Pieces

Cast: Lars Kristian Madsen and Asta Østergaard Thomsen
Camera: Michael Falgren and Carsten Villadsen
Editing: Sune Neye
Stage design, styling and makeup: Allan Bestle
Assistant: Baijie Curdt-Christiansen

And one final one for today.
Running with Insanity

Directed by Kristian Foldager
Cinematographer Mathias Døcker
Production team:
Mikkel Skov Petersen
Magdi El-Thouky
Olivia Rus
Produced by SunScreen Production

In February 2006 the two high school friends Thorben and Sune formed Alcoholic Faith Mission.
Walking through Brooklyn they accidentally stumbled upon the Apostolic Faith Mission. Since they at the time were discussing alcoholism they joked about trading Apostolic out for Alcoholic; alcoholics have faith in booze like the devout have in religion. A band with a name was conceived.

Six months after the conception of AFM they released their debut Misery Loves Company.

All recordings were made with a simple laptop in Thorben’s bedroom along with just a few set of rules: Only record at night. The only light source could be that of candles. Consumption of alcohol was integral. And lastly, once something was recorded it could not be changed.

Brooklyn never quite loosened its grip however, and in spring of 2008 the guys went back to where it all started to record their second album 421 Wythe Avenue – the address where they stayed.

This time the setting was an old rebuilt factory loft next to the Williamsburg Bridge overlooking the East River. And now there was only one rule: everything used to record had to be found in the confines of their dwellings. This is how two dictionaries came to be a kick drum and wailing and screaming came to remedy the lack of synthesizers.

421 Wythe Avenue was released in April 2009 and like its predecessor it received critical acclaim. AFM turned into a collective enrolling Kristine, Gustav, Morten and Anders.

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