Saturday, April 30, 2011

Groove Coverage

How about some Euro-trance-dance today? Feeling in the mood to groove. Check out Groove Coverage, cool vibe.
Groove Coverage is a German Euro-trance band. The Groove Coverage project consists of Axel Konrad, DJ Novus, Melanie Munch, better known as Mell (lead singer), and Verena Rehm (former stage performer, backing singer, occasional lead singer). The band has had hits around the world, especially in Germany, and have had radio play in North America, notably with the song, "Poison". They have produced popular remixes of several songs, including "Love is an Angel" by Sylver, "Come With Me" by Special D, and "Ass Up!" by Baracuda. Producers of the band are Ole Wierk and Lou Bega, who rarely write lyrics.
Groove Coverage has published three official albums in Germany, Covergirl (2002), 7 Years and 50 Days (2004) and 21st Century (2006). They have also published a Best Of album (2005), and a special Canadian SPG Music release entitled Groove Coverage, which includes their greatest hits in Canada. In the United States, they have an album called Groove Coverage: Greatest Hits.



A nice cover of a Mike Oldfield classic.

Here's another Mike Oldfield cover.

God is a Girl

Lykke Li

Lykke Li is getting to be a fixture on here. As long as she keeps releasing great tracks that will continue.
Case in point, check out this brilliant new video.

Sadness Is A Blessing

Directed by: Tarik Saleh
Starring Lykke Li, Stellan Skarsgård.
D.O.P: Carl Nilsson

Can't let her go with just one tune. So are you ready for this?

I Know Places (Live on the Moon)

For the full 3-song performance from the Moon, travel the world with Lykke right here.


Something really fresh and different today. I give you Coyol.

Coyol is a collision of the old Southwest and the new Los Angeles. A seemingly contradictory duo, Coyol is a beautiful juxtaposition between polished and poignant vocalist, Céleigh Chapman, and unrefined, avant-garde artist, John Isaac Watters.

Chapman grew up singing country standards in the juke joints of Bakersfield, California. Her first performance was “Home On The Range” in the third grade; years later, after watching her at the Crystal Palace, Buck Owens gave his approval. Watters was born in Mexico City, raised in Tucson, and spent some of his childhood in Coyol, Veracruz. He is an artist, architect, and musician whose rare lyrical talents and fearless approach to songwriting feel both fresh and familiar.

The seed for Coyol was planted when Chapman, Watters, and keyboardist Will Gramling met in college and gathered with a group of like-minded musicians in the evenings to play old hymns and folk songs. This collective of musicians eventually disbanded into multiple projects and Watters and Chapman started writing songs together. They asked Texas native and long time friend Gramling to produce their self-titled debut EP and join them on keys...thus, Coyol was born


The Wild Honey Pie Presents: Permanent - Coyol (Buzzsessions LA)


The Wild Honey Pie Presents: Pharmacist - Coyol (Buzzsessions LA)

And now for a special treat, here is their latest single. Enjoy.

Immediate download of Gone Gone in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Not to be confused with Coyol Wine: Coyol wine is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from the sap of coyol palms. It has been made and consumed in Southern Mexico for thousands of years. It is primarily made and consumed in certain regions of Central America like Nicaragua and Honduras. In order to produce the wine, the trees are cut down and drained of their sap, which is left to ferment in the sun. The result is a cloudy, pale yellow, moderately alcoholic beverage. Coyol wine is most commonly produced and sold by private vendors, often seen selling the drink on the side of country roads and at small kiosks in used plastic bottles that originally contained water, soft drinks, or other similar beverages.


Do you remember TOYO TSUTSULI? Sure you do, well he has produced a very cool track to assist with the rebuilding of Japan. Find out more at the Send Love To Japan After 9.0 Earthquake & Tsunami page.

Live again

Live again ~ For Japan after earthquake~
Lyrics/music/arrangement:TOYO TSUTSULI

I'm gonna live again (x4)

Take my hands, let's through the clouds and fly away
Leave the past, we'll hear the world and breathe again
Don't be sad, yes everything will be ok
No more pain, we'll feel the world and dream again

I'm gonna live again (x4)

When the day turns black, when the mood goes down
Try to let it go but don't know how
It is not the end, new life just began
Love will never change as time goes by

Take my hands, let's through the clouds and fly away
Leave the past, we'll hear the world and breathe again
Don't be sad, yes everything will be ok
No more pain, we'll feel the world and dream again

I'm gonna live again (x4)
(Gonna live again...)

Take my hands, let's through the clouds and fly away
Leave the past, we'll hear the world and breathe again
Don't be sad, yes everything will be ok
No more pain, we'll feel the world and dream again

I'm gonna live again (x4)

Gonna live again
Gonna live again
Live again, live again, live again
Gonna live again

【About "Live again"】
I was very sad about what happened in Japan last month. As you have known the earthquake and tsunami destroyed Japan caused many people suffering and homeless at present. I wrote this song for Japan hope it will be ok soon just like the lyrics and the video represent, everything will live again and back to the way it used to be as long as we never give up! God bless people in Japan :)))

~Toyo Tsutsuli April 9, 2011~

T.I.A. music copyright reserved 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Josh T. Pearson

If this music does not move you, you ain't feeling anything. Amazingly numbingly beautiful.
Just one video on this post, but it is amazing. I give you Josh T. Pearson.

La Blogotheque presents Josh T. Pearson (Sweethart I Aint Your Christ, Thou Art Loosed)     A Take Away Show
"He had a giant beard, giving the feeling of being wise beyond his years. He barely moved as he sang, lips, fingers. His sadness was infinite, his music brought tears to your eyes, it never stopped. Follow Josh T. Pearson's eternal laments through Belleville's bustling streets."

Sweetheart I Ain't Your Christ + Thou Art Loosed

Read the full story here.

Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten is a New York City based musician who blends catchy piano hooks with a "light that seems to radiate"(NYC ARTISTS SCENE) from her unmistakably soulful, and uplifting voice. Though her lyrics explore serious themes, they are able to pull off the trick that all great pop music embodies: They do heavy philosophical lifting with a lightness that boosts the spirit. This is elegantly crafted, deeply melodic, intelligent songwriting that resounds with echoes of the Beatles and Carole King, Alanis Morissette and Regina Spektor. Her music is infectious, raw, and powerful and she's already got everyone from the Boston Globe to the New York Post singing her praises. Selling out clubs along her rigorous tour schedule, Rachel infuses a unique love and passion into each and every one of her performances. .....more

But most of all it is enjoyable, check out these songs from her new album. Be Here.

1,000 Ships

The official music video for "1,000 Ships," the first single from Rachel's album, BE HERE.
DIRECTOR: Tim Miller
DP: Tim Guetterman
EDITOR: Tim Guetterman
PRODUCER: Tim Miller
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Big Chief Entertainment

You Don't Have To Go

Live at Tosco Music Party

This one is not on the current album, but I believe the sentiment to be too true.
Some People Don't Have A Clue

Live at Eddie's Attic

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Amaranthe is a new face to the metal scene, with this month's release of its self-titled debut being the band's first mark on the map. Seems this group has friends in high places however, given their appearance on the bill with some lofty names during tours this spring and summer. With a pretty face at the front of the band and someone talented writing their melodies, I anticipate commercial success for this young group over the next year or so, but do they really have staying power with their sugar-coated take on melodic death metal?

Amaranthe meld the sounds of slick, poppy, female-fronted gothic metal (Within Temptation) with a few power metal elements (think perhaps Visions of Atlantis) and couple it with the crunchiness and occasional vocal aggression of modern death metal/metalcore. I include metalcore in the description for a few different reasons, not the least of which is the presence of the irritating harsh screams that are prominent at times. The guitar is also used much more rhythmically here, with the melody being provided primarily by the trio of vocal lines (yes, three vocalists). In the end, I'm not quite sure where to place this, but it doesn't belong completely in the metal realm due in part to its simplicity and very concise songs (most all of which fall under the four minute mark).
Not sure who wrote this, seen in too many places unattributed.
If the author wants I will give him credit if he e-mails me.

But it is a good description of this cool band. Check them out and their new self titled album.


The first single from Amaranthe's self-titled debut album. The album was released  April 13, 2011.
Director: Patric Ullaeus

Here's a teaser for a live appearance in Sweden.

Call out my name

Amaranthe performing "Call out my name" Live @ Trädgårn in Gothenburg, 10th of april 2010.


Female Vocals : Elize Ryd
Clean Vocals : Jake E Berg
Harsh Vocals : Andy Solveström
Guitar, Keyboards : Olof Mörck
Bass : Johan Andreassen
DrumS : Morten Løwe Sørensen

Recorded and mixed by Matt Bayles at The Outpost, Stoughton, MA
Produced by Jacob Hansen. Co-produced by Olof Mörck and Jeppe Andersen

TrackList :

01. Leave Everything Behind [3:19]
02. Hunger [3:13]
03. 1.000.000 Lightyears [3:16]
04. Automatic [3:25]
05. My Transition [3:52]
06. Amaranthine [3:30]
07. Rain [3:45]
08. Call Out My Name [3:18]
09. Enter The Maze [4:04]
10. Director's Cut [4:50]
11. Act Of Desperation [3:05]
12. Serendipity [3:26]

Alison Krauss

By now you have to know that Alison Krause has teamed up with Union Station again to record a new album, Paper Airplane. And what a beautiful album it is. In case you have missed out on it, sample a couple of tracks here. As always the music is just sublime.

Paper Airplane

Music video by Alison Krauss & Union Station performing Paper Airplane. (C) 2011 Alison Krauss. Under exclusive license to Rounder Records. Manufactured and distributed by Concord Music Group Inc.

Here's the story behind the album.

Alison Krauss & Union Station talk about being in the band and their new album, Paper Airplane, to be released on April 12, 2011.

Just audio on this next one, one of my favorite tracks from the album.
Lie Awake

OK, here's a treat for anyone who missed Alison's earlier days. Alison Krauss at age eighteen.
Don't Follow Me

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band

Here we go again, I'm in love again. This is one amazing band. The Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band is a band that just makes you happy to listen to them, so much fun.

The RedSkunk Jipzee Swing Band puts together a truly authentic vintage-style sound that draws from Django Reinhardt, 30’s European Jazz, and American roots traditions. The band has just finished recording their 3rd studio album, Hot and Haunting, and is currently undergoing the post-production process. In light of this new recording, they are preparing their live act around the album theme; a sharp contrast between the care-free hot swing of the 30’s, and a powerful and haunting sound which has been prevalent in the band’s recordings since “Premonitions.” The truly remarkable part about this band, however, lies in their ability to transport an audience back in time. From the moment the Skunks walk through your door donning fur coats and retro equipment, you will have entered a time period of authentic entertainment, and may not want to leave.

Congo Love Call

Ever classy Red Skunk performs at Slodown Pub in Arroyo Grande. Molly Reeves, Sam Boorman, Kenneth Davis.
Video ©2010 Michael L Titius.

Where else would you play this song than at a railroad station.
Take The A Train

Red Skunk Jipzee Swing Band plays "Take The A Train" at San Luis Obispo Amtrak depot for National Train Day May 8, 2010


Shot and Directed by Robyn Marie Hill (Official Video)
Molly Reeves Music 2009
Shot in the Historic Biddle House in Downtown San Luis Obispo, Ca

The Vamp of New Orleans

The Red Skunk Jipzee Swingband at Live Oak Music Festival main stage

This group of young central coast musicians puts together a surprisingly mature sound that draws from Django Reinhardt,' 30s European jazz and American roots traditions. These talented players are fresh, spontaneous, spunky and exceedingly entertaining. With two CD’s already available and several large festival bookings, this band is looking forward to spreading their unique brand of how swing a whole new audience.

Molly Reeves - guitar & vocals (age 19)
Pamela Sheffler - Grappelli violin (age 18)
Sam Boorman - Django guitar (young)
Justin Au - trumpet (young)
Kenneth Davis - drums & percussion (young)
Mitch Houseman - upright lowdown bass (young)

Amy Speace

True Americana with a beautiful haunting voice. This is Amy Speace. I cannot recommend her new album "Land like a bird" highly enough, totally amazing.

AMY SPEACE in her own words
Land Like a Bird, March 2011

A well-rehearsed whim or a flight of fancy? The heart, the soul, the bones find an almost alchemical magnetized tug that draws you somewhere new, somewhere previously unforeseen and a migration occurs like a kind of calling.

I wrote my new record, Land Like a Bird, in a new life that fit and fell on me like new skin, not yet stretched out and worn in. I wrote this record in love and for love and broken by love and moved to the highest heights and the lowest lows, but, always with my eyes and heart trained toward the gleam of light on the topside of the shadow. I wrote these songs as love letters. To someone specific, to nobody in particular, to the girl looking back at me in the morning mirror, who has a few more lines than the last time I looked her way.


So, check out a few tracks from the album, which Amy Speace performed live in various places. And then when you are thoroughly convinced rush out and get a copy.


Amy Speace haunts the Music Fog Sessions in Nashville, with a solo performance of "Ghost," taken from her forthcoming album Land Like a Bird (March, 2011) Recorded during the 2010 Americana Music Festival. (9/10/10) [MusicFog]

Land lke a Bird

Filmed, edited and produced by Daniel Francis Gardner in association with Danny Geee Productions

It's Too Late to Call It a Night

Amy performing her co-write with Jonathan Byrd at the CD release party of Land Like a Bird at the Living Room in New York City

And finally a classic from a few yeas ago.
Would I Lie

Recorded 7-10-09, Amy Speace and this guy Rich perform "Would I Lie" at the opulent "El Rancho Grande" in Baltimore.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sara Ramirez

So, I've never seen "Grey's Anatomy" (as mentioned before I don't do hospital dramas, except for Nurse Jackie. But that a whole different story) so I was unaware of miss Sara Ramirez.
Now that's a loss, because this young lady can sing, as evidenced by her new EP.

The Story

Sara Ramirez from "Grey's Anatomy" sang "The Story" at the Grove on the afternoon of 15 March, 2011.
A truly powerful rendition,

Break My Heart

And just to prove her diversity in music here she is in Spamalot for which she won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical.
Diva's Lament

Elysian Fields

I just came across Elysian Fields new album via a friend. And to say I was blown away is an understatement. What I really can't get my head around is that they have been making great music for about sixteen years and I have missed them.
Elysian Fields is a Brooklyn, New York based band founded in 1995 by co-composers Jennifer Charles (vocals, instruments) and Oren Bloedow (guitar). Their music has been sometimes described as "noir rock", due to its sultry, dark and mysterious inflections, be it sonically or lyrically. The band uses mainly acoustic instruments, predominantly guitar, piano, bass and drums, with the occasional appearance of eastern instruments, classical strings, and subtle electronics, the focal point being the voice of Charles in the forefront.
Based in New York City, Elysian Fields have found underground success in the United States but are more popular in Europe. Author of The Dark Stuff, Nick Kent says of their music, "Maybe we have their out-of-the-mainstreamness to thank for a sound that is still unique -- as sensual as a sleepwalker's wet dream." Through the plus-twelve years the band has been active, they have won quite a devoted cult following, largely by word of mouth. Besides their well received albums, the band is also noted for its strong live performances. The rest of the band has included many of New York's strongest players: all the members of Jeff Buckley's band, members of Medeski Martin and Wood, Ed Pastorini, Ben Perowsky, James Genus, Thomas Bartlett, Jamie Saft and members of Ollabelle have all played in Elysian Fields at various times.

Jennifer Charles has to have the sultriest, sexiest voice ever recorded. Just totally amazing.
Here is some of their stuff I found at the usual place, just sit back and prepare to be amazed.

We're in Love

Elysian Fields play "We're in Love" in Brooklyn, New York City
"We saw Jennifer Charles apartment. Then we got to the roof, and Elysian Fields sang a sweet sweet love songs for us, and the city lights, and this huge sky..."

Check out the ultimate version of this song.

Elysian Fields play "Jezebel" in Brooklyn, New York City
"'To understand Elysian Fields, you've got to see their flat,' Doveman told us. So we went, and filmes Jennifer singing a French song for us, walking through strange corridors and wandering in her living room..."

The above two videos courtesy: LaBlogotheque


One of their early songs videotaped by Anthony Pepitone at Tonic in NYC in December of 2005. Jennifer Charles graces us with her etherial vocals while backed by bandmembers Oren Bloedow (guitar), Thomas Bartlett (keyboards), and Robert DiPietro (drums).

This is the amazing first track from the new album.

Performed at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC 2-18-11 video by Anthony Pepitone.
Jennifer Charles - vocals
Oren Bloedow - guitar
Ed Pastorini - piano

The above two videos courtesy: Anthony Pepitone

The only other thing I can connect to is The man from Elysian Fileds. a so so movie starring Mick Jagger and Andy Garcia.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hope For Japan

A whole slew of young artists have gotten together to help in the effort to raise money toward the Japan fundrelief. This is a 34 track post rock / ambient music collection. If you've been here before you will recognize some of the names on the album. Great music for a good cause.
Check them out on Facebook.

This is a compilation aimed towards Japan Relief work.
All the fund raised through this will go to American Redcross (There are possible alternatives though).
No artists or I get any money out of this as this is non-profit charity compilation.

Read more about compilation and on methods of buying here.

Thanks to all the artists who have made this compilation possible.

C'mon 34 tracks for $5!!! I'm sure they'll accept more for the cause.

Thanks Matt for the hint. Great concept.

Sofia Talvik

Another to file under "So much good pop coming out of Scandinavia". We are doing well on those today. This time we go from Norway to Sweden. Don't even stop at the border.
Sofia Talvik, (born 24 November 1978 in Gothenburg, Västra Götaland County,) is a Swedish musician and singer/songwriter.
Talvik's debut album Blue Moon was released in 2005. Blue Moon was recorded and produced entirely by Sofia Talvik herself and took 40 hours to record. It's Just Love, the first single to be released from her second album Street of Dreams (2007), features Bernard Butler, guitarist in former British band Suede. Talvik contacted Butler via MySpace while working on the album, looking for a partner with whom to duet on the single.
Her third album Jonestown was released at the end of August 2008 and is the second album released on her own record label Makaki Music. The title on the album refers to the sanctuary built by the cult Peoples Temple that was founded by pastor Jim Jones, where over 900 people committed suicide. Jonestown was produced by Swedish artist Tobias Fröberg that also produced Peter Morén from Peter Bjorn and John.
Talvik became the first Swedish female artist to play the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, IL in August 2008.

You Bring Me Back

From the album "Florida Acoustic"
This is a video of Swedish Artist & Singer/Songwriter Sofia Talvik.
The video was recorded during the production of the "Florida Acoustic" album that was released as a bonus album to the "Florida" release in 2010.
"It's not often that an album takes your breath away, and I hate to sound hyperbolic, but "Florida" actually has several "Oh my god!" moments of sheer beauty. Both joyful and melancholic, Sofia's voice is the star, while perfectly twangy Nashville guitar backed by lush orchestrations, loping drums, and occasional electronic elements propel the songs along gently.While not sounding exactly like any one artist, this album... calls to mind everything from classic Nancy Sinatra to Belle & Sebastian to Rufus Wainwright. The references to the American south are plentiful and it's fascinating to hear how the music of the region gets filtered through her Scandinavian sensibilities. Finally and equally noteworthy is the stellar production of the album, which is done entirely by Sofia herself. It's a wonderfully effervescent album, and I know I'll be listening to it a lot this summer."

My James Dean

This is the second single from the album "Jonestown" - 2008

My James Dean är en singel från Sofia Talviks tredje album Jonestown, producerat av Tobias Fröberg som också är aktuell som producent på Peter Moréns soloskiva. Med My James Dean får vi höra Sofia i en poppigare kostym än tidigare, något som passar utmärkt till hennes mjuka och själfulla röst.
Sofia spelade nyligen som första kvinnliga svenska artist på USAs största festival Lollapalooza, vid sidan av band som Radiohead och Nine Inch Nails
My James Dean is a song from Sofia Talvik's third album Jonestown, produced by Tobias Froberg who is also current as producer on Peter Moréns solo album. With My James Dean, we are told Sofia in a more pop costume than before, something that is perfect for her soft and soulful voice.
Sofia recently played as the first female Swedish artist at the largest U.S. festival Lollapalooza, alongside bands like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails
Translated by Google.


Music video from Swedish singer/songwriter Sofia Talvik, taken from her debut album Blue Moon

Now to come up to date Sofia has a new EP out called "L - Part One of L.O.V.E". and this is a promo for that EP.

My new EP "L - Part One of L.O.V.E" was made possible by my fans. They supported the making of the EP trough the site In return they could invest in exclusive made merch. I screen printed loads of t-shirts, tote bags and posters. Sofia Talvik

But of course if you can't wait you can listen to it here. And you can buy it here too.

Eva & The Heartmaker

Eva & The Heartmaker are back. And pop music’s alarm bells are chiming. The duo consisting of Eva Weel Skram and Thomas Stenersen, from Sogndal and Bardufoss respectively, is making shameless pop music and doesn’t conceal it at all. With as many as five songs played regularly on Norwegian and foreign radio stations since 2009, the husband and wife duo have proved that they have a unique nose for good pop tunes, and they have established themselves as two of Norway’s most successful songwriters. With a solid backing band and lots of concerts behind them, Eva & The Heartmaker have become a sought-after live band home and abroad. And with the singles “Mr. Tokyo” and “Signals” safely placed on the sales and radio charts, there’s no doubt about it: Eva & The Heartmaker are back in full force. On 21 February 2011, they’re releasing their third album.

File under "So much good pop coming out of Scandinavia". The new album is Dominoes, and here's some tracks from it just to whet your appetite.

Gone In A Flash

Dominoes + Mr.Tokyo

Eva Weel Skram and Band performing several of their hits during the Ski World Championships in Oslo during February and March 2011

And finally today a short promo for the album, with snippets of some of the tunes.

One final treat for today, click here to hear her amazing cover of Adele's - Rolling in the Deep which was done for NRK P3 “Popsalongen”.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rosie "Rojo" Abbott

It's been more than a year since I featured Rosie "Rojo" Abbott and so I figured it was time to check in and see what she was up to. Good idea, she's busy as ever and here are some great tunes from her.  Keep an eye on ReverbNation she has an EP due there soon.

Sadly the three videos previously here were removed,I noticed these were missing when I was researching for a new post regarding Rosie's upcoming new release.
And at the same time Rosie became Artist of the Month for May 2012.
So this is updated 5.1.2012

All of these videos now come from the amazing live concert Rosie did at The Maze, Nottingham in September 2010.
My Murder (Acoustic)

Ambiguana (Acoustic)

The remainder is what is left of the original post.

And the final one today live at The Maze,Nottingham.UK. Last Year in September.
Awkward Limbs

"Awkward Limbs" words and music copyright to R J Abbott. All rights reserved.

Alessi's Ark

A breath of fresh air from Great Britain. Alessi's Ark is a new group to me, and boy am I happy to hear them. A fresh take on pop music. They have this amazing new album called Time Travel.
Alessi's Ark turns out is Alessi Laurent-Marke. Don't change a thing, she is one great sounding young lady.

Alessi’s Ark is a project of singer-songwriter Alessi Laurent-Marke. She grew up in Hammersmith, London, UK & first got into music when her mother gave her a copy of Graham Nash’s 1971 album Songs for Beginners. She took up the drums at the age of 11 when her secondary school required students to take up an instrument. Her drum teacher played locally in different bands and through this she began going to see various bands live with her dad, sometimes attending as many as four shows a week.

This in turn led to her starting her own fanzine called Brain Bulletin (which continues in the form of a blog on her website) in which she wrote about her favourite bands, books and films. Inspired by a family friend in New York, who wrote a fanzine called The Curse, she distributed it at concerts, through a local record shop and at a launderette on Shepherd’s Bush Road.

This first track, second on the album, has a great video with nostalgia inducing scenes from the bank of the Thames.

The first single to be taken from the forthcoming album from the very wonderful Alessi's Ark.

Second track, number eight on the album, is their take of Leslie Gore's sixties classic.
Maybe I Know

And finally today a live version of track ten from the album.
The Robot

Alessi's Ark "The Robot" performed at the Central Presbyterian Church SXSW 19 March 2011

My thanks go to JC for his tip.

Christine Guldbrandsen

Christine Guldbrandsen (born 19 March 1985 in Bergen, Norway) is a singer who is best-known internationally for being the Norwegian entrant in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. With a crystal-clear voice and a impressive vocal range she is often compared to sopranos like Sissel Kyrkjebø and Hayley Westenra. She has released three albums in Scandinavia, Surfing in the Air, Moments and Christine. A new album was released on the 11th of April 2011 and the album was called "Colors". She sings mainly in Norwegian and English, but has also sings songs in Swedish, Finnish, Italian and Latin.

A beautiful voice from a beautiful young lady. It gives me a jolt to realize Christine was not born until after I left Norway. Brings perspective to life. Enjoy her, she is just so talented, and look out for her new album - Colors.

Break My Chains

Christine Guldbrandsen's first single "Break My Chains"and Music-video from her upcoming album "Colors" which was released April 8th 2011.
Artist: Christine Guldbrandsen
Song: Break My Chains
Album: Colors
Lyrics: Kjetil Fluge & Christine Guldbrandsen
Music: Kjetil Fluge
Label: Reel Noise Records
Production: Sounds Familiar Productions ANS 2011
Copyright: Sounds Familiar Productions ANS

Breda Dina Vida Vingar

Christine LIVE from Domkirken in Oslo, Norway. Here she does an amazing
version of this beatiful song and once again prove that she's the
greatest female singer/artist in Norway!


Christine Guldbrandsen singing the song "Colors" from her new album "Colors" which was released on the 8th of April 2011. This was a live performance on God Morgen Norge (Good Morning Norway)
TV show.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tune Yards

First up the most unique music video you will see today. This is one fresh talent.
Enjoy. This is Tune Yards, or Tune-Yards or even tUnE-yArDs.


Here's a couple more from this interesting group.

My Country

TUnE-yArDs is the lo-fi experimental folk project of Merrill Garbus, also of the noisy indie pop band Sister Suvi. A truly solo project, Garbus began writing and performing under the tUnE-yArDs moniker in 2006. She assembled songs with a digital voice recorder and shareware mixing software, making a homespun patchwork of found sounds, field recordings, ukulele, unusual percussion, and her surprisingly soulful vocals. It took Garbus two years to piece her debut album, Bird-Brains, together, then she offered it as a pay-what-you-want download on the tUnE-yArDs website. Thanks to frequent touring with artists like Thao and positive buzz from music blogs, Garbus sold over $1,000 worth of copies of the album. In spring 2009, Marriage Records released the album on vinyl; that summer 4AD reissued it in a special screen-printed version limited to 1,000 copies before releasing a widely distributed CD version of Bird-Brains that fall, coinciding with a tour opening for the Dirty Projectors. For 2011's W H O K I L L, Garbus added bassist Nate Brenner to the fold and ventured into a professional studio for a more polished but still wide-ranging sound. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi

Haley Bonar

OK, so it's Good Friday, that means we need a good voice.  Well Haley Bonar is better than a good voice.
She has an amazingly beautiful voice, you just have to listen to appreciate it.
Haley Bonar (born 1983, Brandon, Manitoba) is an American alternative country singer-songwriter who hails from South Dakota. She has lived in Duluth and St. Paul, Minnesota.  
In July 2009, she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she spent a year writing songs for her newest album Golder, which is to be released April 19, 2011. She plays mostly acoustic guitar and a rhodes or wurlitzer organ, either solo or with her Minneapolis-based band, including Jeremy Ylvisaker and Mike Lewis of Andrew Bird fame, as well as long time band mates Luke Anderson on drums and Jacob Hanson on guitar.

You have to check out the album "Golder", you are going to love it.

City of Music

Video: Minneapolis TV.

Daisy Girls

Although this performance is 2009 this song is on Haley's current album "Golder".
Raggedy Man

Something Great

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Laura Jansen

Laura Jansen (born 4 March 1977) is a Dutch-American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Jansen established herself as a regular at the Los Angeles live music venue the Hotel Cafe before gaining fame in her native country, The Netherlands. The daughter of an American mother and Dutch father, she holds dual citizenship in the United States and The Netherlands.
Her music has been featured on the television shows Newport Harbor and The Real World: Cancun.
She previously toured with Joshua Radin for six weeks as part of his band in 2008. In 2009, she toured with William Fitzsimmons as a part of his band and also as his support act.

A beautiful clear voice, and great songs, what more could one ask for. Check out these live versions of songs from Laura's new album Bells.

Bells / If Moon Was Cookie

Laura Jansen, Live @ Joe's Pub, NYC - 23 March 2011

Single Girls

Live @ Radio Hamburg Studio 5 April 2011

Signal / Wicked World

Live @ Joe's Pub, NYC - 23 March 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie has come a long way since I first saw him. The first time was probably in The Young Ones as Lord Monty. The who could ever forget his appearances in the Blackadder series. In Blackadder II - Simon Partridge (also known as Mr Ostrich & Farters Parters) and Prince Ludwig the Indestructible. Blackadder the third as George, Prince of Wales, The Prince Regent, and of course Blackadder Goes Forth as Lt. the Honourable George Colhurst St. Barleigh. The whole series of A Bit of Fry & Laurie and his turn as Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster.
For me Blackadder was the greatest comedy series ever.
Then he shocked everybody (or at least me) by doing an American TV series House, which has been running since 2004. Sadly I've never seen it, just don't do hospital dramas.
But now! now! he sings the blues! Amazing.

Hugh Laurie has a blues album coming out.
Here is an introduction to the album and the resaoning behind it.

In case you think he's joking, check out this blues classic. With Hugh's amazing long form piano introduction.
St James Infirmary

St. James Infirmary Blues" is an American folksong of anonymous origin, though sometimes credited to the songwriter Joe Primrose (a pseudonym for Irving Mills). Louis Armstrong made it famous in his influential 1928 recording.

Some good old New Orleans blues.
You Don't Know My Mind

Anna Järvinen

Anna Järvinen is a Sweden-Finnish composer, singer and musician born in 1970 in Helsinki. Until they split up in 2003 she wrote songs for and was the lead singer of the Swedish band Granada. Her first solo album, “Jag fick feeling” was released in 2007 on Häpna. It was recorded by Mattias Glavå, who among other things produced Håkan Hellström’s two first releases and worked a lot with Granada. Musicians on “Jag fick feeling” are among others Swedish band Dungen.

When I first heard the intro to this I thought I was listening to Procol Harum. Then the young lady started singing and I decided it was an angel. Beautiful voice.

Lilla Anna

Videon till Anna Järvinens nya singel "Lilla Anna" från albumet "Anna Själv Tredje" som släpps 30 mars på Stranded Rekords.
Videon är gjord av Jenny Palén och Annika Aschberg. (C) 2011 Universal Music AB

Nuori ja kaunis [Young and beautiful]

with Olavi Uusivirta.

Here is a sampler of her new album. Enjoy.

Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega is an independent Singer / Songwriter from Toronto, Canada.
Her first album, The Taste of Forbidden Fruit, was released independently in 2002. Her second album, Fall From Grace, was released independently in 2007.
Lindi has worked with a number of other bands, such as Pilate and Now Is Now and is currently working with producer Ron Lopata, the keyboardist from JackSoul. Lindi most recently appeared on the album 68 from Year Of The Monkey, also produced by Ron. She has released a 6-song EP in 2008 and will be working on a full length record later this year.
She has a unique voice with a signature vibrato that has been compared to Jeff Buckley and Hope Sandoval(Mazzy Star). Her songwriting is influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash. She plays the guitar and piano.

As usual it was the Leonard Cohen link that lead me to Lindi, and am I happy it did.
Lindi is an amazingly talented singer, her voice is as warm as a prairie wind on a summers eve.
Check out the interview with laist, after you have listened to her music of course.
I'm predicting we will all be listening to the girl with The Little Red Boots for a long time.


Somewhere in an old 1960's apartment building in the city of Toronto, Canada, a well worn pair of cherry red cowboy boots wait by the door.On the bed is a journal with a bird on the front cover and the saying "Go Slow, Life in Progress". Sitting on the floor with a bottle of merlot and a red flower in her dark hair is where we find Lindi Ortega. She's no stranger to the stage, having toured across Canada and the United States, Ortega has performed for all kinds of audiences. She opened for the UK band Keane in North America, as well as a successful Midwest run with movie star Kevin Costner and his band The Modern West. Lindi Ortega has just completed a new full length record produced by Ron Lopata and set for release on Last Gang Records in the summer of 2011. Keep an ear out for that sweet vibrato and an eye out for those little red boots because it won't be long before Canada boasts of a brand new country darling. [SXSW]


If you are going to be tested on a classic, then this is the one to do. A beautiful version of Leonard's classic.

Little Red Boots

Lindi Ortega @ the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater on July 29th 2009.
'Little red boots' + another lovely song! :) Thanks MissBetC

Talking about covers again. This one takes guts, and she pulls it off, no doubt. Janis would have been proud.
Mercedes Benz

And finally today an un-released beautiful song.
Tortured Heart

Still panting for more huh! Well heres a four track sampler from the upcoming Little Red Boots album.

Lindi Ortega - Little Red Boots sampler by Last Gang Entertainment

Jens Haack

Jens Haack is the leader of Trio Haack, which consists of Jens Haack on sax, Niels Engell at the piano and Dan Rasmussen on the bass. Jens Haack is from Denmark, yet more proof that the Scandinavians are more attuned to Jazz than the Americans are.

Read what Smooth Jazz Daily has to say about him:
Maybe it is a little risky in our environment conscious time to release a CD entitled Smokers Lounge. On the other hand is it a good description of this calm, relaxed music. It can easily be enjoyed in a quiet moment while smoking in a big leather easy-chair with a brandy in front of you and the small cracks from the fireplace in the background. Maybe it is no coincidence, that our main character here, the saxophonist Jens Haack earlier led a group named The Cigars.

Haack discovered the saxophone in 1968, 13 years old, by watching the great Coleman Hawkins on TV. The next year he was attending the summer jazz clinic at The Vallekilde Highschool. Here he met a group of young lions, who a few years later would be important musicians on the danish jazz and rock scene. Among them were guitarist Mikkel Nordsø, pianist Ben Besiakow, drummer Kasper Winding and flautist Aske Bentzon. In 1970 Jens was back at Vallekilde, where he met one of his big idols Jesper Thilo and followed him all over the place, so much that he was nicknamed The Shadow. ..........more

Smokers Lounge truly is a smooth album. Great for those lazy summer evenings.

Truly cool sounds and hot visuals. Great music video.
Smokers Lounge

Soul Eyes

And finally today some samples from Trio Haack.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Picnic At Blackbushe - Redux

Redux is a Latin word that means "brought back", "revisited". So this is not going to be an improved version of the earlier tale of The Picnic At Blackbushe, as would be implied in things like Apocalypse Now - Redux.
Someone left a comment on that particular posting earlier this year saying they would be posting some videos with actual recording of the picnic. Thye have emerged, and I figured I needed to include them in my saga. I keep viewing them to see if I can get a glimpse of a much younger me, so far no luck.

This one is doubly poignant, since my youthful nickname was the title of this song.

Bob Dylan Blackbushe 1978 Senor - sorry for random pics added in a hurry, but being probably one of Dylan's best live performances of this song, possibly THE best ever, the music matters more than the video. BobDylanBlackbushe78's Channel
I have to agree with the uploader, this is definitely one of the best versions of this song.

This one will give you a real feel for the scope of the festival.

Video - Skipdiver 100
Sound - BobDylanBlackbushe78's Channel

Here's a bunch more stills of the day of the concert/picnic. Not sure what the music is, probably just some loop to get around the corporate hounding of YouTube posters.

This one is from JueTube

There's one more place to go - The Archive

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Diego Garcia

Born in Detroit to Argentine parents in the late 1970s, Diego Garcia immersed himself in the sounds of Iggy Pop and MC5 at an early age. Music carried him throughout his tenure until his cardiologist father moved the family back to Tampa, FL when Garcia was a young teenager, and by age 14 he got himself an acoustic guitar and started writing songs. As Garcia approached college life at Brown University in 1996, music was still calling him despite his course load in economics. During his junior year, Garcia realized he wanted a career in music instead. He left for New York City upon his 2000 graduation and began to look for musicians, eventually playing with the band Circus for a brief time. A year later, Garcia formed Elefant with bassist Jeff Berrall, guitarist Mod, and drummer Kevin McAdams.
The band broke up in June 2010, as announced on their MySpace page. No reason was given for the break up. Diego Garcia has since embarked on a solo career and released his debut single "You Were Never There" [Wikipedia]

He has a new album out which I'm thinking is going to be his breakout album. This is the first single from the album.
You Were Never There

Separate Lives

Diego Garcia performed on the rooftop of The Standard, downtown LA on June 29th, 2010. The show was the third in a series of performances known as Standard Sounds.
The private event on the rooftop at The Standard, Downtown LA was held with The Pablove Foundation to thank many of their generous donors and introduce new friends to the cause as well as Diego's unique sound. Guests enjoyed many a glass of Moet as well as an atmospherically moody night amongst the twinkling lights of Downtown LA's surrounding towers as the band played their sexy latin influenced melodies.
Video directed and produced by Damon Hoydysh - Highline Studios.

Strange Effect

@ The Standard Hotel, Miami

Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson is a Swedish singer-songwriter, born on October 23, 1975 in Blekinge, Sweden. She founded the band First Floor Power in 1997 and released two albums, There Is Hope and Nerves, before leaving the band to go solo around 2004. She studied graphic design at Konstfack for one year. Her music has a distinct style influenced by electro. ....more

Jenny Wilson has a new album out called Blazing, it is a double CD full of vocal goodness.
Check it out as soon as you can, in the meantime here's a couple of tracks from it.


Jenny Wilson & Tensta Gospel Choir - Work - a Bob Marley-cover a live version of one of the tracks from her new album.

Something different, here she is joined by Robyn in what was a spur-of-the-moment thing, it was done for a Swedish music show, counting down the best records of 2005.
Robyn and Jenny had never worked together before entering the studio, and they were asked to rehearse one of the songs on the list and perform it at the end of the show.

List Of Demands

Pass me the Salt

A live version of another song from the new album Blazing. Popcirkus 2009

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Pierces

Back in November we talked about the beautiful sister group, The Pierces.
Well they have a new EP out, You'll be mine, with some wonderful songs one it. You just hafta check it out.

Me and Him

And here's a live version of the title track.
You'll Be Mine

The Pierces perform their new single 'You'll Be Mine' for BBC's Review Show.

Piece of you

01 – You’ll Be Mine
02 – Piece of You
03 – Me and Him
04 – You’ll Be Mine (Live Acoustic)


Friday is always a good day to get ones Goth on.
And I could think of no finer band to do that with than Elane.

Elane is a gothic / dark folk band from Germany fronted by vocalist Joran Elane with occasional backing male vocals.
Since the formation in 2001 the band grew from a solo project to a band with 5 members. The first to join was Skaldir who joined Joran in 2001 and was in the band for two years. In 2002 Katrin was added to the band. And in 2004 Nico joined and Skaldir rejoined after two years of abscence.

Sound: Mainly ethereal supported by ac. guitar, tinwhistle, low whistle, violin and cello. Elane’s sound also includes elements of darkwave and medieval music.

Check out this promo for the new album: Arcane (Music inspired by the Works of Kai Meyer)

For a further taste this is track 12 from the album
Deae Noctis

Another track from Arcane, this time it is track eleven.

From an earlier album:
Yányana My Sanctuary

Of course we have to have a live clip to see how they really perform, pretty cool I thought.

Elane from Germany played as support act for In the Nursery at Bibelot in Dordrecht (The Netherlands).

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Xylos is five talented artists from Brooklyn, New York.
Monika Heidemann, Eric Zeiler, Nikki Lancy, Christopher Berry and Jordan Brooks.
They have a new self titled album just released, and it's damn good.

Check out the fifth track from the album. Verrrry Cooool.
Not Enough

Director: Keith Hopkin / DP: Russ Heller / Art Direction: Mike DeSutter / Gaffer: Kevin Fitzgerald / Wardrobe+Styling: Siri Thorson / Ben Duchac: Coloring / Boy&Girl: Andy Phelan + Rebecca Eisner / Live footage filmed by Eric Weiner and Steamwhipple

And here's the first track.
Darling Dearest

Ahh! what the heck. Check out the complete album here.
Then follow the link to buy it, I know you are gonna.

Marike Jager

Talking of previously featured young lady singers who have just released a new album leads me to Marike Jager. Her new album is called Here Comes The Night. And it has some great stuff on it.

Check out this live version of track three.

live @3fm, Giel

In the studio recording the album

Marike Jager recording her new album 'Here comes the night' together with Henk Jan Heuvelink and Nicky Hustinx. The album was recorded in the Jet Studio, Brussels (BE) during Fall 2010. Release: April 1st 2011

She only knows

Concerto Amsterdam in-store Marike Jager
Marike Jager vocal/guitar
Nicky Hustinx drum/vocal
Henk Jan Heuvelink guitar/vocal
New album "Here comes the night" released April 1st 2011, song "She only knows"

Thao and Mirah

I did a piece about Thao and Mirah last year.
Now they have a new album that is bound to appeal to all their fans.
And once you listen to it you will be counted among their fans.
If you don't believe me, check out the Seattle PI review on the new Thao and Mirah self titled album..

We're So Sorry

How Dare You

Big ups to Yours Truly for uploading this and the previous videos. Both filmed at Thao's house in San Francisco.

Despite it's title this is the first track on the new album.

And one more from a concert last year.
Don't Die in Me

Thao and Mirah playing Don't Die in Me at the club conress show 6/8/10. [Ultrahey]

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work up a plausible old-school sound these days—a few twangy guitars, a pile of echo, a sneering lead vocal on top, and presto, you’re ready to rumble. There’s a difference, however, between a true vintage-tinged update and another in a series of Eddie Cochran copycats. Which brings us to Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Zurich-based rock revivalists who’ve spent the past few years touring Europe, issuing a pair of acclaimed releases (2002’s Introducing The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, 2004’s Bourgeois Baby) while watching their fan base grow by leaps and bounds. Mind you, this is no quaint Sun Records send-up; at their best, HME— bassist/vocalist Oliver Baroni; rhythm guitarist/vocalist Emanuela Hutter; guitarist Duncan James and drummer Luke Weyermann—come across like a Sam Phillips-produced soundtrack to a Sam Raimi shock flick, a furious bed of slap bass and pounding snare underpinning layers of menacing guitar lines, wailing background vocals, and eerie keyboard flourishes, with front-woman Hutter providing the perfect aural/visual focal point, fishnet stockings and all.

When it came time to lay tracks for a third independent effort, head Hillbillies Baroni and Hutter eventually headed for the US and wound up at the door of producer-engineer Mark Neill, owner of San Diego’s Soil of the South Studios, where it’s all-analog, all the time. One could not imagine a better match-up: Neill, a rockabilly bred Southerner whose client list includes The Paladins, Los Straitjackets and Old 97s.

The new album Buy, Beg or Steal is nothing short of awesome. Although the description above says straight ahead rockabilly they could almost fall into the goth rockabilly genre. Definitely leaning toward psychobilly. And that's great by me. Give a listen to a few tunes from the next album you will be adding to your playlist.
I give you The Hillbilly Moon Explosion.

My Love For Evermore

ft. Sparky from Demented Are Go.

Night of the Living Ted

les Hillbilly Moon Explosion en grande forme le 12 Février 2011 à la Tannerie à Bourg-en-Bresse... découverte de "The night of the living Ted", nouvelle chanson de leur prochain album BUY BEG OR STEAL à sortir le 4 Avril.

Enola Gay

Rattle'N'Roll at x-tra Club in Zurich, 19 March 2011.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lucy Iris

Lucy Iris is a singer currently from the Netherlands. Not sure why she is in Holland, but can think of worse places to be.
Lucy Iris - born June 27th 1982 in Jacksonville Florida, Jennifer Dansereau adopted name Jennifer Horne..
After so many different names given to her no wonder she gave herself a name of her own! That my friends is only a twinkle in Lucy's eye. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Her whole life has been dedicated to music and expressing herself through her own words. At a young age she was mesmerized by the mad fantasy world of art and eagerly pursued unlocking that magic door.
Her new Album "Silverlining" is an emotional rollercoaster ride with uplifting crowd pleasers and intimate songs to raise your lighter to! The knock out single "Dear Diary" was released in February of 2011 on 8ball music.

Check out a couple of the tracks, I'm sure like me you really enjoy them. She has a great voice, a bit like Stevie Nicks in her heyday. Just awesome.

Here is a live version of track two.
Dear Diary

This is track one from the album.
Find Myself

AAnd one more live version, this time track twelve.
Speaker To My Head

Live @ Giel 3FM 16 February, 2010