Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Auto Defiance

You can always rely on Auto Defiance to come up with interesting videos for their amazing tunes.
They have been here before, twice, and there have been some personnel changes. But bottom line they just keep getting better.
Still based in the heart of 5-points in East Nashville, the band consists of Bradley Boyer (vocals), Asheira (voice, synth), Kevin (Bass), Jonathan Bradford (Drums) and Jamey (Guitar), who perform along side experimental vintage film footage flickering larger than life on stage.

If you missed them before, don't miss them this time. Kick back and enjoy.

Locked to Your Own

Upbeat guitar driven art-rock song which tells the tale of overwhelming triumph during a dark time in ones life.
Acoustic guitar battles heavy guitar combined with ambient orchestral hits, groovy bass lines and a drummer who just gets down.
A story about true friendship, and saving the life of someone you love. Life, love, loss, and despair is very tough to deal with, but with learning to trust someone, and leaving your pride behind will generally turn a bitter friendship around and open your eyes to what is truly important in life. [Auto Defiance]

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Want more of their music? You know you do.

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